The 17 Best Mountain Bike Brands

We’ve pulled together the top seventeen mountain brands on the market today. From niche brands to the big players, each company brings something new to mountain biking.

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When mountain biking was born in the 1970s the options we had to shred down dirt were limited, to say the least. Today, the options are nearly endless—from short-travel bikes tuned to climb like a dream to hard-core downhill rigs that seem to float down tracks you couldn’t even walk down. With so many brands adding their own unique flavor to the mountain bike market, it can be overwhelming to find one that fits you and your riding.

We’ve pulled together the best brands we see out in the market today. From niche brands to the big players, each brand brings something unique to mountain bikes. Here’s our highlight list to help you narrow down which of these awesome brands will be the best fit for what you’re looking for in your next mountain bike so you can take your riding to the next level.

The Banshee logo that reads "banshee" in a rugged, jagged font below an image of a "B" in a circle with a stylized creature's eyes and ears around it.


A niche and somewhat less-known bike brand based on “The Shore,” the mountain bike heaven of the North Shore in Vancouver, Banshee builds mountain bike frames that are basically bombproof. This alloy-only brand has a durable lineup geared toward the rowdy rider, from their dirt jump bike, the Amp, to their downhill race bike, the Legend. Banshee bikes almost always come as just a frameset, and working with your local shop to build out your bike offers a lot of customization opportunities to choose your components.

Cannondale logo reads "cannondale" below a stylized "C."


Cannondale is one of the very first bike brands to jump headfirst into carbon and aluminum frame manufacturing as steel began to fade from mountain bike production. Cannondale, a Connecticut-based bike powerhouse, offers a full spectrum of bikes, from ultra-lite cross country bikes featuring their signature single stanchion fork to the Jekyll, their versatile all-mountain bike. With a comprehensive range of builds spanning the entry-level to the pro level, Cannondale has every rider’s budget covered. Cannondale’s Factory Racing team features cross country giants Simon Andreassen and Henrique Acanvivi in addition to sponsoring Swedish slopestyle rider Max Fredriksson.

The Commencal logo reads "Commencal" in black font.


Founded in 2000 by Max Commencal and based in Andorra, Commencal dominates the gravity mountain bike market. With exclusively aluminum frame bikes, the Commencal lineup is crowned with their downhill race machine, the Supreme, and backed with their freeride platform, the Furious. Touting a dominant presence on the UCI World Cup stage with riders like 2021 UCI World Champ Myriam Nicole, 2020 UCI World Champ Cami Balanche, Amaury Pierron, Thibaut Daprela, and more. Commencal also supports riders such as Red Bull Rampage legend, Kyle Strait. With aggressive downhill-driven geometry, alloy-only frames, and a direct-to-customer sales model, Commencal has not only been shutting out the competition on the race podium but also offers the best-priced mountain bike for the gravity-driven rider on the market.

The Evil Bikes logo that says "Evil" below two joined black triangles.

Evil Bikes

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Evil Bikes brings out the devil in the details with a unique rear suspension linkage in their Delta System. Born from the coastal trails of the Pacific Northwest, Evil offers primarily carbon trail and enduro bikes but has recently expanded their line into the gravel bike arena with the all-new Chamois Hagar. The rest of their bikes push gravity-driven geometry, with the Wreckoning sitting as the long slack and fast cornerstone of their line-up.

The Ibis logo reads "ibis" in a horizontal oval, all in black script.

Ibis Cycles

Founded in 1981 in Mendocino, California, Ibis Bikes are true to their avian namesake: light and capable of flight. Ibis offers a relatively small lineup of both carbon and alloy builds, from gravel to enduro bikes, and recently added the highly anticipated Exie cross country carbon build—one of less than a handful of brands manufacturing carbon bikes in North America. Ibis Bikes offer a great balance of build and price, which is why this is one of the most common bike brands that you’ll see out on your local dirt.

The logo for Juliana Bicycles reads "Juliana."

