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Published on 03/03/2024 · 9 min readBake like a pro with the best USA Pan bakeware, selected for its durability, non-stick performance, and even heating for flawless results every time.
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Tl;dr: Bakeware is essential for a well-stocked kitchen. When searching for the right USA Pan bakeware for your baking needs, consider the type of bakeware pieces you need and in what sizes. USA Pan makes high-quality bakeware that is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

I received my first USA Pan cookie sheet many years ago as a gift and fell in love with its heavy-duty construction and non-stick finish. When you use USA Pan, you can tell that it’s a piece of bakeware that can handle the pressure of commercial use just as well as it handles your tray of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I have tried other bakeware, but I always grab the USA Pan sheet pans from the cabinet for things like the perfect cookie. Who has time for burnt bottoms or cookies that fall flat? I sure don’t. The company also makes other bakeware (I am just a cookie fanatic), which we will cover in this article. If you have further questions after reading, contact a Curated Kitchen Expert for free, personalized advice.

What Is USA Pan?

USA Pan began decades ago as an industrial bakeware company servicing professionals in the commercial baking industry. In 2009, the company fulfilled its vision of creating the same high-quality, commercial-grade bakeware for the home cook. Since 1959, USA Pan has been made in the USA and carries the reputation of going above and beyond industry standards.

The brand’s bakeware is made of heavy gauge aluminized steel for superior heat distribution, and every dish has a patented silicone coating for a non-stick finish.

What to Consider When Buying USA Pan Bakeware

With so many choices in USA Pan bakeware, it’s helpful to consider a few things as you shop. Let’s look at the most critical questions to ask yourself regarding the right USA Pan bakeware for you: the type of baking you do, which sizes suit your needs, what USA Pan bakeware costs, and whether you prefer bakeware sets or separate pieces.

What Are You Baking?

If you don’t bake bread, you may not need a loaf pan; however, cake pans are a must if you are a cake baker. Make a list of what you bake regularly before you decide which bakeware to purchase. Here are some of the most common types of bakeware pans:

There are other types of bakeware pieces as well, such as specialty pieces, including:

What Size Bakeware Do You Need?

It’s essential to know which size of each piece best suits your household when purchasing new bakeware. A small household may require one small cookie sheet, while a larger household needs a heavy-duty, extra-large sheet. Here are the typical sizes of bakeware dishes you often see:

Though these are the most common, USA Pan offers a wide variety of sizes.

How Much Does USA Pan Bakeware Cost?

USA Pan is one of the most economical choices for high-performance bakeware. Baking sets range in price from $40 for two sheet pans to $200 for an 11-piece baking set. If you are on a tight budget, look at your list of needs and purchase only the essentials. You can start with one item and build your collection slowly. Or, if the budget allows, a complete bakeware set will make it easy to fulfill all your baking needs immediately.

Do You Prefer a Bakeware Set or Individual Pieces?

When discussing budgets, we touched on sets and individual pieces. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options.

Bakeware Sets

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Bakeware sets can include two or more pieces. A two-piece set might be two of the same type of dish but in different sizes, or it could be two completely different types of bakeware dishes. Sets with three or more pieces usually offer various types and sizes. A full set will likely give you a little of everything, especially the essentials, such as the typical sizes for cake pans, sheet pans, and more.


  • You get multiple pieces at once.
  • Sometimes there is a discount on the price for a complete set.
  • It’s one-and-done shopping.

Be Aware:

  • Sets seldom have specialty pans, such as a pizza pan or a mini muffin pan.
  • You are stuck with one brand and one type of material for all your bakeware dishes.

Individual Pieces

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Individual pieces are purchased separately rather than in a set. This is helpful to try out a brand before getting a complete set. It’s also a good choice if you are on a tight budget or already have plenty of bakeware that you enjoy.


  • Separate pieces make it easy to mix and match brands and materials according to your preference.
  • You can spread the cost by purchasing individual pieces a little at a time.
  • Try out a brand of bakeware with one piece to see if you like it.

Be Aware:

  • Without a complete set, you may not have a baking dish when needed.
  • Companies sometimes change their materials or styles, and the next piece may not match what you already have.

USA Pan Bakeware Features

With so many bakeware brands, it’s helpful to understand what unique features USA Pan offers in its bakeware. One thing is for sure: you can count on USA Pan for high-quality bakeware that will last. Let’s take a closer look at some of their best features, and if you still have questions about USA Pan, contact a Curated Kitchen Expert for more advice.

