How to Organize Your Golf Bag

Published on 03/14/2023 · 3 min readGolf expert Eric Hall shares questions he’s fielded here on Curated around prepping your bag for your next round.
Eric Hall, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Eric Hall

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As you set up your bag, check out some of the questions I’ve been asked here on Curated while helping golfers find the best gear for their needs.

How should I organize my golf bag?

Organizing a golf bag is a personal choice. Generally, the clubs with headcovers are carried in the top pocket of the golf bag, then irons are arranged in the next two or three pockets with the wedges in the bottom slot. Tees, balls, divot tools, pens, scorecards, yardage books, and ball markers all get placed in various pockets.

Where do you put your balls in a golf bag?

The most common place for golf balls to be stored in a golf bag is in the pocket that is centered along the top line of the bag. This pocket is easily accessible as you walk or can be easily pulled from if the bag is strapped to a cart. It is also one of the roomiest pockets on the bag.

How many golf clubs can you carry?

A golfer may carry up to 14 clubs in their bag during a competition but they may carry as many clubs as they desire during a casual round of golf. Simply remember that it will be necessary to count clubs in your bag before beginning a competitive round of golf. If you are testing out a new driver, for instance, make sure that a decision is made before the round starts and that the other is stowed away in your car before the round.

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Should I ever carry two putters?

There is no situation where it would be necessary to carry two putters in the golf bag at the same time in a competition. If you are just playing for fun and want to try out a new putter, sure, put both in the bag. But, if you are competing, it would be wiser to only carry one putter and use the other 13 slots in your bag for other clubs that can help shave strokes off your score.

Can 2 golfers share clubs?

At most golf courses, there are rules against sharing golf clubs based purely on a pace of play concern. On top of that, in competition, if a golfer were to use one of the clubs from a competitor, that golfer would be deemed to have played more than 14 clubs and would be penalized for doing so.

How to carry a golf bag?

There are a number of ways that a golf bag can be carried. For instance, a golfer can carry the bag using one strap over the shoulder, with the clubs facing the direction that the golfer is walking. Likewise, a golfer could use both straps to distribute the weight evenly. Finally, a golfer could choose to carry the bag by the handle, but that would be quite the workout over 18 holes.

If you have any other questions, reach out to me or one of my fellow Curated experts here on Curated. We’re happy to be a source of free advice and personalized gear recommendations for your game.

Eric Hall, Golf Expert
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