Size Guide: Women's Winter Jackets

Ski expert Matt B. gives guidance on what to look out for when buying a winter jacket.

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When you think about it, strapping one or two planks of wood to your feet and sliding down the mountain is pretty intense as it is. Add in sub-zero temps, windchill, and rain, and it just ups the ante. So, what’s a skier or snowboarder to do? The answer… dial in with outerwear, especially a jacket.

With so many features, brands, and styles of ski and snowboard jackets these days, it can be easy to lose sight of one of the most important attributes when buying one: fit. A poor-fitting jacket is one of those things that can easily ruin a day on the slopes. Too big or loose, and it may not keep riders warm enough (as their bodies will have to heat up all that extra air inside the jacket to keep toasty); too small, and it’s possible that more snow will get into the base layers than bargained for.

Of course, there are several other factors to consider when buying a jacket, such as breathability and waterproofing, materials (and number of layers), features like pass pockets and goggle wipes, and more. To talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of winter sports outerwear, get free recommendations from a Curated ski or snowboard expert.


Chest Measure around the fullest part of your chest, underneath your arms

Waist Measure around the smallest part of your waist, keeping the measuring tape slightly loose.

Neck Measure the circumference of the base of your neck

Sleeve Measure by starting at the center of your back at the base of your neck, all the way along to your wrist.

Hip Measure the circumference at the widest part of your hips, standing with your feet together

Inseam With a pair of pants of your choice, measure the seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.


Numeric Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416 - 18
Weight (lbs)70 - 9580 - 10590 - 120100 - 140120 - 160150 - 190
Height4’6" - 5’0”4’10” - 5’2”5’ - 5’4”5’2” - 5’6”5’4” - 5’10”5’8” - 6’0”
Waist23 - 2524 - 2726 - 2928 - 3130 - 3332 - 35
Bust28 - 3130 - 3332 - 3635 - 3839 - 4140 - 43
Inseam26 - 2827 - 2928 - 3029 - 3130 - 3231 - 33

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: A snowboarding brand at heart, Airblaster jackets reflect the brand’s heritage in the entire lineup. From its minimalist and throwback Bruiser jackets to its more standard parka-style jackets, Airblaster is known for catering to the one-plank crowd. The jackets fit on the big and loose side of things, giving snowboarders the room and flexibility they need to rip in the park and all over the mountain.

Airblaster’s jackets fit into one of three length categories: Blaster (standard fit), Blaster Drop (with a longer backside to keep the rear end dry), and Blaster Long (with an extra inch around the entire hemline). Those looking for a looser-fitting jacket with length options will appreciate Airblaster’s lineup.

What to look out for: Snowboarders will likely value the baggier fit and longer hem, especially if a lot of their time is spent in the park. But skiers may find that the jackets are on the large side—in addition to lessening warmth, this increases wind drag, especially when facing forward versus perpendicular on a snowboard.


Numeric Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 14161820
Chest29 - 3131 - 3333 - 3535 - 3737 - 39.539.5 - 42.542.5 - 45.545.5 - 49.5
Natural Waist22 - 2424 - 2626 - 2828 - 3030 - 3333 - 3737 - 4141 - 45
Hips32 - 3434 - 3636 - 3838 - 4040 - 42.542.5 - 45.545.5 - 48.548.5 - 52.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: There’s no denying that Burton is a well-known brand in winter sports, specifically snowboarding. Much like other snowboarding-oriented outerwear companies, Burton jackets are known for having a looser fit with longer hemlines. And like other snowboarding outerwear companies, there’s a reason these jackets work best for snowboarders: the long hem allows wearers to sit down and strap in without putting their snow pants in direct contact with the snow.

While Burton jackets align with typical snowboarding fits and cuts, most of its jackets fall in the “regular fit” arena, meaning they’re not too tight or too loose. This helps cut down on unnecessary air inside the jacket while providing plenty of room to move without feeling constricted.

What to look out for: Burton jackets run the gamut for weather conditions, waterproofing, and style. With that said, the brand is snowboarding-oriented, meaning skiers may prefer a more minimalistic, less baggy style.



Top Size24 / 68 / 1012 / 1416 / 1820
Bust32.5 - 33.534.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.539 - 40.542 - 43.544 - 46.5
Waist25 - 26.528 - 2930 - 3132.5 - 3435.5 - 37.538 - 41
Hips34 - 35.537 - 3839 - 4041.5 - 4344.5 - 46.547 - 50


Top Size16 - 1820 - 2224 - 26
Bust43 - 4547 - 4951 - 53
Waist36 - 3847 - 4951 - 53
Hips45 - 4749 - 5153 - 55


Bust30.5 - 3232 - 33.533.5 - 35.535.7 - 3737 - 39
Waist23.5 - 2525 - 26.526.5 - 2828 - 29.529.5 - 31
Hips34.5 - 35.535.5 - 36.536.5 - 3838 - 4040 - 42

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Columbia jackets are accessible pieces of outerwear that can pack in some great value. For most average build riders, Columbia jackets will work well—they’re not particularly tailored nor are they overly baggy. Columbia’s snowsport jackets aren’t really geared toward one sport and they come in standard sizes as well as big and tall. All in all, Columbia runs true to size, so wearers can be confident they’re getting a comfortable, standard fit.