Juliana Bicycles

The women’s-specific offshoot of Santa Cruz Bicycles, Juliana bikes are tailor-made for women. The brand is passionate about getting more women on mountain bikes. The first Juliana, made in 1999, launched the brand and carried the name of Juli Furtado, one of the best women’s mountain bikers of all time. Today, Juliana Bicycles’ lineup mirrors the Santa Cruz line, with a few small differences geared toward smaller and lighter riders. Juliana also sponsors a huge lineup of rad female riders who help welcome more women into the sport.

The Marin Bikes logos says "Marin" under the image of a bear holding a flag that says "86." A star sits above the bear's head.

Marin Bikes

Named after the Marin Headlands, arguably one of the birthplaces of mountain bikes, Marin Bikes was founded in 1986 and is still based in Petaluma, California. While they also make a variety of urban and commuter bikes, the Marin mountain bike lineup offers great variety, from their entry-level price point hardtails to full-suspension bikes at approachable prices, all the way up to carbon enduro race bikes. Featuring modern geometry and reasonable component sets, Marin is probably one of the most beginner-friendly brands on the market, with bikes that can be easily upgraded as your ability grows, without losing out on versatile, trail-ready geometry and suspension design.

The Niner Bikes logo reads "niner" below a stylized 9.

Niner Bikes

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Niner Bikes is a hometown favorite. With a mountain bike lineup that covers gravel to enduro, Niner’s bikes are made for the climb, and with a slogan like “Pedal, damn it!” you best bet they climb well! While their higher-end bikes are primarily carbon constructions, they also have some great affordable hardtail offerings in aluminum and steel. Niner’s athlete lineup holds true to their hometown vibe, with riders like Kyle Warner who, more than striving just to place on podiums, really shares the stoke of bikes to riders learning and growing in the sport.

The Norco Bicycles logo reads "Norco Bicycles" in black font below a double red wave.


Born in the loamy bike backcountry of British Columbia, Norco started as the Northern Cycle Industries in 1964. While their lineup of bikes includes a few gravel and road bikes, Norco is best known for their full selection of mountain bikes, from cross country to downhill and freeride slashers. With gravity-driven geometry, a full spectrum of pricing, and builds in alloy and carbon, Norco has a bike for any rider, beginners to pro. Sponsoring a wide range of athletes from cross country and enduro riders to coaches and trail builders, Norco’s most decorated athlete is Jill Kintner, 3x Queen of Crankworx and accomplished downhill, enduro, BMX, and dual slalom racer, she is a do-it-all mountain bike powerhouse.

The Pivot Cycles logo reads "Pivot Cycles" next to what appears to be a phoenix.

Pivot Cycles

Based in the desert-riding mountain bike heaven of Tempe, Arizona, Pivot Cycles offers a cutting-edge lineup of mountain bikes. Founded in 2007 by Chris Cocalis, Pivot offers some of the best bikes in the trail and all-mountain categories, including the Switchblade and the Firebird in all-carbon constructions. A brand that really takes family to heart, Pivot sponsors a variety of free agent riders and athletes, including 3x Red Bull Hardline Champ Bernard Kerr.

The Rocky Mountain Bicycles logo reads "Rocky Mountain Bicycles" over an image of black and white mountains in front of a red sky.

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Shredding the North Shore since 1981, Rocky Mountain is as Canadian as maple syrup. With a rowdy lineup of carbon and alloy bikes, Rocky Mountain is best known for their enduro and trail bikes, like the Altitude and Instinct. They also make freeride, cross country, and children’s bikes. Best known for their world-class enduro team, with the likes of Andreane Nadeau and Remi Gauvin, Rocky Mountain’s biggest up and coming star is Veae Verbeeck, who, beyond being a rad downhill racer, has pushed boundaries on the world stage of women’s freeride at Red Bull Formation this year.

Santa Cruz Bicycles logo reads "Santa Cruz" in a slanted black font.

