Why Do People Make Fun of Montec Ski Gear?

Published on 02/06/2024 · 7 min readMontec ski gear, stylish and functional, sometimes gets teased for its brand image or trends, yet its performance on the slopes speaks for itself.
Kaden Kleinschmidt, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Kaden Kleinschmidt

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If you're an active participant in the skiing or snowboarding community, chances are you've heard a fair share of ribbing about Montec snow gear. This international brand prides itself on innovative designs and high-quality materials used in its jackets, pants and bib layers. Yet there seems to be a running joke that persists, with skiers and boarders making digs at Montec's expense. But why is this? Let's dive in and investigate the heart of the issue.

Who is Montec?

Montec was founded by two brothers, Emil and Linus. In 2006, they began their small business by importing and selling snow gear from the United States that wasn’t available in their home country of Sweden. In 2016, they launched their own take on winter techwear—Montecwear. Developed and tested by passionate riders, Montec has taken the North American and European markets by storm with their competitive pricing, top-tier customer service, and easily accessible online store.

Understanding the Montec Phenomenon

Before we delve into why Montec often garners playful attention, let's take a moment to understand this phenomenon from a broader perspective. The banter associated with Montec isn't purely negative, nor is it universal. It's more of a subcultural phenomenon ingrained in the skiing and snowboarding world, and it's essential to understand it that way. Here are a few factors that contribute to this occurrence:

  • Humor in Community: Every community, including skiers and snowboarders, has its unique sense of humor. Montec plays into this humor in a particular way.
  • Brand Reputation: Montec's self-reputation as an innovative yet slightly audacious brand contributes significantly to the narrative.
  • The Snowboarding vs. Skiing Divide: The classic rivalry between snowboarders and skiers is another factor playing into the Montec phenomenon.

Now that we have a general understanding of the culture surrounding the “Montec joke,” let’s try to uncover the reasons behind it.

The Montec Stigma

It all boils down to a mix of brand perception, product quality, and community acceptance. Often, ski and snowboard enthusiasts deride Montec because of how the brand positions itself in the market. As an affordable alternative to high-end brands, Montec is often associated with novice skiers and snowboarders, which surprisingly creates a bit of a stigma.

The assumption that cheaper gear equals lesser quality, coupled with the fact that beginners commonly use Montec gear, has resulted in many a ski slope joke. This, however, doesn't mean that Montec gear isn't worth considering. While it might not be the top choice for professionals, it’s an excellent option for beginners or those on a budget. After all, it's not what you wear; it's how you wear it. Montec's wares echo their belief that snow sports should be accessible to everyone.

Many snow sport enthusiasts, particularly those of a more advanced skill level, snub their noses at Montec’s minimalist design approach. For them, the practical, budget-friendly appeal of Montec is overshadowed by more intricately designed gear with high-tech features that boost performance.

It’s worth nothing that this perception often disregards the actual performance of Montec products. In reality, reviews often highlight the gear's satisfactory performance, especially given its affordable price. Thus, it boils down to the classic case of being misunderstood—a characteristic that has inadvertently gained Montec notoriety on the slopes.

Are There Issues With Montec Snow Gear?

Despite Montec's rise in popularity, skiers and snowboarders often poke fun at the brand. Many of these objections arise from a practical perspective, focused on the functionality of the kit—a crucial aspect for both casual and professional winter sports enthusiasts. However, it’s important to remember that opinions on Montec are varied, with both criticisms and praise shared across the community. Let's delve deeper into some of the most common issues users find with Montec snow gear:

Perceived Lack of Durability

One major drawback cited by skiers and snowboarders is the perceived lack of durability in Montec gear. They often report that the gear doesn’t seem to withstand the harsh conditions of the slopes as long as they’d expected, leading to some discomfort and dissatisfaction. Rightfully so, skiers and snowboarders yearn for gear that's as tough as their spirit. When they invest in a product, they expect it to be a reliable companion, overcoming not just one but multiple seasons. Unfortunately, when it comes to Montec, some users claim otherwise. It's frequent to hear comments like, "The zipper didn't stand up beyond few uses," or "The fabric tore up quicker than I imagined.” This feedback portrays Montec as a brand that falls short of this ever-important expectation of durability.

Price and Value Discrepancies

Some enthusiasts believe that Montec's prices are a tad steep when compared to the perceived quality and performance of the gear. Although there's an understanding that snow sports gear can be pricey, the expectation is that higher-priced gear should come with superior quality or features.

Their pieces can be notably more costly than other comparable brands such as Dope Snow. While Montec’s designs are undoubtedly stylish and modern, some critics argue that the price tag should also reflect impeccable performance and durability—something they feel is somewhat lacking. Montec jackets have plenty of useful features like powder skirts, insulated pockets, ergonomic sleeve seams, and wrist gaiters, but the build and quality compromises on comfort and durability. Montec uses a thinner, low-denier set of fabrics that can be more flimsy and less weather resistant than a jacket built to last for years.

Style Over Substance

The aesthetic appeal of Montec gear is undeniable. However, some winter sports veterans suggest that the brand often prioritizes style over functionality. This can result in flashy gear that doesn’t quite fulfill the practical needs of the backcountry or resort. While Montec claims to use top-of-the-line waterproofing, there are more reliable choices on the market. Montec’s own waterproof membrane, called Shield-Tec, is within the ballpark of the industry standard membrane Gore-Tex, but is considerably less breathable.

It seems that for those who prioritize durability and pragmatism over aesthetic, Montec might leave a bit to be desired. Some of the playful teasing directed at Montec stems from its focus on producing pieces that are visually enticing. By choosing bold colors and flashy designs, Montec has made sure that their products stand out on the slopes. While some admire this for its vibrant flair, others align it more with a fashion statement than a functional piece of ski gear.

Interpreting the Critiques of Montec

It's crucial to remember that these views represent a subset of Montec users—there are plenty of others who are thoroughly satisfied with their gear. Like any other product, Montec gear may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Every skier or snowboarder has unique needs, preferences, and expectations when it comes to their gear. After all, what one person may see as a flaw, may not be a deal-breaker for another.

Let’s not forget that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive. Many users of Montec gear argue that their products strike the right balance between looking good and keeping the cold out. They claim that the gear stands up to the rigors of the slopes just as much as more "practical" designs, and comes with aesthetics as well as the functionality.

While the Montec brand garners some ribbing, it has as much to do with personal preferences and subjective judgments as it does reflect the actual drawbacks of the gear. This spirit of fun and individuality is, after all, part of the broader mountain culture!

If you’re new to the slope, not ready to commit to costly and highly technical gear, or prioritize trend-forward design, then Montecwear could be a worthy option for you. But if you’re a long time skier or snowboarder who demands more from their equipment, there are plenty of better options.

That being said, if you need help picking out your perfect new gear, chat with one of our Curated Winter Sports Experts for free, personalized advice today!


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