An Expert Guide to Caraway Bakeware

Published on 03/01/2024 · 8 min readBake with confidence using Caraway bakeware: Our expert guide explores its non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and innovative designs for perfect results every time.
Di Doherty, Kitchen Expert
By Kitchen Expert Di Doherty

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TL;DR: Caraway is a relatively new American company that makes safe and style cookware and bakeware. They use a direct-to-consumer model that involves offering commissions to "brand ambassadors." When picking out Caraway bakeware, consider what kind of bakeware you want, if you want a set, and how to properly care for it.

I grew up learning to bake from my mom, and I've been making my own creations since I was old enough to be trusted alone in the kitchen. My bakeware collection is eclectic as I acquired it over time from gifts, thrift stores, and some purchases to fill in the gaps. I love baking and have made a wide variety of baked goods from scratch, including cakes, quick breads, rolls, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and dog biscuits.

Thinking of adding to your bakeware collection? If you have any questions or concerns or are looking for recommendations, chat with a Curated Kitchen Expert! Every one of our Experts is well-versed in different types of bakeware, how different materials behave, and how to properly care for them. Best of all, the service is completely free!

Who Is Caraway?

Caraway was founded in 2018 and started off manufacturing cookware. The founder decided to create non-toxic non-stick cookware after contracting “Teflon flu.” Teflon, or PTFE, will release toxic chemicals if heated past a certain temperature (around 550 degrees). Inhaling these fumes can result in flu-like symptoms in humans and can be fatal to some animals, with parrots being particularly vulnerable.

After that incident, he was inspired to create safe and stylish non-stick cookware. Since then, the company has expanded to making bakeware, griddles, and storage containers. Caraway cookware and bakeware utilize a non-stick ceramic coating that is free of PTFE, lead, cadmium, and forever chemicals.

Caraway pans are made out of aluminized steel and then coated with ceramic. The aluminum helps with even heat distribution, the steel makes it more durable and less likely to warp, and the ceramic prevents food from sticking. The durable stainless steel handles offer an easy way to remove them from the oven.

What to Consider When Buying Caraway Bakeware

Caraway’s bakeware line is an investment, meaning that it's a good idea to consider your purchase. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when picking out Caraway bakeware.

What Type of Bakeware Do I Want?

Bakeware is a broad term that covers a lot of different pans. Here are the varieties that Caraway offers.

  • Muffin pan: This is primarily used to make muffins and cupcakes, but muffin pans do have other uses, such as frittatas or cookie cups. While there are different sizes of muffin pans, Caraway currently only offers a standard size 12-cup muffin pan.
  • Circle pan: Caraway calls their layer cake pans circle pans. While these pans are primarily used to make cakes, they can also be used for deep dish pizza or roasting veggies.
  • Square pan: A 9x9 cake pan has a number of uses besides just cakes. It’s the common size in most brownie, blondie, and small casserole recipes.
  • Baking sheet: Baking sheets are highly versatile, with sheet pans being some of the most used pieces of bakeware. Caraway has a few different sizes, depending on if you plan to use it to roast veggies, make a sheet pan dinner, make cookies, or bake biscuits.
  • Rectangle pan: A 9x13 pan is called for a lot of recipes, ranging from cakes to brownies to casseroles to lasagna.
  • Loaf pan: Loaf pans are almost exclusively used to make bread, be it yeast bread or quick breads.

Do I Want a Bakeware Set?

Photo courtesy of Caraway

Buying a Caraway bakeware set has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Less expensive: Buying a bakeware set is going to be less expensive than buying the items individually.
  • Matching colors: Caraway has a wide selection of colors, inducing navy, perracotta, and cream. Some colors are going to be more difficult to get from certain pieces, but buying a set ensures that all of your bakeware will match.

Keep in Mind:

  • High up-front cost: While the overall cost will be lower, getting a bakeware set will have a high upfront cost, which may be a barrier to some buyers.
  • Limited choices: Bakeware sets are curated for you, meaning that you may end up with pieces that you don’t want, won’t use, or already own. Buying them individually means that you can get exactly what you want – and even mix and match colors if you like.

How Do I Care for Caraway Bakeware?

Since buying Caraway products isn't cheap, it’s important to take care of it to ensure longevity. Here are some tips to keep it looking and working like new.

