Expert Comparison: Custom · Titleist T300 Irons vs Custom · Cobra Aerojet Iron

Published on 02/10/2024 · 5 min readCompare Custom · Titleist T300 Irons and Custom · Cobra Aerojet Iron. Get expert insight below!
John L., Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
Timothy Boudreau, Golf Expert
Contributed By Golf Expert John L., Bobby Funkhouser, Timothy Boudreau, Paul Zarate, Bess Walczak and others



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In the world of golf, the right iron can make all the difference. Today, we're comparing two top-notch irons: the Custom Titleist T300 Irons and the Custom Cobra Aerojet Iron. Both irons are designed for distance and accuracy, with the Titleist T300 offering a professional look and feel, and the Cobra Aerojet boasting advanced technology for effortless launch and distance. While both irons are suitable for mid to high handicap players, the Titleist T300 is praised for its balance, feel, and extra distance, while the Cobra Aerojet is lauded for its forgiveness and added distance. The final verdict? It's a close call, but the Titleist T300 might just edge out the Cobra Aerojet for its superior feel and forgiveness. But don't take our word for it - read on for a detailed comparison!

Custom · Titleist T300 Irons summary

The Custom Titleist T300 Irons are a game-changer for golfers of all levels. These irons are designed to exude confidence, making you feel like you can execute any shot. They're the first recommendation for many golfers, thanks to their classic design and amazing technology. The T300 irons are great for those looking for feel and forgiveness without the bulkiness of a big club. Many golfers enjoy playing with these irons, praising their balance and extra distance.

The T300 irons are packed with advanced technology, including 40% more tungsten compared to the rest of the T series. This improves the center of gravity for optimal ball speeds, higher spin rate, and enhanced MOI. The irons also feature more dampening material within the face for improved sound and feel. The T300 irons live up to the high Titleist standard year after year, producing wicked fast ball speeds from heel to toe, so you don't lose much on off-center contact. This helps you reach distant targets more effectively!

The Titleist T300 is a fantastic game improvement iron that offers long distance, excellent forgiveness, with great looks! The T300 will give you fast ball speeds off the face, for high launch and long carry distance with soft landings. The cavity back and perimeter weighting provide an extremely high amount of forgiveness, so even when you miss the center of the face, your ball will not lose as much distance and accuracy, giving you better scoring opportunities.

John L.
Golf Expert

The Custom Cobra Aerojet Iron is a combination of forgiveness and added distance. This iron is perfect for mid to high handicap golfers looking for a players distance iron. The Aerojet is advanced on every level compared to the previous LTDx irons. It features PWR-Bridge technology, which uses a floating weight design to increase face flex at impact. This results in increased ball speed, distance, and launch across the wider sweet spot. The H.O.T. Face tech uses a variable thickness face to enhance speed and spin no matter how you strike them!

The Aerojet is designed for powerful ball speed and distance. The suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight design creates a more flexible face and sole to maximize launch and ball speed. The PWR-BRIDGE weight is suspended in a soft polymer filler for fine-tuned acoustics and feel. This iron is not the most player-oriented club for looks, but it delivers high shots and long shots with ease. It has a great feel, and the ball just goes straight. It's a sneaky pick for mid to high handicaps.

The 2023 Cobra Aerojet - Distance by Design: Hunt for greens like never before through effortless launch and distance in our most technologically advanced iron. PWRSHELL insert maximizes speed and launch while the A.I. designed H.O.T. Face delivers more efficient speed and spin creating a larger sweet spot and more looks at birdie.

Bobby Funkhouser
Golf Expert


Both the Titleist T300 Irons and the Cobra Aerojet Iron are designed with the mid to high handicap golfer in mind. They both offer increased distance and accuracy, with a focus on forgiveness for off-center hits. Both irons utilize advanced technology to improve ball speed and launch, and both have been praised for their feel and performance. They both also feature a cavity back design, which helps to distribute weight around the perimeter of the club for increased forgiveness.

Differences and Who They're Good For

While both irons are designed for similar types of golfers, there are some key differences. The Titleist T300 Irons are known for their professional look and feel, and are recommended for golfers who want a balance of feel, forgiveness, and extra distance. They're also praised for their sound and feel, thanks to the added dampening material within the face.

On the other hand, the Cobra Aerojet Iron is praised for its forgiveness and added distance. It's ideal for golfers who want a players distance iron, and it's particularly good for those who struggle with their 6 iron. The Aerojet also features PWR-Bridge technology and a H.O.T. Face for increased ball speed and launch.

In terms of persona, the Titleist T300 Irons are perfect for the confident golfer who wants a professional look and feel, while the Cobra Aerojet Iron is great for the golfer who needs a bit of extra forgiveness and distance.

Analysis on Who’s the Winner

When it comes to distance, both irons perform well, but the Cobra Aerojet Iron might have a slight edge thanks to its PWR-Bridge technology and H.O.T. Face. For forgiveness, the Titleist T300 Irons come out on top, with their cavity back and perimeter weighting providing an extremely high amount of forgiveness. In terms of feel, the Titleist T300 Irons are the clear winner, with their added dampening material providing improved sound and feel. Finally, for looks, the Titleist T300 Irons take the cake with their professional and classic design.


In conclusion, both the Custom Titleist T300 Irons and the Custom Cobra Aerojet Iron are excellent choices for mid to high handicap golfers. The Titleist T300 Irons offer a professional look and feel, with excellent forgiveness and distance. The Cobra Aerojet Iron, on the other hand, offers advanced technology for effortless launch and distance, with a focus on forgiveness. While the final decision will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and needs, both irons are sure to improve your game and boost your confidence on the course. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to up your game, you can't go wrong with either of these fantastic irons!

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