Santa Cruz

Since 1994, Santa Cruz Bicycles has pushed innovation within mountain bikes. Founded by skateboard legend Rob Roskopp with a cutting-edge, full-suspension bike that pushed contemporary bike standards in a garage in Santa Cruz, the mountain bike brand now offers a premier lineup in alloy and carbon frames that spans gravel bikes and hardtails to downhill bikes. With super popular platforms in their trail bike and enduro, including the Bronson, Nomad, and Hightower, you're almost guaranteed to see one out on your local trails. Best known for their downhill racing team, the Santa Cruz Syndicate, with powerhouse 2021 UCI World Champ Greg Minnaar and Luca Shaw, Santa Cruz also supports free agent athletes and cross country racers such as Greta Seiwald, Martina Berta, and Luca Braidot.

The Scott Bicycles logo reads "Scott" under a stylized "S."


Is there nothing Scott doesn’t do? Well known for their winter sports lineup, Scott also has a world-class mountain bike inventory, from innovative new bikes, like the Scott Spark with its hidden in-frame shock, to the tried and true Scott Gambler that is often on the UCI World Cup DH Podium. Founded in 1958 as a ski brand, Scott entered the mountain bike arena in 1991 with their Unishock suspension fork and eventually in 2003 with the Scott Genius bike. With a wide selection of builds and frames, Scott covers both the entry-level rider and the pro racer.

The Specialized logo reads "Specialized" in black font with a red vertical squiggle to the right.


The king of kings, Specialized is a name you can’t ignore if you’re into anything bikes—road, mountain, or urban, they do it all! Specialized was founded in 1974 at the beginning of mountain biking in San Jose, California, laying the groundwork with the Stumpjumper, still one of the dominant mountain bikes on the market today. With models spanning road, gravel, cross country, trail, enduro, downhill, dirt jumpers, and even a huge line of kids bikes in what feels like endless combinations of alloy and carbon frames and build specs, Specialized has a bike for you, regardless of where you’re at in your bike journey and what kind of bike you want. With countless world-class athletes across a huge spectrum of disciplines, Specialized is definitely still a rider-driven brand.

The Trek logo reads "Trek" under a red shield with lines running through it.


Based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek is still as committed to their mission as they were in 1976. Trek is a heavy-weight player in the mountain bike game. From the Session, their signature downhill rig, to the Supercaliber, a racer-driven cross country 'soft-tail,’ Trek has continually been on the forefront of mountain bike innovation. They sponsor a legendary lineup of athletes, including up and coming downhill racer Vali Hoell, legendary slopestyle rider Emil Johansson, and free rider and 5x Red Bull Joyride winner Brandon Semenuk

The Yeti Cycles logo says "Yeti Cycles" in white on a turquoise, rectangle background.

Yeti Cycles

Colorado proud, Yeti Cycles was founded in 1985 and is currently headquartered in Golden, Colorado, home to some of the best mountain biking in the country. A carbon fiber-only, mountain bike-specific brand, their lineup spans lightweight cross country bikes to enduro bikes. However, they are most know for their racer-driven engineering, supporting top enduro racers like 2x EWS Champ Richie Rude and Shawn Neer amongst their stacked team. Sporting their distinct Yeti turquoise, you’re likely to see more than a handful of people ripping a local trail here in Colorado.

YT Industries logo


Founded in 2007 by a couple of kids who couldn’t afford a decent bike, YT is a mountain bike-specific brand driven to open doors to everyone who wants to get stoked on bikes. Based in California, YT offers a variety of gravity-driven trail, enduro, and downhill bikes in both alloy and carbon frames. YT’s lineup features affordable, quality bikes with a little side of rebel. With the new YT Capra dropping this year in a mixed-wheel mullet construction, YT continues to shake up the mountain bike industry. While primarily driven to build bikes for the everyday stoke, YT also supports a lineup of up-and-coming downhill and freeride athletes, including 2021 US National DH champ Dakota Norton.

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