Aluminized Steel

USA Pan bakeware is made of aluminized steel, created by plating or coating aluminum over a piece of steel. The two metals together create a light, durable, warp-resistant piece of bakeware with excellent heat distribution.

Non-Stick Finish

Every USA Pan bakeware dish has a silicone non-stick coating free of PTFE or PFOA (both chemical compounds sometimes used in non-stick coatings). The silicone coating creates an impeccable non-stick surface for easy food release.

Fluted Surfaces

You’ll notice on USA Pan bakeware that each pan's surface has a unique texture created by ridges, also called a fluted or corrugated surface. The fluted surface allows air circulation around the baking food, helping to create even heat distribution and also helps to prevent warping.

I love bakeware and can’t seem ever to have enough. Thankfully, USA Pan is an excellent brand that aims to supply the home baker with commercial-quality bakeware. When I use their products, I know I am baking with some of the best equipment available at an affordable price. Here are my top recommendations for USA Pan bakeware:

Half & a Quarter Sheet Pan Set

Sheet pans are so versatile, and I use them constantly for roasting veggies, baking cookies, baking bacon (You don’t have to fry bacon!), and even for homemade pizza. USA Pan bakeware half-sheet pan and quarter-sheet pan sets offer two sheet pans in different sizes.


  • One half-sheet pan (17.25 x 12.25)
  • One quarter-sheet pan (12.5 x 9)
  • Corrugated surface for better airflow
  • Non-stick finish for quick release
  • Commercial-grade aluminized steel

Good for:

  • Baking cookies, roasting vegetables, baking pizza, and one-pan sheet meals.

Seamless Rectangle Cake Pan

This 9 x 13 cake pan will become the most helpful pan in your kitchen. I keep no fewer than four 9 x 13 rectangular pans in my baking dish cabinet.


  • Corrugated surface for better airflow
  • Non-stick finish for quick release
  • Commercial-grade aluminized steel

Good for:

  • Casseroles, cakes, brownies, and more

9-Inch Square Cake Pan

The 9-inch square cake pan is another versatile and essential piece of bakeware. I keep a few in my cooking and baking arsenal for the times I don’t need a full 9 x 13 pan.


  • Corrugated surface for better airflow
  • Non-stick finish for quick release
  • Made in the USA
  • Commercial-grade aluminized steel
  • Compact 9 x 9 size for easy storage

Good for:

  • Casseroles, cakes, dessert bars, brownies, and more
  • Smaller volume cooking and baking

12-Cup Muffin Pan

Muffin pans are helpful for so much more than muffins (I even use mine to make hard “boiled” eggs), and I love this 12-cup muffin pan by USA Pan. I find muffin pans challenging to clean when the batter spills over, burns, and sticks to the pan, but this one cleans up beautifully.


  • Corrugated surface for better airflow
  • Non-stick finish for quick release
  • Made in the USA
  • Commercial-grade aluminized steel
  • 12 cups for efficient baking

Good for:

  • Muffins, cupcakes, eggs, mini cheesecakes, mini pizzas, mini meatloaves, mini frittatas, and fruit pies!

Medium Bread Loaf Pan

You don’t have to be a bread baker to make use of the medium loaf pan by USA Pan. I use this type of pan for yeast breads, quick breads, and meatloaf.


  • Corrugated surface for better airflow
  • Non-stick finish for quick release
  • Made in the USA
  • Commercial-grade aluminized steel
  • Generous 1lb size

Good for:

  • Small casseroles, meatloaf, bread baking, pound cake, or baked ziti

11-Piece Ultimate Baker’s Set

If you love to bake, this truly is the ultimate baker’s set. It includes everything you need for cakes, cookies, pizza, and more.


  • Corrugated surface for better airflow
  • Non-stick finish for easy release
  • Made in the USA
  • Commercial-grade aluminized steel
  • Three baking sheets, a rectangular and a square baking dish, a pizza pan, a muffin tin and mini muffin tin, two round cake pans, and a loaf pan

Good for:

  • Cakes, casseroles, pizza, cookies, dessert bars, muffins, cupcakes, meatloaf, pasta dishes, roasting veggies, breads, and all your favorite recipes.

Finding the Best USA Pan Bakeware for You

In your quest for the best USA Pan bakeware, consider what you bake the most, what sizes you need, and the prices of the different pans. All of USA Pan bakeware is made of aluminized stainless steel with nonstick coatings, so keep that in mind as you determine your preference in bakeware materials. If you have any further questions about USA Pan bakeware, please reach out to a Curated Kitchen Expert, and they will be happy to assist you.

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