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Curated Experts: Where These Outdoor Entrepreneurs Work From

Published on 08/24/2021 · 3 min readEver wondered what it looks like to be a Curated Expert? Whether working from home or from the road, these Experts share a glimpse into their colorful lives.
Gabby J., Snowboarding Expert
Marc Gelbke, Golf Expert
Wesley Bryden, Ski Expert
By Curated Experts Gabby J., Marc Gelbke, Wesley Bryden, Jason Starkey, Dave McCaul, Brady Falk and Mike Smeaton (Griz)

Ski Expert Travis Gerhardt picking up at shift at the top of Hartmans Rocks in Gunnison, Colorado. Photo by Travis Grehardt

Working from home might conjure up images of sitting at the kitchen table for hours on end, reheating the same cup of coffee over and over. However, Curated Experts tend to do it a little differently! From expansive views to animal companions, these seven Experts share the spots where they crack open the laptop and get to work.

Gabby Johnson: Snowboarding Expert

Photo by Gabby Johnson

This is my favorite spot to log into my online work with my favorite coworker, Morgan. You can find us in SW Mass where we live on a little lake. When I’m not logged into Curated, I’m working on my accounting degree and soaking up some vitamin D with Morgan.

Marc Gelbke: Golf Expert

Photo by Marc Gelbke

Living and traveling full time in our RV! We move every three weeks, spending most of our time in Florida, working remotely, and living life with a new view, new yard, and new adventures every month. We showcase all our fun on our YouTube channel, Road Notes RV. Our RV is called Onyx, and our dolly that pulls our car is “Ollie the Dolly!"

Wesley Bryden: Camping & Hiking Expert and Ski Expert

Photo by Wesley Bryden

For the last six years, I have undertaken the adventure of buying and living on a large sailboat in Seattle WA, while learning how to sail and fixing the boat up! Almost all of the work I do with Curated is done from the boat. The view from my home marina is spectacular, with the sun setting over the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, and I get the added bonus of new views that never disappoint whenever I set sail on new adventures. Most recently I crossed the Strait of Juan De Fuca and spent a week up in the San Juan Islands.

Jason Starkey: Golf Expert

Photo by Jason Starkey

On early morning shifts, I usually get help! This is my wonderful boy Cooper being an assistant. He likes to think he is a big asset in making a Curated user happy, but in all honesty, he just keeps his daddy happy while helping out golfers! I couldn’t ask for a better workplace and the assistant t’boot! Thanks, Curated!!

Dave McCaul: Camping & Hiking Expert

Photo by Dave McCaul

I am currently in Northwest Wisconsin grabbing this new rig, and I built the RV site it sits on too. Usually, we move every month or so focusing on national parks, and have seen 47 so far! Scout is stoked too!

Brady Falk: Golf Expert

Photo by Brady Falk

Fresh mountain air, scenic backdrops, and coffee in hand! Sun Valley, Idaho is by far my favorite place to work and play, with golf in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Mike Smeaton: Camping & Hiking Expert

Photo by Mike Smeaton

Most days this is my view from my workspace (not always raining but this is a great job for rainy days). I have been able to work with my customers while camping with my wife in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, as well as Bro Fest trips with my two sons. I get up early and sometimes work late because I never know when a customer is going to send a message and need some gear for that last-minute trip.

If you have in-depth gear knowledge, a passion for the outdoors, and are seeking a flexible role that enables you to work from anywhere, check out the Curated Expert application here.


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Gabby J.
Snowboarding Expert
Marc Gelbke
Golf Expert
Wesley Bryden
Ski Expert
Jason Starkey
Golf Expert
Dave McCaul
Camping Expert
Brady Falk
Golf Expert
Mike Smeaton (Griz)
Camping Expert
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