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An Expert Guide to Signal Snowboards

Published on 02/23/2024 · 9 min readShred the slopes with Signal Snowboards: Dive into our expert guide, featuring their innovative technology, versatile board options, and tips for selecting your perfect match!
Branin Boyack, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Branin Boyack

Photo by Maxim Blinkov

Tl;dr: In a world where there are new snowboard brands every other year, it’s hard to keep up with the who’s who. This article will familiarize you with Signal Snowboards, a company founded by snowboarders for snowboarders, and some of the great snowboards they offer.

Hey there, fellow shredders! I’m Branin, a snowboarding, mountain-biking, adrenaline-sports junkie who has a particular love for snowboarding. Over the past 25 years, I have honed my skills on the mountain and in the gear shops. Helping new friends find the perfect snowboard for that epic ride is pretty special.

Today, I get to walk you through a guide to Signal Snowboards. So, sit back, unlace those boots, and grab a drink cause we’re going to dive right in.

A Humble Start: Who is Signal?

Signal Snowboards was started in 2004 by Pro snowboarders David Lee and Marc Wierenga. The two shared a passion for snowboarding and a desire to revolutionize the industry with their creativity. Frustrated by the lack of individuality and creativity in snowboard design, they set out to create a brand that would prioritize innovation and authenticity above all else. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, the Signal Snowboards brand has been built on the principles of craftsmanship, creativity, and community. Signal snowboards are handcrafted to produce a truly one-of-a-kind riding experience.

What to Consider When Buying a Signal Snowboard

If you're in the market for a new snowboard, chances are you've considered Signal Snowboards as an option. Each rider has a unique style and preferences, all their own, but here are a few things you should ask yourself before making the commitment that will shape your snowy season.

What is my budget?

When budgeting to buy a new snowboard, you should plan to spend anywhere from $300 all the way up to $900 or even more for the more unique types of boards. Signal snowboards sit at an average price of right around $600. This puts them in the same range as other major manufacturers of brand-name snowboards.

What size board should I get?

Board sizing is a mix of math, preference, and style. When looking at a snowboard, you’ll want to take your height, weight, and riding style into account to determine what size snowboard is right for you. Signal offers a range of sizes from youth to large adults, meaning they will have the size you are looking for.

Do I want a Freestyle, All Mountain, or Powder board?

With snowboards built to suit different riding styles, the type of board you buy will determine what you can reasonably do with it. Freestyle/Terrain Park snowboards are built for riders who enjoy boxes, rails, and jumps, while All Mountain/Freeride snowboards are built with versatility in mind. All Mountain boards are just that; "all mountain." Made to be used for a wide range of riding types and terrains. The third type is a Powder snowboard. This type is made for riding deep powder to keep you floating along the top rather than trying to plow a path.

Does Signal Snowboards offer my style?

Signal offers Freestyle, All Mountain, and Powder snowboards as well as a few split boards, which are snowboards that come apart down the middle lengthwise and can be worn like skis for backcountry travel. For more on split boards, check out What is a Splitboard and How Does it Work? Each board is handcrafted and designed with some of the coolest art in the industry. With a variety of size options and board types, finding the right Signal Snowboard for you should be as easy as zipping down the smallest bunny hill.

Let’s Take A Look

Signal has many styles of snowboards to choose from. The handcrafted quality put into these boards makes them ride like a one-of-a-kind. Let's look at the different types offered.

Freestyle/Park Terrain

Photo by Lizard

The Signal Park Series is an example of a Freestyle board built to ride the Terrain Park and hit the kickers. These boards don’t fare so well in the deep powder as they are usually smaller all the way around, allowing the rider to manipulate the board as needed for various tricks. The centered stance makes these boards great for riding switch (Riding opposite your normal stance.).


  • Excellent for jumps, boxes, and rails.
  • More pop and spring than other boards.
  • Easier to spin and maneuver.

Something to consider:

  • Not as stable at higher speeds.
  • Not suitable for most other mountain terrain.

Freeride/All Mountain

Photo by Tomas Marek

All Mountain boards are made to act as a daily driver. The Signal Disruptor -CCTV is a great example of a Freeride snowboard. The arc-shaped profile of the camber puts more pressure on the snow at the tip and tail of the board, giving you better control at higher speeds and more stability when carving deep corners.


  • Can be used for all types of riding.
  • The best option for riders with only one snowboard.
  • More stable at higher speeds.

Something to consider:

  • Good at most things, but the specialized boards are the best for their intended use.
  • Not as much pop as Freestyle boards.

