What Are the Best Knife Brands?

Published on 01/30/2024 · 7 min readSeeking top-notch knives? Explore the best knife brands, celebrated for their exceptional quality, precision craftsmanship, and lasting durability.
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We live in a time when plenty of options exist, which is great, but it can be easy to get lost in the terminology and challenging to know which brands to trust. They all market themselves as the best knife brand that will easily dice, slice, and chop better than any other kitchen knife brand.

One of the main hang-ups many people have is deciding between Japanese or Western-style knives. These two styles represent two distinct traditions in the cutlery world. They mainly vary in blade design, hardness, edge retention, sharpening angle, construction, and handle design. Japanese knives typically have thinner, lighter blades with sharper angles, often made of harder steel. All these things allow Japanese-style knives to offer precision when cutting. Western-style knives have thicker and heavier blades with a double bevel edge. They have a more sturdy construction and lower hardness, which makes them great for performing heavy-duty tasks.

With these basics in mind, it's important to note that there isn't one "best kitchen knife" or kitchen knife brand. This is because knives are very personal to each cook. Everyone's style and preferences are different. I've compiled a list of brands in no specific order that deserve to be recognized as reputable options worth considering while shopping for the perfect kitchen knife.

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Photo courtesy of WÜSTHOF

WÜSTHOF is a family-owned company that has been in the cutler industry since 1814. This brand has stayed true to its roots and continues to produce its forged knives only in Solingen, Germany, which is known as the “City of Blades”. WÜSTHOF is well known in the cutlery world for its commitment to craftsmanship and precision. Knives made by WÜSTHOF can be found in professional and home kitchens alike.

Many people decide to go with WÜSTHOF because this brand has done an excellent job of making a name for itself over its many years in the business. People appreciate the consistent quality knives that they produce with outstanding craftsmanship. Their versatility in designs makes it easy for anyone to find something that fits within their style.

WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Extra Wide 8-inch Chef's Knife: This is an example of one of the classic knives that this brand offers. This knife specifically has an extra wide blade, so you have more surface area to work with, and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold during use.


The Shun Kanso Chef's Knife 8" · 8 Inch. Photo courtesy of Shun

Shun was introduced to the North American market in 2002. This makes it still a relatively young brand, especially compared to other brands that have been in the cutlery world much longer. However, its lineage goes back much further. Over 100 years ago, in Japan's famous Seki City, Saijiro, Endo first opened up shop. Starting out, the company produced folding knives, razors, and, eventually, kitchen cutlery. Over time, Shun became known as Kai Cutlery and is known today as the Kai Group. One of the direct descendants of the company's founder, Kai Chairman and CEO Koji Endo, wanted to share high-quality Japanese cutlery with the US and European markets. He went on to create the brand "Shun," which refers to the Japanese tradition of fresh seasonal eating. The original design is the logo you see, which is still used today.

In Shun's short lifespan, this brand has made a name for itself. More and more people are seeking out Shun as an option to explore for their cutlery. The handcrafted blades, quality materials, and attention to detail make these knives stand out.

Shun Kanso 8-inch Chef's Knife: This knife is extremely versatile and features a wider heel and flat profile towards the heel, which makes it great for push cuts. It also features a slight belly from the middle of the blade towards the tips so that this knife can also be gently rocked as well. The long, straight handle makes it a wide enough handle to hold onto, making it an excellent knife for people with larger or smaller hands.


Photo courtesy of Zwilling

Zwilling was founded in 1731 in Solingen, Germany, and is one of the oldest brands in the cutlery industry. The company has a strong family legacy, and its "Zwilling" symbol refers to the symbol of twins, which represents the founder's descendants. Their knives typically use premium stainless steel to provide durability and resist corrosion.

Zwilling knives showcase the high standards of traditional German craftsmanship. With their long history in the cutlery world, people know this brand can be trusted. Zwilling is well known globally, and they often incorporate new innovative technologies such as Sigmaforge technology, a manufacturing process that is precise forging, single-piece construction, ice-hardening, and quality control measures.

Zwilling Twin Signature 8-inch Chef's Knife: This knife is ice-hardened, which helps it stay sharper for longer. The handle is a traditional triple-rivet, which means three rivets attach the handle to the tang of the knife, making the knife extremely secure and stable. The handle is also ergonomically shaped so that it will ensure a comfortable and safe grip during use.


Photo courtesy of Miyabi

The brand Miyabi falls under the umbrella of the Zwilling J.A. Henckels group, which is known for the fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and German engineering. This combination offers a blend that features Japanese aesthetics and German precision. Each Miyabi knife is crafted from high-quality materials, and the blades are often made of VG-10 or SG2 super steel. Miyabi is recognized globally by both Chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

Miyabi is recognized globally for its high-quality materials, and the balance and comfort its knives provide. Since this brand offers knives that are a fusion of Japanese and German, it is an excellent option to explore for people who might need help deciding between the two.

Miyabi Artisan 8-inch Chef's Knife: This example has an SG2 micro-carbide powder steel core with a layered Tsuchime finish. The hand-hammered


Photo courtesy of Global

Global is a Japanese cutlery brand that began in Seki City, Japan, in 1985 by Komin Yamada. Seki City has a long history of knife and sword-making and is well known for its skilled craftsmen. Global has a distinct design that is modern and unique, which makes it stand out from the competition. Each of their knives is made of a one-piece design; the blade and handle are fused seamlessly, which provides strength and balance. Their lightweight design makes them easy to hold and maneuver.

Each of Global's knives has a hollow handle filled with sand to match the weight of the blade, making the knives easy to maneuver. The unique textured handles with dimples create a comfortable nonslip grip that is extremely popular, and other brands have tried to mimic it due to its popularity.

Global Classic Hollow Ground 8-inch Chef's Knife: Similar to the other Global knives, this one is a single piece of steel called Cromova18. This steel is ice-tempered and hardened to help hold the razor-sharp edge of the blade longer than other steels.


Photo courtesy of Canghsan

Like Shun, Canghsan is a relatively new brand entering the cutlery industry. This brand was founded in 2015 in Yanjiang, China, by Henry Lieu. Over its short lifespan, Cangshan has already gained recognition for its modern knife designs. Founder Henry Liu has a background in industrial design and has brought this experience to crafting knives that combine Western and Asian influences.

The versatility, craftsmanship, and performance in the kitchen are some of the reasons people gravitate towards this brand for their knives. Compared to other brands, Cangshan is also a more approachable price point for people who still want to have high-quality knives.

Cangshan OLIV Series 8-inch Chef's Knife: This knife is forged from high-alloy Swedish 14C28N steel, which ensures sharpness and balance. The olive wood handle has an ergonomic shape to create a comfortable hold. This knife is a modern take on traditional European aesthetics.

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As mentioned, there are many other brands to explore as well. Hopefully, this list of brief history and examples of what each of these brands offers can help you know what standards to look for when shopping for your kitchen cutlery.

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