The 5 Best Electric Golf Push Carts

Published on 03/04/2024 · 8 min readTransform your game with the best electric golf push cart, featuring effortless maneuverability, advanced features, and durability to navigate the course with ease!
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

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Do you want to walk the golf course for more exercise but hate pushing your cart or carrying your bag? If so, no worries! An electric golf push cart is exactly what you need.

These carts, sometimes referred to as electric golf trolleys, allow you to walk so you can get more exercise and enjoy the round without the hassle of using a traditional push cart. It’s also much easier on your body than carrying your golf clubs.

Like most junior golfers, I grew up carrying my golf clubs with a stand bag and did so all the way through college. Once I got into my 20s, I switched to push carts (if I walk, which isn’t a ton as I live in Arizona and it’s wicked hot half the year). But when I do walk for USGA qualifiers and other competitive events, a push cart is a no-brainer.

However, if a course is hilly and has some rugged terrain, it can make for a long day, which is where an electric golf push cart can save the day.

5 Best Electric Push Carts in Golf

Did you know that walking a round of golf is 4-6 miles (or more) depending on the golf course? Needless to say, that’s a lot of exercise. That’s good for your overall health, but too much might hurt your game as you get tired later in the day.

Luckily, electric push carts can help make the walk easier. Like a normal push cart, you strap your bag on, but now you use a remote to control your cart during the round. This makes it easy to stay more engaged in the round of golf, chat with your playing partners, and not wear down your shoulders from pushing.

Here are some of my favorite picks for different golf trolleys.

1. MGI Zip X3 Golf Cart

First up on the list — and likely the best value — of the best electric golf carts is the MGI Zip X3. It’s a lower-priced push cart but has a ton of features to make it easier than ever to walk the golf course.

I’ve played with several golfers who own this cart and have nothing but positive feedback about it. It has a great blend of style and functionality, unlike some other brands that are rather clunky with a larger design.

The MGI Zip 3 is offered as a 24V 250W or a 24V 36-hole lithium battery. The first one will have no issues lasting all 18 holes, while the other models should be right around two full rounds of golf.

This modern-designed cart folds up easily and can be stored in your trunk or garage without taking up tons of space. It has a lockable front wheel and all-terrain back wheels for more challenging conditions.

The remote even helps your game. The advanced digital electronics provide statistics like the longest drive and distance walked. And, as I mentioned above, that’s usually a ton of steps! Even when I ride in a golf cart I still get more than 10,000 for the round, and walking is usually 20,000 or more.

2. Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Golf Push Cart

Motocaddy is another top name in the world of electric carts with different options for all types of budgets. The M5 is one I’ve tested in the past and thought it was the ideal mix of sleek design with plenty of features and a good battery life.

What’s incredible about this device (and something you don’t see in a lot of others) is the GPS touchscreen. That's right — not only will this cart push your clubs like a caddy, but it’ll help you navigate the course like one too.

The 3.5-inch touchscreen comes with 40,000 preloaded golf courses, so you can navigate each hole with confidence. You can even move the flag for the most accurate distances and avoid water or bunkers with ease.

This electric push cart has downhill control technology (DHC) to maintain a constant speed when going downhill to avoid a runaway cart situation. It also has an electronic parking brake, USB charging port, adjustable handle height, and all-terrain DHC wheels.

The Motocaddy is 25 pounds, comes with a two-year warranty, and is worth the higher price tag.

3. MGI Navigator Zip X5 Golf Cart

The second option from MGI is the Zip X5 model, which is a slight upgrade from the Zip X3. It has a lot of similarities, including a sleek design and overall ease of use. But this golf cart also has downhill speed control and an electronic parking brake. This makes it easier when walking a golf course with a lot of hills to avoid a disaster like your clubs running away from you.

This happened to a guy I was playing golf with one time. We were on the green, his cart was 20 yards away, and he accidentally hit the remote in his pocket. The cart was heading for a lake near the green when he figured it out at the last minute and saved it!

As you can imagine, it was a stressful situation as his clubs and valuables nearly went for a swim. While electronic push carts are an awesome accessory, make sure to always study the remote and features before taking to the golf course.

Other perks with this upgraded cart include a quieter engine and a model that is 12% lighter and 25% smaller. It also has a T-bar handle for a more comfortable grip, and the engine lasts 36 holes without recharging.

If you aren’t sure which electric push cart is right for you or have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact a Curated Golf Expert today.

4. MGI Zip Navigator Golf Cart

The MGI Zip Navigator is a premium electric push cart that is fully motorized to make it easier than ever to walk unencumbered during the round. It has a fully directional remote control with twin 230-watt calibrated motors for incredible power and agility.

This makes it easier than ever to navigate your cart during the round, even in the most difficult terrain. If you’re someone who plays a lot of hilly golf courses with elevation changes, this cart is an excellent choice.

This electric cart has a 24V 36-hole battery that should last 36 holes without having to recharge. The back wheels are much larger and ready to handle all types of golf course conditions. It has a swiveling front wheel and fully foldable rear fourth wheel for even more stability.

This newer model is lighter than ever — about 25% lighter than the previous model, making it easier to transport and store in your trunk or garage. It’s one of the more expensive options on this list but worth every penny because of its three-year warranty. It can last 36 holes, has double motors and a GPS/phone holder, and offers two color choices.

5. Stewart VERTX Remote Electric Golf Push Cart

If you’re looking for another premium electric cart, the Stewart Golf VERTX is a top pick. Is it cheap? Definitely not, but it’s one of the most highly reviewed golf carts from, MyGolfSpy, and Golf Monthly.

The remote provides 100-yard range control, adjustable cruise control, and USB charging. This is handy because it allows you to charge your rangefinder or other accessories while you’re playing.

The battery options are also quite impressive. They have a 27-hole version (which is better than most carts) or a 45-hole option. That’s right, you could play 18 holes one day and 27 for another on a golf trip without needing to recharge.

Not to mention, it pairs with an app to quickly get an update on your charge level. It’s 100% free and available on the Apple Store and Google Play so you can easily check the charge level.

One of the few downsides to mention is the size, as it weighs 31 pounds (battery is 6.6 pounds). While it does fold up to a more compact shape, it’s quite large and might take up too much space in your car or trunk. And it’s definitely not going to fit in any size golf locker, either.

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As you can tell from the list above, there are some excellent choices when it comes to electric push carts. They’re a fantastic alternative to riding in a golf cart or walking with a traditional push cart and let you get plenty of exercise while playing a round.

You should have less fatigue with a motorized golf push cart so that you can play your best golf. While these are awesome accessories, they’re not cheap. Make sure you’re going to use it regularly so you can get your money’s worth and not let it collect dust in your garage (like some golf accessories).

Also, make sure to charge your device regularly to avoid it dying on you during the round. If this happens, you can still push it like a normal cart, but it’s a bit of an inconvenience. Always plan ahead so you can walk without worrying about your clubs and focus on your golf game.

Lastly, make sure to fully test your electric golf caddy before playing a round. Test the remote for follow mode, downhill braking, and other features to avoid a disaster on the course.

If you aren’t sure which electric cart is right for you or have more questions about golf equipment, don’t hesitate to contact a Curated Golf Expert today.

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