Most Exciting New Gear from Daiwa for 2021

Published on 05/17/2023 · 5 min readFishing expert Brayden Sharp recently explored Daiwa's newest releases at the ICAST fishing trade show. Check out what Daiwa gear took home the "Best in Show" award.
Brayden Sharp, Fishing Expert
By Fishing Expert Brayden Sharp

I recently got back from ICAST, the fishing industry's top tradeshow for new product releases, and wow, what a show Daiwa put on this year! They brought their whole line-up of rods and reels, from saltwater to freshwater, for anglers to check out. Manning the booth were several of their professionals who fish both the MLF and Bassmaster Elite circuits. At the show, Daiwa released two brand new reels: the Tatula SV Limited baitcaster and their line of Saltist MQ spinning reels.

Award: Best Saltwater AND Freshwater Reel

Once again, Daiwa is found at the top as they take home the “Best in Show” award for both saltwater and freshwater reels. These were their new Saltist MQ spinning reel and their Zillion SV TW, which caught the eyes of the judges as Daiwa displayed how they stay above the competition in quality.

Saltist M

The new 2021 Saltist MQ lineup. Photo by Brayden Sharp

The new Saltist MQ spinning reel comes in a size ranging from 2500 - 20000, allowing it to be used for any type of fishing. The Saltist MQ comes with Daiwa’s highest-end components, including their new Monocoque (MQ) body. This new body system does not require any body cover, eliminating the need for screws. This improves the strength of the reel, increases its water resistance, and allows a larger diameter drive gear to be installed. This reel also includes their famous Digigear, which is a precision cut gear to increase smoothness and strength against all elements.

Zillion SV TW

The new 2021 Zillion SV TW

Daiwa’s new Zillion SV TW is definitely one to turn heads. Once an angler feels this reel, it's quite possible they'll never want to use another. The new Zillion comes with the brand new SV Boost System. This takes the prior SV system to the next level. Like the prior SV brake system, it starts free from the spool and applies pressure towards the end of the spool, but then the new boost releases again at the very end of the cast, allowing for an extra thirty feet of casting distance. This, paired with their new HyperDrive design, is the pinnacle of durability and innovation. It includes an upgraded gearbox, clitch, and double support sealing to ensure the reel stays running smoothly for years. The HyperDrive allows for such a clean feeling when retrieving this reel.

Other Exceptional Gear


The new 2021 Tatula SV Limited. Photo by Brayden Sharp

Daiwa also released their new limited edition Tatula SV 103. This reel comes with the previous standard SV 103 interior with some added cosmetics. The new reel has a solid carbon fiber handle, new metal knobs, and a solid aluminum body. This is one of the most flashy-looking reels out on the market.

Tatula Elite rods

Daiwa’s AGS guide system also caught the attention of many at the convention. Daiwa’s AGS guides are solid carbon fiber, which cuts down the weight significantly. A typical higher-end rod has titanium guides, but the new and improved AGS carbon fiber guides weigh as much in a set (9-11 guides) as the very first guide in a titanium set. This reduction in weight increases sensitivity and helps balance the rod. Daiwa’s pros have designed several signature rods for all applications, from Brent Ehrler’s drop shot rod to Ish Monroe’s heavy flipping stick.

Steez SV TW

The new 2021 Steez SV TW

Steez SV TW is Daiwa’s flagship of baitcasting reels. This reel comes with all of the bells and whistles. It has Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD), a light magnesium body, and a Zero Adjuster spool tension knob, which ensures that the angler gets the max casting distance right from the box. The magnesium body allows for this reel to be the lightest reel in their line, coming on the market at a stellar 5.6oz.

The new 2021 Steez AGS rods

As a flagship series in Daiwa’s AGS, you can’t forget about these rods. They are tricked out with Daiwa's AGS guide system that is 40% lighter than the industry standard for higher-end guides, its X45 blank construction, which eliminates the twisting of the rod on a hookset, and a carbon fiber reel seat for increased sensitivity all the way to your hand.


Daiwa continues to lead the industry in reel technology. With its new release of the Saltist MQ, it now has a saltwater reel for any type of fishing from inshore to deep sea. To pair with that MQ body is its Light (LT) series that leads the industry for the lightest spinning reels on the market. Daiwa has reels in this series from $50 up to the new Exist LT listing at $799, which allows for any angler to find their perfect reel, no matter their area of expertise.

Everybody intends to buy a reel that they want to last, and at Daiwa’s price point, there isn’t anything better out there. Daiwa is always keeping one step ahead of the game as far as their tech components, their smoothness, and their weight. I was able to test every rod and reel in Daiwa’s lineup to really get a feel for their quality of products. Daiwa prides itself on being one of only two companies that fully manufacture its products from start to finish (the other being Shimano). That means that Daiwa is able to bring anglers a rod or reel at a $99 price range, whereas other companies have it listed at $125. The best midrange combo I tested, which was confirmed by the specialist there, was with their Tatula CT baitcasting reel on their Tatula XT rod. That combo comes in at around $250, and I'd never need another set-up again. Check out the Expert Journal here on Curated for more Fishing content.

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