  • Hand wash: These products aren’t dishwasher-safe and should be washed in warm, soapy water and a sponge. If food sticks, you can use a more serious sponge, but avoid anything too abrasive, as it could damage the coating.
  • No metal utensils: Metal utensils could scratch or even chip the non-stick coating. It’s best to use nylon, silicone, or wooden utensils to remove baked goods, and you should never cut them in the pan.
  • Avoid thermal shock: This is good advice for all bakeware, as even stainless steel or aluminum can warp from going from a hot oven to cold water or the freezer to the oven. But ceramic-coated bakeware is even more vulnerable, as it can cause the coating to crack or break. While the bakeware can be frozen and is oven-safe up to 550 degrees, rapid changes can ruin your bakeware. This also means that it isn't safe to go under the broiler. The uneven heating and high temperature can crack the coating. Ensuring that the oven is fully preheated also prevents any possible uneven heating.
  • Shine it up: Over time, it’s normal for the coating to get brown spots or take on a brownish hue. It won’t affect performance, but if you want your bakeware looking like new, sprinkle baking soda over it, then add vinegar. Let that mixture sit for a half hour, then rinse it out and wash it. The ceramic’s color should be restored! This also works well for stuck-on food, as using abrasive cleaners like steel wool or harsh detergents can damage the coating.

Features to Look for

While all of Caraway’s bakeware is similar and well-made, there are certain features that I would prefer when buying something from them.

Cooling rack

Photo courtesy of Caraway

Cooling racks are essential for bakers. The spaces between the wires allow for airflow so that the baked goods are able to cool off evenly and more quickly. Cooling racks will often come in a bakeware set, especially if there are baking sheets included.


  • Will be the same size as the baking sheet, meaning that it’s easy to transfer the baked goods to the rack
  • Allows you to more quickly cool the bakeware itself

Be Aware:

  • Ceramic is vulnerable to quick or uneven temperature changes, so putting the bakeware on a rack right out of the oven can stress it
  • Can be redundant if you already have cooling racks


Photo courtesy of Caraway

Several of Caraway’s bakeware sets come with an organizer to store them in.


  • A way to keep all of your bakeware together in one spot
  • Keeps your bakeware from getting scratched or dented

Be Aware:

  • Will take up space on your counter
  • Only holds the bakeware it came with, so it doesn't help for an expanding collection

How to Pick the Right Caraway Bakeware for You

There are a lot of options in terms of bakeware out there, meaning that finding just the right one for you can be time consuming. In order to make the process quicker, I’m going to describe three people and what I’d recommend each of them buy.

Antonio: Hobbyist Looking to Upgrade his Equipment

Antonio has been baking in his spare time for years and finally decided it was time to upgrade his bakeware. He has a haphazard collection that he's acquired over time. Some of it is high-quality, though, so for now, he's looking to replace his mediocre baking sheet and 9x13 pan.

Features to look for:

  • Individual pieces of bakeware so that he won’t end up with unnecessary repeats
  • Steel bakeware that’s built to last

Recommended Products: Caraway Large Baking Sheet, Caraway Rectangle Pan

Martin: Baker Looking for an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Non-Stick

Martin loves the convenience of non-stick coatings on bakeware, but his partner has pointed out how they can outgas toxic chemicals and that most of them have a higher carbon footprint. He’d like to invest in bakeware that’s better for both his health and the planet.

Features to look for:

  • Coatings that don’t include heavy metals or harmful chemicals
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes

Recommended Products: Caraway Baking Sheet Duo, Caraway Non-Stick Muffin Pan

Beth: Blogger Who Wants Stylish and Useful Bakeware

Beth runs a recipe blog as a side hustle and wants attractive, high-quality bakeware that'll photograph well. The presentation of what she's made is important, too, so she also wants to prioritize how well-baked goods come out of the pan. She'd prefer a matching set so that all of her bakeware will present well to her followers.

Features to look for:

  • Bakeware sets that contain all the necessary items.
  • Bright colors that will stand out in photographs.

Recommended Products: Caraway Non-Toxic Ceramic Non-Stick Bakeware Set, Caraway Non-Toxic Half Bakeware Set

Find the Best Caraway Bakeware for You

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