Oakley Goggle Lens Colors and Tint Guide

Published on 02/06/2024 · 8 min readMaximize your vision on the slopes! Explore our guide on Oakley goggle lens colors and tints, designed to enhance contrast and clarity in various conditions.
Branin Boyack, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Branin Boyack

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TL;DR: Oakley's snow goggle lenses are a game-changer for winter sports enthusiasts. With their Prizm lens technology leading the way, Oakley offers a spectrum of colors and tints to enhance your vision in various conditions. Thanks to Oakley's innovative lens technology, you can embrace the thrill of winter sports with confidence and clarity.

Hey there, my snow-loving friends! I’m Branin, a Curated Winter Sports Expert with over 25 seasons of winter shenanigans and shredding the slopes atop my trusty snowboard. I will be your guide for this optical exploration. Embarking on a winter adventure is an exhilarating experience, especially when you have the right gear by your side. A crucial companion for any snow sports enthusiast is a pair of top-notch snow goggles, and Oakley takes the lead when it comes to eyewear excellence. As someone with sensitive eyes, I can attest to the importance of quality goggles.

What sets Oakley apart? Their mastery in crafting snow goggle lenses with a kaleidoscope of colors and tints, each aimed at enhancing your winter escapades with better color perception and increased visual acuity. Join me as we unravel the vibrant world of Oakley snow goggle lens technology: where clarity meets comfort on the snowy slopes.

Who is Oakley?

Photo courtesy of Oakley

Founded in 1975 by James Jannard, Oakley started as a small garage-based venture, making motorcycle grips with unique designs. The brand broke into the optical world in 1980, with the Oakley Eyeshades, ultimately leading Oakley to focus on sports eyewear. Their 1983 O-frame goggles marked a significant design innovation in sports goggles, enhancing peripheral vision and reducing glare. In the 2000s, Oakley ventured into high-performance optics with their High Definition Optics (HDO) technology. Oakley's commitment to innovation and quality has made it a leader in sports and performance eyewear. The brand continues to push boundaries in design and technology, offering a wide range of eyewear for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts today.

What to Consider when Buying Oakley Goggles

When looking at which lens shade is right for you, there are a few questions you first need to ask yourself:

What Weather Conditions Do You Find Yourself in Most?

Choosing your lens color is like you’re casting a spell for the perfect adventure. Diverse landscapes, shadows, and lighting scenarios require different lens hues. Whether you're navigating sunlit snow, tearing through the park on a medium-light snowy day, or exploring the backcountry, the lens you choose plays a pivotal role.

What Is My Budget?

While Oakley Goggles run between $100 and $300, replacement lenses or extra lenses will run you between $50 to $110, depending on the frame model you have. I recommend having at least one lens for bright sunny conditions, and one for low-light or stormy conditions.

Will This Lens Fit My Goggles?

Not all lenses are cut the same. Before committing to a new lens, make sure it’s a match made in snowy-sloped heaven to avoid any not-so-awesome surprises. Match the goggle model to the lens model before you make your purchase.

Features to Look For in Oakley Goggles

Photo courtesy of Oakley


Plutonite is Oakley's proprietary lens material. Made from a high-grade polycarbonate, this material is the perfect blend of durability, impact resistance, and lightweight design.


Prizm is Oakley’s top-of-the-line lens technology. Prizm lenses increase contrast and clarity, allowing you to see all the definition and depth you need to enable your epic adventure.

F3 Anti-Fog

All Oakley lenses include an anti-fog coating, so your vision stays clear even when you're ripping it up.

What’s the Deal With All These Colors and Tints?

Oakley's mastery lies in its Prizm lens technology, offering a spectrum of colors designed for specific lighting conditions. With lens tints from the Prizm Snow Black Iridium for sunny days, to the Prizm Snow Clear for low light conditions, each hue enhances contrast, clarity, and visibility. Their switchlock technology allows on-the-fly lens swapping, ensuring adaptability to changing light conditions. The different tints offer different uses in different conditions, so let's break some of those down.

Graphic courtesy of Oakley

There are a few terms and definitions you’ll want to know here. The first is “VLT” or Visible Light Transmission. VLT is the given rating for the percentage of light that filters through the lens. VLT and Rate Of Transmission are the same thing. The higher the percentage, the more light is passed through into your eyes.

The next thing you’ll want to know is Protection Index. The Protection Index uses a scale of 0-4, with 4 being the darkest lens (and therefore the most UV-protective), and 0 being the lightest, and least protective.

