Most Exciting New Gear from St. Croix for 2021

Published on 05/17/2023 · 3 min readFishing expert Jake Baum recently explored the newest gear at ICAST, the world's largest sportfishing trade show. Check out what St. Croix has in store for 2021.
Jake B., Fishing Expert
By Fishing Expert Jake B.

As a Fishing expert here on Curated, I'm always excited to try the latest gear as soon as it's released to evaluate the tech and explore what changes have been made. I recently got back from ICAST, the fishing industry's top showcase for the latest products. One of the biggest changes in the fishing world this year is happening with St. Croix.

Debuting its newest gear at ICAST, St. Croix has taken the next step in improving nearly every single rod that it is currently selling. The Trout, Panfish, Bass X, Victory, and Icon series have all been upgraded, but here I'd like to focus on the most anticipated rods of 2021.

I’ll start off by going over some of the smaller yet extremely notable changes that St. Croix has made.

The Bass X Line

The Bass X is one of the most used bass rods in the industry and it is focused, of course, around bass fishing. The Bass X Line has been out for years and has become very well known in the fishing world. So what did St. Croix do?

Let's start with the first change that Bass X lovers are going to notice: the logo has changed! The new, bright logo makes it easy to check out the rod specs. St. Croix also increased the Bass X line from fourteen models to sixteen. This improved line features ten casting models and six spinning models that are all upgraded to SCII Carbon. The new material is going to give anglers a stronger and more consistent rod that stays lightweight for fishing all day.

Additionally, the rods feature a new hybrid guide pattern that switches from Aluminum Oxide to Stainless Steel guides. This lends itself to a more sensitive rod that is designed to lift the weight off of the tip. The last important feature to note is the handle design. The handles have been reduced in size to cut down on weight and decrease users’ fatigue on long fishing days.

All of these rods have been improved and are keeping with the impressive St. Croix five-year warranty. All of these features and improvements are packed into a $120-$150 price range.

The Victory Line

Now let's talk about what I believe is the most notable addition to the St. Croix line! It is time to taste Victory!!!

The Victory Line was released back in March of 2021. The original release was for the “Great Eight.” This series was originally released with five casting models and three spinning models. These models are thought to be the staple rods in that series. However, St. Croix took it one step further and will be releasing a total of twenty-five models! These rods are going to be game-changers for St. Croix. Twelve of the new models are all completely new powers, actions, and lengths for the brand.

The Bass X is an amazing rod and is one of the best options to go with for any bass fisherman. So why should an angler buy the Victory Series over the Bass X? The Victory Series is the next step in the fishing rod world. These rods are manufactured and crafted in the USA. This series is a technique-specific series, meaning that each rod is specifically tailored for a different style of fishing. This allows for amazing personalization and specificity for each fisher who is looking for a rod tailored to their favorite style of fishing.

The rods that are offered have so many various powers, actions, and lengths that they will fit any technique that one could possibly utilize. They feature the SCIII+ Carbon blanks that are lighter and more sensitive than the Bass X’s. They are paired with Fuji guides, some of the best fishing guides in the industry. This all comes in a rod that runs between $180-$200 all while upping the warranty to fifteen years!!

St. Croix has taken 2021 by storm with all of the new additions and changes to its already well-reviewed models. If you liked this article, check out the Expert Journal here on Curated for more Fishing content!

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