Expert Comparison: Faction Prodigy 2 Skis vs Armada ARV 94 Skis

Published on 04/11/2024 · 4 min readThe Faction Prodigy 2 and Armada ARV 94 are versatile twin tip freestyle skis. The Prodigy 2 is playful and performs well all-mountain, while the ARV 94 is durable and fun. Both have their limits on hardpack and powder, but are balanced across terrains. Choose based on your skill level and preferences.
Leo Cocchiara, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Leo Cocchiara



Video Transcript

My name's Leo, I'm a ski expert, and today we're talking about two skis I know and love very well: the Faction Prodigy 2 and the Armada ARV 94. Both are twin tip freestyle skis and are very versatile for all-mountain use, but there are a few things that set them apart.

Faction Prodigy 2 Skis

Let's dive in, starting with the Faction Prodigy 2, which is a 98 underfoot twin tip. It's a little bit directional because the tips are wider than the tails, which gives it very good tracking. What makes it a twin tip is the fact that the rocker profiles are very similar. This is a really buttery ski that performs surprisingly well all-mountain on groomers, moguls, trees, and even powder, thanks to that 98 underfoot. In this number 2 model, you get the one which is an 88, you got the three which is a 106, but this ski is such a good sweet spot. It's incredibly fun.

This is a great option for my high-level intermediate, advanced, and even expert skiers who want something that's very playful, snappy, and responsive. They can thrill butters in but still rip a hard pack line if they want to. There's really not a lot you can't do with this ski. But ultimately, it will find its limit at extremely high speeds on hardpack. It's not a carving ski and it's not going to get the most flotation in powder deeper than 12 inches. You might want to go with something a little wider for that. But this is a really fun one ski quiver for my freestyle enthusiasts. Slap a pair of pivots on here and you're going to absolutely have a blast if you like to make the most of every feature that you can find all mountain.

Armada ARV 94 Skis

Jumping over here, it's the Armada ARV 94. I've been in Armada ARVs for years. I've had probably three or four pairs of them over the course of my lifetime and not only are they one of the most durable skis I've ever been on, I swear to God, every time I hit a rock or a log and I think I've core shotted my ski, I look at the base and there's barely a fleck on it. It's just so fun and exciting.

Now, as far as being a park ski goes, this is a little bit on the stiffer side in the world of true freestyle twin tips. So if you're a very strong park rider, this is going to reward you. If you're really just getting started and you want something very light and buttery, this might push you a little bit more. But this 94 waist width is super all-mountain and fun. It's going to really excel almost equally well in freestyle as it will all-mountain.

So if you want to just have a good fun twin tip that can do anything you can take anywhere, this is a really good one. Ultimately, similar to The Prodigy, at the hardest of hard pack at the fastest of speeds, it will find its limits. It's not a carving ski and it's not going to perform like one. It's not a powder ski and it's not going to perform like one, but it is extremely well balanced across all terrains in all conditions.

Similarities and Differences

So no matter which way you go between these two, if you're looking for a fun and playful ski to really enjoy everything with, you really can't go wrong. But there are a few differences. So if you want help picking the right one for you, you can jump in the chat here, chat with me or your expert on curated. We would love to get you dialed in. Or you can even come down here to expert Q&A and ask a specific question, see some of the things we've answered for people before. So we'd love to chat. Give us a shout, reach out. We'll get you dialed in to that perfect pair of skis.

Comparison Table

ProductFaction Prodigy 2 SkisArmada ARV 94 Skis
CharacteristicsAll-mountain ski, 98 underfoot twin tip, Directional due to wider tips, Playful, ResponsiveDurable, Stiffer, 94 waist width, All-mountain
Best forHigh-level intermediate, advanced, expert skiers, freestyle enthusiastsStrong park riders,
LimitationsNot for high speeds on hardpack, deep powderNot a carving or powder ski

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