The 17 Best Fly Fishing Brands: Fly Rods, Reels, and Other Gear

Published on 05/05/2023 · 8 min readThere are so many great fly fishing brands out there, it can be hard to tell them apart! This article breaks down the 17 best rod, reel, and gear brands.
Andy Sparhawk, Fly Fishing Expert
By Fly Fishing Expert Andy Sparhawk

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How do you choose the best fly fishing gear to hit the river or set out on a boat? What are the best fly fishing brands? For many, a quality fly fishing brand has gear that not only lasts a long time, but also help bring more fish to the net. For others, the brand helps us identify with the values we hold dear to the sport of fly fishing.

Fly fishing is not immune to internet noise and influencing hype; that's why Curated takes pride in offering all types of fly fishing products for beginner anglers, intermediate, and advanced fly fishermen and women. Each Fly Fishing Expert's only reason for recommending a brand is their confidence in its performance. Check out this list of some of the brands that Experts use, recommend, purchase themselves, and believe are best.

Fly Rods


From a young age, ECHO founder Tim Rajeff learned never to sacrifice performance. After years of living with this in mind, Rajeff incorporated this advice into ECHO's brand ethos and their creation of fly fishing rods. Offering a vast array of sticks designed to stringent specifications, the ECHO rod brand continues to push the development of performance-driven, high-quality rods. The result of Rajeff's experience and passion is reflected in rods, each of which has a unique action as well as emphasis on casting accuracy and efficiency.

G. Loomis

Unmatched performance comes from leaving nothing to chance when designing the most highly-specialized fishing rods on the market today. That's how G. Loomis approaches their rod-making. If you ever wonder what the epitome of dream fly fishing tools looks like, look to see what your favorite guides use on their day off—it’s probably G Loomis. With this approach, it's no wonder why G Loomis is recognized as one of the best rod companies and rod manufacturers.


Fly fishing can seem intimidating, but once you're in, you're part of a family. As you immerse yourself in anything, it's nice to have an anchor; a guide that teaches you the right way. That's what Orvis is for the sport of fly fishing. Whether it's learning flies or how to cast, it is invaluable to have a company committed to teaching the community of fly fishers and nature enthusiasts like Orvis does. As you progress in your skill, you can appreciate not only the quality fly fishing products they provide, but their commitment to using it all correctly, as is evident in Orvis’ learning center.


Somewhere along the way, fly fishing got a stuffy reputation. It’s not true! From those of us who don't fish in smoking jackets, we'd like to say "thank you" to Redington for making great gear with out a huge price tag. In 1992, Redington started supplying those who crave versatility, value, and fun in their fishing, with quality fly rods and gear. Look no further than rods like the Predator for hucking meat or the king of fiberglass rods, the Butter Stick, a rod that melts in your hand, to get the most out of your time on the water and the money in your wallet. More recently, Redington has made fly fishing even more approachable with their combo kit series which can get you a great fly rod for anything from trout fishing to bass.


What do you get when you combine a fly rod maker with a snowboarding pioneer? Decades of innovation. Over the past 35 years, Sage fly rods has committed to that philosophy, continuing to innovate. Most recently, Sage's Konnetic rod technology provides the perfect amount of power and control to any fly fishing situation and is widely considered on of the industry's best fly rods.

Scott Fly Rods

Is there a perfect trout rod? If such a tool exists, surely it is the Scott Centric. Fast action fly rods, such as the Centric, are just the beginning of Scott's portfolio of exquisitely designed fly rods handmade in Montrose, Colorado, USA. Those who know and choose Scott rods have confidence in the rods they use because Scott has pride in the rods they make.

Temple Fork Outfitters

Build the sport to protect it. Temple Fork Outfitters prides itself on the passion they have for fly fishing. It's no secret that the places people love to fly fish are under threat. By inviting the uninitiated to experience and enjoy fly fishing, TFO believes more people will work to protect these lands and waterways. How do they encourage those efforts? By offering top-quality fly fishing gear at prices that invite exploration.

