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Published on 06/03/2021 · 7 min readIf you're looking for the perfect Father's Day present, Curated Tennis expert Brandon M. is here with a gift guide for the tennis-playing dad in your life.
Brandon M., Tennis Expert
By Tennis Expert Brandon M.

Photo by Julian Schiemann

Is there a father in your life that loves playing tennis? Finding him a gift for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult if you choose to use the help of Curated and our gear experts.

We have an extensive selection of racquets, shoes, clothing, and other gear that he might need for playing tennis. While buying your Dad a new racquet can take a bit of information and sleuthing about their current setup, playing style, and preferences, there are plenty of other gifts that can be purchased with as little as shoe size or clothing size.

However, if you do want to get your tennis dad a new racquet for Father’s Day, getting him a backup of his current racquet is a great move. Finding out what he is currently using should be relatively easy, we just need a model, grip size, string, and preferred tension. Our Curated experts will make sure you are getting him the correct one and, with our in-house stringing service, get it all set up for him to hit the courts after the grilling is done on June 19th.

If picking up a new or backup racquet seems too daunting, here are 10 other gifts that would make great choices for any tennis-playing dad.

1. Yonex Super Grap O/G 30-Pack Overgrips

Overgrips make an excellent gift for dads—they are consumable and every tennis player loves the feel of a freshly wrapped grip. The Yonex Super Grap O/G is one of the best out there, with a great tacky feel that isn’t sticky and stays dry in the most humid weather. I personally love the clean look of a white overgrip, but it comes in multiple colors to fit your dad’s style and the 30-pack will last until next Father’s Day.

2. New Balance 1006 Tennis Shoes

Tennis players and dads love New Balance shoes, so here is a slam dunk gift for a tennis-playing dad. The New Balance 1006 shoes come in multiple widths to fit any foot, and they provide great comfort, stability, and durability. Go with the classic white and navy colorway way to match his favorite everyday sneaker and you will be his favorite child for sure.

3. Tennis Apparel

Getting dad a new outfit to match his new shoes is a great gift. The Adidas Club 3 Stripe Polo and Adidas Club 3 Stripe Shorts are a timeless look for dad out on the court. Choose the navy shirt and white shorts, and no matter how well he plays, you can be confident you set him up to be in style.

4. Lasso Performance Compression Socks

Socks don't seem like a good enough present for your dad? Hear me out. These are not any ordinary six-pack of crew socks from your local supercenter. These high-performance socks from Lasso are specially engineered to combine ankle support and arch support with gentle compression. This helps reduce soreness and muscle fatigue to help improve performance and recovery after that long three-set match dad plays.

5. A New Tennis Bag

Tennis may seem like a relatively simple sport. A racquet, a ball, and you are set to play, but serious tennis dads bring a lot of gear to the court: multiple racquets, changes of clothes, towel, overgrips, sunglasses, shoes, food and drinks, a hat, sunscreen...the list can be extensive. What better way to help your dad carry all that gear than a new tennis bag? My favorite is the 9-pack or 12-pack racquet bags that can be carried over the shoulder or as a backpack. While I don't carry that many racquets in my bag, the spacious compartments mean that I can keep all my gear close by and organized. Find out what brand his racquet is and let your Curated expert show you some great bags to match so your dad can take the court in professional style.

6. A Private Tennis Lesson

Even the most advanced tennis dad has something in their game that they are tinkering with or trying to improve. What better way to help their playing than by setting up a one-on-one coaching session with a local teaching professional? An hour lesson with a teaching pro will be enough time to give your dad some tips and tricks that they can take with them to work with in the future. Find a local teaching professional in your dad’s area by calling a tennis club or checking with the U.S. Professional Tennis Association.

The next three gifts will help your dad take the tips he learns from his lesson and perfect them so he can beat Randy or Paul from accounting the next time they play.

7. Tennis Tutor Plus Player Model Ball Machine with Remote Control

The best way to practice playing tennis is with a consistent and reliable feed of balls coming to you. A ball machine is the ultimate practice partner because it puts the ball where you want it over and over again. The Tennis Tutor Plus Player Model has spin control, height control, and player mode which simulates a real player to vary the shot you face. It has great battery life and comes with a remote to change the settings without having to go around the net. This is a gift that will last for years and is sure to get a lot of use.

8. Penn Pressureless Tennis Ball Bucket

These balls are perfect for the ball machine because they don't go flat, last for a long time, and come in a bucket for easy transport to the court. Buy dad two and he will be set to practice for hours, and when they are worn out, his best friend Fido can chase them to his heart’s content.

9. Gamma Hi-Rise Ball Hopper

With a ball hopper, your dad can pick up all those practice balls easily and efficiently so he can reload the ball machine and get back to perfecting his down-the-line backhand. This Hi-Rise model has handles that turn into legs making it easy to grab a ball out of while practicing serves without having to bend over.

10. Time on the court with his favorite child or grandchild

Maybe you haven't played before or it's been a while, or you have a son or daughter with who your dad would love to share his love of tennis. A chat with a Curated expert can get you or your child set up with all the right gear so you can join dad on the court and make memories to last a lifetime. We have racquets and gear for all ages and abilities and our experts will make sure you choose the right one.

If my top 10 gifts weren’t quite what you are looking for here are four other great options that may be just the ticket.

If you are faced with decision anxiety and can’t make up your mind on the perfect gift, a Curated gift card might be the answer to your problems. Give dad the gift of our expert help with a gift card, and let him and the experts make the decision for you. It is good across all of our categories so even though he loves tennis, he can choose to buy a new bike helmet, fly fishing gear, or ski boots instead.

Is your dad competitive? Maybe giving him an entry fee into an upcoming tournament or league would be a good pick. The USTA website has listings for leagues and tournaments all over the country or you can call a local tennis facility to see what is coming up soon. There are competitions for all abilities, from just starting out to very serious players, so he will be sure to find his level.

Want to really create memories around tennis for you and your dad? How about tickets to the U.S. Open? Watching the stars like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Serena, and Naomi Osaka under the lights in Arthur Ashe Stadium is an experience like no other. Is New York too far to travel? There are other professional tournaments in Miami, Indian Wells, Charleston, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. Some of the smaller tournaments like these may be a better option because you get more access to the players and can get close to the action to really appreciate the skill and athleticism on display.

Roger Federer and Nikolay Davydenko play in the semifinals of the 2006 US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Photo by Wally Gobetz

Does your dad enjoy watching tennis on TV? Get him even more coverage with a subscription to Tennis Channel Plus. With the subscription, he can have access to over 4500 matches at more than 100 events on the ATP and WTA tours, and there is even an app so he can take his phone wherever he travels to watch tennis on the go.

Whatever gift you choose to go with this Father’s Day, know what using a gear expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations will make your shopping experience easier.

Brandon M., Tennis Expert
Brandon M.
Tennis Expert
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Brandon M., Tennis Expert
Brandon M.
Tennis Expert
71 Reviews
1442 Customers helped

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