Different Types of Oakley Goggles

Prizm Snow Black Iridium: VLT 5.5%, Protection Index 4

Best used on those bright bluebird days, when the light of the sun is out in its full glory and UV filtering is a greater concern.


  • Enhanced UV eye protection while still providing HD vision
  • Made from plutonite lens material, Oakley's proprietary lens material created from a high-grade polycarbonate, giving you striking durability and clarity.

Be Aware:

  • With a light transmission rating of 5.5%, these may not be best suited for low-light conditions

Prizm Sage Gold Iridium: VLT 13%, Protection Index 3

Best used in varying conditions when the clouds are zipping by, causing ever-changing lighting.


  • Great all-mountain vision protection. With a middle-of-the-road light transmission rating of 13%, the Sage Gold lens will keep your vision sharp in a variety of lighting conditions.
  • Prizm lens technology increases contrast and clarity, allowing you to better see definition in the terrain.

Be Aware:

  • While good for most sunlight conditions, Sage Gold wouldn't be a good fit for night skiing.

Prizm Snow Hi Pink Iridium: VLT 46%, Protection Index 1

Best used on those low-light overcast days, when the snow keeps falling and every run is a powder paradise.


  • With a visible light transmission of 46%, the Hi Pink lens is great for stormy days.
  • Made of plutonite lens material, Oakley's proprietary lens material created from a high-grade polycarbonate, giving you durable impact resistance and striking clarity.

Be Aware:

  • The Snow Hi Pink lens wouldn’t be a good fit for bright, sunny conditions.

Choosing The Perfect Oakley Lens

Over my years as a snow sports enthusiast, I’ve helped numerous friends, family members, and even new friends I just met find their perfect gear. Below, I share the stories of three riders I’ve recently helped find the perfect Oakley lenses and frames. They each represent different ski and snowboard “personas,” and their unique perfect fit can help you determine what’s best for you as well!

Alex: The Adventurous First-Timer

Alex is new to snowboarding, and his adventurous enthusiasm is exciting to see. He knows he wants Oakley goggles, but is a bit overwhelmed by the array of options. I helped Alex determine that he would be best suited with a high-contrast lens, which would function in a variety of conditions to keep his vision on point.

Features Alex was looking for:

  • Enhanced contrast to help see the changes in the snowy terrain
  • Middle-of-the-road light transmission that would function in a variety of lighting conditions

Lens Match: Snow Torch Iridium

Frame Match: Oakley Flight Tracker M Goggles

Morgan: The Backcountry Explorer

Morgan is an avid backcountry enthusiast who loves exploring untouched snowy landscapes. She often ventures into challenging terrains with varying light conditions. I was able to help Morgan find a few lenses she could swap, depending on the conditions.

Features Morgan was looking for:

  • Better clarity and enhanced contrast for the challenging slopes
  • Quick adjustability for when the clouds or storms roll in

Lens Match: Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium, and Prizm Snow Clear

Frame Match: Oakley Fall Line Snow Goggles

Tyler: The Park Shredding Night Owl

Tyler is a seasoned snowboarder who thrives in the terrain park. Tyler loves staying late when most of the crowds have gone home, so he can hit the kickers without worry. Tyler was looking for lenses that would help him see all the bumps and valleys in the snow, while still providing the protection afforded by goggles.

Features Tyler was looking for:

  • Better contrast, awesome clarity, and perfect depth perception for precision in the park
  • High light transmission for visibility in dark conditions only lit by the park lights

Lens Match: Prizm Snow Clear

Frame Match: Oakley Line Minor Snow Goggles

Find the Best Oakley Goggles For You

Photo courtesy of Oakley

Remember, choosing your perfect Oakley lens is more than a visual preference; it's a crucial decision for your safety and enjoyment on the slopes. Whether it's the Prizm Snow Black Iridium for bright bluebird days, the Sage Gold Iridium for varying conditions, or the Hi Pink Iridium for stormy days, each lens is designed to enhance your contrast, clarity, and visibility.

So, as you embark on your next snowy escapade, armed with Oakley's Plutonite material, Prizm lens technology, and F3 Anti-fog coating, embrace the thrill with confidence and clarity. Your adventure awaits, and with Oakley snow goggle lenses, you're equipped for an epic journey. If you still need help deciding, chat with a Curated Winter Sports Expert for free, personalized advice on finding the exact eyewear you’re looking for.

Goggle up, my snow-loving friends, and may your vision be as clear as the mountain air.

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