Expert Comparison: Tecnica Mach Sport HV 100 Ski Boots vs Lange LX 110 HV GW Ski Boots

Published on 04/11/2024 · 4 min readSki Expert Leo compares Tecnica Mach Sport High Volume 100 and Lange LX 110 High Volume ski boots, discussing fit, flex, customization, and value for skiers.
Leo Cocchiara, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Leo Cocchiara



Video Transcript

How do you understand the value of a ski boot? My name is Leo, a Ski Expert and a master boot fitter at Today, I'm going to talk about the Tecnica Mach Sport High Volume 100 and the Lange LX 110 High Volume to help you understand that question. These are two of my most recommended boots for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a boot that is a bit of a wider fit. The 'high volume' in the title stands for a wider fit, which is ideal for skiing blues, blacks, and even beyond black. A good ski boot that is stiff enough to provide enough power to drive a good ski, but not so stiff that it's going to beat us up as we dive into more technical terrain.

Tecnica Mach Sport HV 100 Ski Boots

The '100' refers to the flex of the boot, which is how stiff this boot is. When you push on it, it pushes back on you, it shoots you forward. However, flex is not very well regulated across the ski industry or even across brands. It's not something that can be tested for really well, so we can think about it in a range, but a 100 flex is an average boot.

If we jump up to the 110, this is actually a stiffer boot. You'll notice the Lange LX 110 is a bit less expensive than the Tecnica Mach Sport High Volume, even though it's a stiffer boot. Tecnica does a lot of good things with their boots. If you look at the shell, you can see divots all over. These are common pressure points that people can experience in boots. So if you're somebody who's had a lot of trouble with pain on your ankles or tail bones where all your bony joints are, the Tecnica might be a better value for you because the shell is ergonomically crafted and easily customizable.

Lange LX 110 HV GW Ski Boots

However, if you've had an easy time fitting into boots in general and you want to get the most boot you can for the money, the fact that the Lange is a little bit less expensive for a technically stiffer boot might be of value to you.

Both of these boots have a ton of adjustment. For example, On the Lange boot there is a silver backing behind the buckle, as it can actually be moved and slid over. So if you have a really wide calf, there's a lot of adjustment there to be had. Not all boots have these, so that's something to understand in terms of value. But looking at Tecnica, there is also that same adjustment and not all boots have this. That's something to understand in terms of value. Do you need that kind of customization where you can open up the calf enough? Does that add some value to the boot for you? Both of these have a walk mode or a GripWalk walking enhancement. They have a rocker treaded tail that makes it easier for us to roll our feet and walk more naturally.

Lange is known for having a particularly tight heel cup and they also have what's called dual core plastic. When Lange is molding their boots, they use a harder plastic on the bottom to better transfer power and a softer plastic on top to get your foot into the boot more easily. So there's a lot of value there as well.

Similarities and Differences

At the end of the day, different gear works differently for different people. What matters most is you and your priorities around your boot fit. That's exactly what we're here to do as your experts - to really help you unpack this.

We're going to ask you a lot of questions and really take the time to get to know you. We're not just going to throw boots up in front of you and say, 'Yeah, go ahead. This will be a great option for you.' We want you to understand the value of your boots and why they are a good fit for you. So when you're ready, jump in the chat with us here on We'll get you dialed into that perfect fit just for you.

Comparison Table

ProductTecnica Mach Sport High Volume 100 Ski BootsLange LX 110 High Volume Ski Boots
Product Characteristics100 flex, ergonomic shell, customizable, versatile and comfortable boot option110 flex, dual core plastic, tight heel cup, Walk mode and GripWalk feature
Best ForIntermediate to advanced skiers seeking a balance of stiffness and wider-fitting bootSkiers looking for stiffer boot with adjustment options
LimitationsAverage stiffness, higher priceLess customizable, tight heel cup, heavier weight due to additional features

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