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Published on 03/01/2024 · 7 min readExperience cutting-edge performance: Discover the best Global knives and knife sets, loved for their sharpness, balance, and modern design in any culinary setting!
Di Doherty, Kitchen Expert
By Kitchen Expert Di Doherty

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TL;DR: Global has been manufacturing high-end stamped knives in its Japanese factory for more than 30 years. They make affordable Japanese-style knives that are popular both domestically and in Western markets.

I've been interested in knives for as long as I can remember, and as a kid, I collected pocket knives. Once I began cooking and baking regularly, my interest shifted more to kitchen knives. Over the last five years or so, I've collected several high-quality knives of different styles and makes while building up my experience and expertise.

Global knives are somewhat unusual, as stamped knives are generally considered to be less expensive than beginner knives. But the company appeals to both those who cook in their home kitchen and to professionals.

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Who is Global?

Global is a Japanese knife manufacturer that began making knives about thirty years ago. They use an innovative process to make high-quality stamped knives, allowing their products to be manufactured more cheaply while still being durable and sharp. Stamped knives are made by cutting the blade out of a solid piece of steel with a die.

Stamped knives often have worse balance than forged knives, but Global solved this problem by having a hollow handle. This handle is then filled with a precise amount of sand to ensure that the knife is perfectly balanced.

They also use a different method for sharpening their knives. Most knives have a beveled edge, which means that they’re only ground down at the sharp part of the blade. Global tapers their knives all the way down, resulting in an acute angle on the whole knife blade. This helps their knives stay sharp for longer.

The company uses a proprietary blend of corrosion resistant steel that utilizes the properties of chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum.

Caring for Global Knives

While Global knives aren’t fragile, the fact that they’re both Japanese-style knives and stamped means that they can’t take as much punishment as most forged Western-style knives can. Here are some tips to keep your knives in top shape.

  • Hand wash: While the knives are made entirely of stainless steel, putting them in the dishwasher isn’t a good idea. The harsh cleaning agents in dishwasher detergent are hard on your knife, and staying wet for a long time encourages rust spots. Getting banged around in the dishwasher also dulls knives more quickly, and tarnishes the metal.
  • Cutting surface: Having a good cutting surface for your knives both maintains their sharp edge and helps prevent chips or other damage. I highly recommend wooden cutting boards, but bamboo is an excellent second choice. Both have natural antibacterial properties and will last a lifetime.
  • Honing: A honing rod is vital for proper knife care. A sharp knife has a very thin edge, which means that it can curl over from being used. This will make your knife feel dull and means that it’s more likely to slip when you use it, which is dangerous.

Running the blade along a honing rod straightens that edge back out, making your knife sharp again. This doesn't take metal off of your knife, either, which means that it can be done every time you use the knife, but it should at least be done weekly (depending on how often you use the knife).

Best Global Knives and Knife Sets

If you’re looking to purchase a knife or knife set from Global, there are a lot of good options. I’ve compiled a list of the ones that I think deserve a closer look.

Global Classic Chef's Knife

Global’s chef’s knife is made from a solid piece of steel and has an all-metal handle. The texture on the handle gives you a sure grip when using it, and the sharp blade makes it great for all sorts of tasks. It comes in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch options, meaning that there are varieties for all sorts of home cooks.

While it doesn’t have the same durability as a Western style knife, it’s designed to be a workhorse that you can use daily. While this is a high-quality stamped knife, which means it can be honed to razor sharpness, it doesn't have the same edge retention as a forged knife and will require more frequent sharpening.

Global Takashi Knife Block Set

This knife set covers all your basic knife needs, including an 8-inch chef’s knife, a bread knife, a nakiri knife, a paring knife, and a utility knife. It also comes with a ceramic honing rod to maintain a sharp edge on your knives, and a wooden knife block.

If you expand your knife collection, there are a few extra slots, and the wooden block is durable and attractive.

Global Classic Knife Set

If you’re just starting out and want a few good knives or are looking for a set that’ll cover all your basic needs, this is a good option. The fact that the chef’s knife is only 6-inch may be problematic if you plan to tackle large pieces of meat or veggies, but it can handle the majority of tasks without difficulty.

The serrated utility knife can serve as a bread knife, as well as handle citrus and tomatoes easily. Lastly, there’s a 3-inch paring knife (which Global calls a peeling knife) that can take care of small tasks like deveining shrimp, slicing up garlic, and peeling apples.

Global Classic Vegetable Knife

While nakiri knives are more specialized, Global’s version performs admirably. Global refers to theirs as a vegetable knife (Nakiri knives are also called Japanese vegetable knives); it can do more than just cut up vegetables. This knife is excellent for thin, even slices, meaning that it can be used on onions, carrots, zucchini, meat, and poultry for that purpose.

The 7-inch blade means that it can tackle bigger tasks like a head of cabbage or eggplant. There is a 5.5-inch variety if you prioritize precision.

Global Ukon Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife

Global’s Ukon line is even sharper than its Classic line, making this santoku knife excellent for clean slices. The divots in the side of the blade (called a Granton edge) help prevent food from sticking to the blade as you cut, allowing for easier, cleaner slicing and dicing.

The knife has a thicker spine than its Classic counterpart, making it more durable and better for a point grip.

Global SAI Knife Block Set

The SAI collection has a distinctive style and an ergonomic handle with a thumb rest. The blade is hand hammered, both to give it a handsome, handmade look and to help prevent sticking. The intent of the blade is to create air pockets that cut down on friction and discourage food from sticking to the blade.

The set includes everything you need, including an 8-inch chef’s knife, a paring knife, a smaller chef’s knife, a bread knife, a nakiri, and a utility knife. The knife block is made of stainless steel, giving it a highly modern look. That also means that you won’t have to worry about oiling the block to keep it from drying out.

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Global Paring Knife

Paring knives are one of the most useful knives you can own. This 3-inch knife’s small blade makes it better for people with smaller hands, and is highly precise. Stamped knives are lighter than forged knives, which makes them easy to hold and nimble, which is important for delicate tasks like peeling fruit or removing seeds from peppers.

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