R. L. Winston

Fly fishing is an art. From the scenery to the specimens, the aesthetics of our sport becomes our true passion. Winston's approach to the craft is classical, both in their masterpieces' look and performance. Don't believe us? Watch a Winston Pure delicately deliver a dry fly to a sipping trout and tell us that art has nothing to do with fishing. Winston fly rods have painted the picture of the classic fly fishing experience since 1929.

Fly Reels

Abel Reels

It's a fact. Fly fishing is a part of American culture. For better or worse, American culture has influenced fly fishing. Abel recognizes that our sport is not in a vacuum and has embraced the world around us with its unique and collaborative design. Look to Abel for reels with unparalleled performance matched with a modern approach to personalization and a commitment to causes that matter to them and their customers deeply.


Family-owned and operated since 2003, Hatch has cemented itself as the designer of one of fly fishing's most trusted reel companies. Recent upgrades to the Hatch Iconic reel offer even more in performance. Hatch has proven time and time again that they're the reels for fly anglers who demand the most out of their gear.


Fly fishing salt is a demanding venture. Risk is high, but the reward can be even higher. With trophies (literally) on the line, Nautilus’ reels offer incredible innovation and important performance in the heat of the battle—when you need it the most. They rounded out their saltwater reels with a reel lineup for all types of game fish and the same innovation, performance, and prestige.

Ross Reels

Ross designs their award-winning reels to inspire. Expertly designed and manufactured, Ross reels, like the lightweight Colorado or the timeless San Miguel, have been winning over hearts and minds since 1973. From their HQ in the Rocky Mountains, to anywhere else their reels are spooled up for an adventure, you’ll find a Ross reel ready to spark that inspiration in you.


Anglers can't dispute the importance of a high-performance fly reel. Many reel companies address the key challenges to attaining the perfect drag system and keeping their reels sealed off to the elements. But in 1992, Waterworks-Lamson took a scientific approach to the reel, with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the mechanics of fly fishing in totality. The result was the center axis system, a rod and reel perfectly created for balance and performance. Along the way, Waterworks-Lamson has developed some of the community's best reels cherished by some of the most ardent fly fishers.

Fly Fishing Gear


Few companies are lauded as highly for their commitment to the environment as they are known for their magnificent products. Fishpond is one of the few that bear their stewardship for all to see. Without sacrificing design and functionality, Fishpond has single-handedly built a brand favored by anglers, while working tirelessly to protect the places we love that are most vulnerable.


What is the gold standard in fly fishing lines? For many, RIO's gold takes the honor. Based in Idaho Falls, ID, RIO is a leader in line research and development, as well as how to put their trusted lines to work. RIO’s investment in the stream-side education of the angler has solidified their place among the best fly fishing brands.

Scientific Anglers

In fly fishing, experience is everything. No other line company has more experience than Scientific Anglers. No other line company has revolutionized fly lines more than Scientific Anglers. They are a tried-and-true line manufacturer that has done a deep dive into the science of fly fishing so that we can appreciate the art. With a line for any situation, Scientific Anglers continues to be on the cutting edge of fly lines and leaders.


Offering a wide variety of gear, apparel, and accessories for fly and conventional anglers, Simms is by far known for making the best waders and boots. Known for durability, attitude, and style, Simms was created for and by fly fishing guides with the philosophy: if it works for the pros, it will work for everyone else. Indeed. And with their line of waders and gear, Simms has continued to inspire guides and anglers of all kinds to "fish it well."

If you have any questions about these manufacturers, are looking for advice on the right fly fishing gear to target a particular fish—whether it be tarpon, salmon, or steelhead trout, or need help finding the right rod, reel, fishing apparel, or accessories for your needs, reach out to a Fly Fishing Expert here on Curated for free, personalized advice and recommendations.

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