Powder/Volume Shifted

Photo by Dmytro Vietrov

Powder boards usually have a further set-back stance than other snowboard types. With a more directional build, these boards are designed to keep you floating across the top of the snow. The Signal Tailgunner - Deep State is a great example of a powder board with Stellar artwork (Pun intended). Volume Shifted is a term that means the overall length of the board is decreased while the overall width is increased. While Powder and Volume Shifted boards are often synonymous, they are not exclusive of each other.


  • The best for deep powder riding.
  • Better stability at higher speeds.
  • Better stance position for powder riding.

Something to consider:

  • Not suitable for Terrain Park riding
  • Directional ride makes riding switch very difficult


You may be looking for a specific feature in your new snowboard. If you are unsure as to what to look for, I’ve got a list here for you.

  1. Flex: Consider the flex-rating of the snowboard, ranging from soft to stiff. A softer flex offers a more forgiving and playful ride, while a stiffer flex offers more stability at higher speeds.
  2. Profile: Signal snowboards feature various camber profiles, from traditional camber, rocker, or hybrid to flat. Each profile offers distinct performance attributes like edge hold, floatation, and maneuverability.
  3. Construction: Signal utilizes advanced construction techniques and materials to enhance durability, performance, and responsiveness. Look for features such as lightweight cores, carbon reinforcements, and innovative sidewall designs.
  4. Base Material: Most Signal boards offer the Lightning Fast Isosport 7500 Shintered Base. Making them glide across the snow like butter.
  5. Board Graphics: While not directly related to performance, Signal offers a variety of super awesome designs that will help you show off your style on the mountain.
  6. Warranty: Check the warranty offered by Signal for their snowboards, including coverage for manufacturing defects and structural issues. A solid warranty provides peace of mind and indicates confidence in the product's quality.

Finding the Right One

Trying out a bunch of different snowboards just to find the right one is next to impossible. The best you can do is do a lot of research and listen to what others tell you. I’m here to make that a little easier for you. I want to introduce a few people who I have helped dial in their snowboard needs. Meet Chris, Sarah, and Alex. These three are each riding down the slopes on their new signal snowboards.

Chris: The Backcountry Explorer

Chris loves backcountry riding. He constantly seeks out the untracked fresh powder in the remote parts of the mountain. He enjoys split boarding to access untouched powder fields, steep terrain, and challenging descents. He’s also not afraid to strap on the snow shoes and pack his board if it will get him to pristine slopes. Chris values a snowboard that provides for his off-piste needs.

Features Chris should look for:

  • Exceptional floatation for gliding through deep snow
  • Stability at higher speeds
  • Set-back stance for better control in deep snow
  • A board with a larger nose and narrower tail

Recommended boards for Chris: Signal Tailgunner - Deep State, Signal Yup - All In

Sarah: The All Mountain Rider

Sarah is an adventurous snowboarder who loves exploring every inch of the mountain. Cruising the groomers, carving through trees, and venturing off-piste in search of fresh powder, Sarah finds herself in all types of snow-covered landscapes. She values versatility and wanted a snowboard that could handle a variety of terrains.

Features Sarah should look for:

  • Medium flex for versatile use.
  • Signal’s Kick Ass Camber for improved edge hold and stability.
  • True twin shape.
  • Isosport 7500 Sintered base to glide effortlessly.

Recommended boards for Sarah: Signal Disruptor - Kyle Mack, Signal Compas - Stargate

Alex: The Freestyle Park Rat

Alex is a freestyle snowboarder who spends most of his time in the terrain park, hitting jumps, rails, and boxes. He loves experimenting with new tricks and pushing his limits. Alex is looking for a park board that gives him a playful and forgiving ride that lets him express his creativity on the slopes.

Features Alex should look for:

  • Soft flex for a buttery feel and a forgiving ride.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Isosport 7500 Sintered base for smooth gliding.
  • Awesome graphics to add to his style.

Recommended boards for Alex: Signal Park Series, Signal Park Rocker - Outcast

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the perfect snowboard can be a personalized journey, and Curated understands the significance of that decision. If you need assistance in navigating the extensive range of options, the Curated Snowboarding Experts stand ready to provide tailored guidance. These experts possess an in-depth understanding of snowboards and can offer insights to help you identify your specific needs and recommend the ideal ride for you.

Feel free to reach out to the Curated Snowboarding Experts today to ensure that your winter adventure is not only epically smooth but also optimized for performance and style.


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