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Expert Video Review: 2022 GNU Riders Choice

Published on 07/13/2022 · 4 min readSnowboard experts Bobby Chadderton and Brit Bruhn take to the slopes to test out the 2022 GNU Riders Choice snowboard. Check out this article for their full reviews.
By Curated Experts Bobby Chadderton and Brit Bruhn

Looking for a fun all-mountain board to jib in the park? The 2022 GNU Riders Choice might just be the one.

First things first. Curated experts aren’t sponsored by any brands, which means that this review is totally unbiased and based on their honest opinions. We just want you to find the best gear!

Check out the video below or read on to find out what we think!

Meet the Reviewers

Bobby Chadderton

  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Years Snowboarding: 14
  • Favorite Terrain: Powder

Brit Bruhn

  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 131 lbs
  • Years Snowboarding: 21
  • Favorite Terrain: Backcountry

Expert Review

Key Features

  • All-mountain freestyle
  • Medium flex
  • Directional twin
  • C2x (camber/rocker/camber)

Overall Impressions

According to Curated Expert Bobby, “this board rode switch like an absolute dream.” He found that it was “effortless getting this board to go switch, and then riding switch was just super easy.” Because of the asymmetry in this board, riding switch is going to be super fun. Bobby emphasizes that “if you're somebody who's looking to progress with your switch riding, this is a phenomenal option for you.”

The Riders Choice features GNU's C2x profile, which is a more extreme version of their C2 profile. It has a shortened rocker between your feet and longer camber inserts that protrude to the tip and tail underfoot. Bobby explains that “it presents, if you lay it flat, primarily as a rocker, and that is mostly what it felt like on the mountain,” although he does add that “it is a very versatile profile.” He found it to be “phenomenal for butters” and “great for any kind of jib that you find.” Despite the amount of dampness from the rocker in the middle, both he and Expert Brit found it to be quite poppy.

Brit shares that she had a blast ripping this board. She “took it on groomers, side hits...all that good stuff, and it crushed! It held a great edge, had some pop to it, and was floaty.” If you’re looking for an all-mountain board that’s perfect for the park, able to handle some cliff drops, and cruise on some groomers, Brit thinks that the GNU Riders Choice is it. “Yeah, all in all, I think it's a great all-around all-mountain board.”

Bobby recommends this board for the intermediate to advanced “park rider who also enjoys riding all over the mountain.” If you want to make the whole mountain your freestyle terrain park, hit side hits and natural jibs, and throw some short, quick radius spins, this is going to be a super fun option for you.

Things to Consider

Brit “thought this board did great at higher speeds” and felt like she had full control while “moving pretty fast.” Despite hitting some chunder, she didn’t feel like the board was going to slip out on her. However, Bobby thinks that “this board isn't gonna hold up the greatest at super high speeds.” He explains that riders hitting 50 mph or higher are going to notice that the Riders Choice’s “rocker is going to create a little bit of chatter with this board.” Real speed demons might check out a board like this instead.

Neither of the experts would recommend this board to a beginner. Because the GNU Riders Choice doesn't have catch-free edges and because it’s on the stiffer side, it would be hard for beginners to progress and get their turns down.

Furthermore, Bobby explains that “if you're somebody who's looking to rail some super deep carves, hit a Eurocarve, and really lay this board on its edges, you might find that you lose traction at some point.” Even with the board’s Magne-Traction, he felt like the rocker in the middle was a bit too intense to allow him to “really engage the entire effective edge of this board.”

Summing It Up

What It’s Good For

  • Riding switch
  • Intermediate to advanced riders
  • A park-oriented all-mountain board

What It’s Not Good For

  • Beginners
  • Superfast riders
  • Hitting deep carves

If you want to find the best gear for your next adventure or if you’re not sure this is the best board for you, chat with a Curated Expert to learn more about the 2022 GNU Riders Choice and get personalized recommendations.

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Bobby Chadderton
Snowboarding Expert
Brit Bruhn
Snowboarding Expert
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Written by:
Bobby Chadderton, Snowboarding Expert
Bobby Chadderton
Snowboarding Expert
I'm Bobby, a (fully stereotypical) Canadian living in Keystone CO, chasing smiles and stoke with friends! I've been working in the Snowboard Industry for 8 years since I graduated from Temple University and led their Snowboard Club. Today, I'm lucky to manage a team of 150 amazing Experts right here at Curated! I'm a snowboarder, writer, photographer, tattoo advocate, gear nerd and a self-proclaimed spreader-of-stoke. I grew up riding park on the east coast and have been fortunate to travel all over the U.S. riding and exploring the best terrain North America has to offer. I've had the opportunity to demo the majority of boards on today's market and will happily give you unbiased insight on whatever you're considering. I work and live in Keystone, Colorado. If you'll be riding any Ikon resort in Colorado, let's take some laps together! Down to business! What do I need from you? Keep it real! Please feel comfortable being completely honest with me about what you are looking for, I don't bite! Tell me your timeline, your budget, experience level, and anything else that can help us get you set up with the perfect gear. I'm a passionate snowboarder, not a salesperson! I spent a year sitting in a rubber tube from falling on my butt while learning how to snowboard about 16 years ago, Trust me when I say I'll never forget being a beginner! I'm still learning and progressing as a snowboarder and always will be! If you're working with me, this is a team effort! I know this market pretty well - I'll go above and beyond if it means you'll be stoked and smiling on the mountain! I'm always happy to find something cheaper, a different color, or put our conversation on hold if it's better for you! Connect with me on instagram @chowderin and keep me in the loop on your winter shred!
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Brit Bruhn, Snowboarding Expert
Brit Bruhn
Snowboarding Expert
Hi everyone! Brit here, I grew up in Brighton, Michigan where my family owned Mt. Brighton before Vail bought it in 2012. I have been on a snowboard since I was a little kid and have loved the sport since day one. I started instructing at Mt. Brighton when I was a junior in high school and I am still instructing and coaching at 28. The last 10 years I have been living the dream in Vail, Colorado and everyday I am so thankful for this life and my job of getting to help people learn this awesome sport. Most days you can find me either riding the resort or getting turns in the backcountry with my dogs. I live full time in my built out ambulance with my boyfriend and our 2 husky's. I have worked in the snowboard industry for many years now and I am so excited to help you guys find the right gear and spread the love of this amazing sport and get you guys on the mountain. Lets get you setup with the perfect gear! Tell me your timeline, budget, ability level, and anything else that can help us get you set up with the best gear for yourself. Connect with me on Instagram @bruhbrit

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