Expert Comparison: Atomic Hawx Prime 120 S GW Ski Boots vs Salomon S/Pro 120 GW Ski Boots

Published on 04/11/2024 · 3 min Ski Expert Leo compares Salomon S/Pro 120 GripWalk and Atomic Hawx Prime 120 S GripWalk Ski boots. Timing is key for shopping deals on ski gear. Find your perfect fit!
Leo Cocchiara, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Leo Cocchiara



Video Transcript

There's not much difference between medium volume 120 Flex boots. That's a great question. My name is Leo, and I'm a Ski Expert. Today, we're going to talk about boots from the same brand family, Salomon, specifically the S Pro 120 GripWalk versus the Atomic Hawx Prime 120 S GripWalk. Both Salomon and Atomic are under the same brand family, Amer Sports. Armada is also part of this brand family, but they don't make boots.

In this brand family, we have some of the largest market shares across all ski gear. Their gear is everywhere. It's one of the biggest brands overall and it's also super high-quality stuff. So, is there a really big difference between boots that are exactly the same by the numbers? Is this something I need to worry about? Is it something that I can buy based on price, colors, looks? Those are all really good questions.

At the end of the day, if we get the length of your foot correct and the width of your foot correct, and match the flex up to what's appropriate for you as a skier, you really can't get the fit wrong. There's a little bit of nuance in terms of shell shapes, liner materials, and dialing in the fit. Some people will have a very fine-tuned fit experience in their foot and might feel a strong difference between different models, while others might not. Some people generally feel okay in whatever, and getting into a really good deal could be a good option.

Atomic Hawx Prime 120 S GW Ski Boots

In this video, we're looking at a 2023 boot which has sold out at this time of year, same with the Atomic Hawx Prime 120 S. If you are looking to shop for a deal on boots, the best time to shop is starting right now. Here I am on February 28th, and we're starting to see things get dropped on sale and will continue to into next week all the way through September. The end of the season through Labor Day are your opportunities for the biggest sales on products, but keep in mind, your product has probably sold out at this point.

As we see here, the amount of inventory left can be very volatile. Things go quickly. If you see something on sale, you might miss it if you don't pull the trigger on it. So those are all things to think about when buying a boot.

Salomon S/Pro 120 GW Ski Boots

Overall, the difference in quality between the Salomon S Pro 120 and the Hawx Prime 120 is nuanced, but they are both fantastically awesome boots. So when buying a boot, if you're wondering whether you have to get this exact model or if you can wait to get a model of better value or get a better discount, or something that's going to match your gear and make you feel better about it, those are all very valid reasons to buy a boot.

Similarities and Differences

So whatever your priorities are as far as buying boots, that's what we're here for on You can hop in here, you can chat with your expert, and we'll get you dialed into the perfect deal, the perfect color, and the perfect fit just for you.

Comparison Table

ProductSalomon S/Pro 120 GW Ski BootsAtomic Hawx Prime 120 S GW Ski Boots
Product CharacteristicsHigh-quality, medium volume, 120 flexHigh-quality, medium volume, 120 flex
Best ForSkiers needing a fine-tuned fitSkiers comfortable in most fits
LimitationsMay sell out quicklyMay sell out quickly

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