What to look out for: Snowboarders, in particular, should consider whether or not a Columbia jacket is best for them. The lack of an extended rear hemline means more snow-pant-to-snow contact, which means more moisture at the end of a long shred session.

Columbia’s styling is also much more plain, meaning those looking for a steezy, baggy fit may not find what they’re looking for—the same goes for those looking for some extra room to move, noting the more “regular” fit shaping.


German Size34 - 3636 - 3838 - 4040 - 4242 - 44
Chest30 - 3232 - 3434 - 3636.5 - 38.540 - 42
Waist24 - 25.526 - 27.528 - 29.530.5 - 3234 - 35.5
Hip33 - 34.535 - 36.537 - 38.539.5 - 4143 - 44.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: At the intersection of modern fit and advanced materials sits Dakine’s lineup of jackets. Sporting excellent waterproofing and breathability features, Dakine jackets run with a “standard fit” that, while labeled as standard, runs on the bigger side of things like many snowboarding-oriented jackets on the market today. While Dakine is not necessarily as snowboarding-oriented as other brands, its jackets work particularly well for boarders due to the longer hemlines and less-constricting fit. Dakine’s outerwear features clean designs with relatively quiet colors, especially compared to other offerings on the market.

What to look out for: The majority of Dakine’s jackets are non-insulated, though the brand does offer a few insulated options for those looking for an all-in-one solution. Skiers or snowboarders who prefer a more fitted jacket may not appreciate the baggier fit of Dakine’s lineup. Those looking for bolder colors and patterns may prefer other styles from other makers.


Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 141618
Chest29 - 3131 - 3333 - 3535 - 3737 - 39 ½39 ½ - 42 ½42 ½ - 45 ½
Waist22 - 2424 - 2626 - 2828 - 3030 - 3333 - 3737 - 41
Height (ft)5'5"- 5'7"5'5"- 5'7"5'5"- 5'7"5'7" - 5'9"5'7" - 5'9"5'7" - 5'9"5'7" - 5'9"

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: DC jackets are snowboarding-oriented, but the jackets in this category tend to fit slimmer in the torso than others. This means that in addition to working well for snowboarders, skiers may get more utility out of them since they won’t be excessively baggy. The jackets also feature a longer torso and hemline, letting snowboarders sit down on the snow without worrying about moisture. DC jackets feature excellent waterproofing and breathable material ratings.

What to look out for: DC jackets sport some more progressive designs, meaning those looking for a muted color will want to pick wisely. These jackets are snowboarding-oriented, too, meaning riders who are looking for a less bulky jacket will want to consider whether or not DC is best for them.


Numeric Size246810121416
Low Hip35.536.537.538.54041.543.545.5
Inseam Regular2930303030303030
Inseam Tall-32323232323232
Inseam Short-28282828282828

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Flylow jackets are a great option for both skiers and snowboarders. They feature technical materials suitable for both resort and backcountry skiers, and the jackets come in muted and more progressive colors and designs. Across the board, Flylow jackets align to a standard fit—not too baggy and not too trim. The result is a more boxy jacket that works well for most average body types and runs true to size.

What to look out for: Those wanting an insulated jacket will need to look carefully at Flylow’s styles, the majority of which are shells designed to be layered. Similarly, skiers looking for a trim cut should look out, as the jackets, while not as baggy as a true snowboarding jacket, certainly are not slim fit.

Helly Hansen

Body6364.56667.5697170 - 71
Chest3435.53739.542.545.546.5 - 49.5
Waist2728.53032.535.538.540 - 43.5
Hip3738.54042.545.54949 - 52
Inseam29.53030.531.532.533.533.5 - 34
Center Back Sleeve29303132.533.534.534 - 35

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Helly Hansen features a wide selection of skiing-oriented jackets. Its styles feature excellent waterproofing technology as well as a slim fit, which cuts down on internal air volume and helps wearers stay warm. Those looking for either a shell or insulated jacket have many styles to choose from, all of which feature classic styling and clean lines.

What to look out for: Snowboarders may prefer a more snowboarding-oriented jacket than Helly Hansen’s styles, which do not feature longer hemlines and baggier cuts. Since the jackets run on the small side of things, wearers in the big and tall sizes may want to look elsewhere.


Bust30 - 3232 - 3434 - 3737 - 4040 - 42
Arm Length30.25 - 30.530.5 - 30.7530.75 - 3131 - 31.2531.25 - 31.5
Waist24 - 2626 - 2828 - 3030 - 3232 - 35
Hips34 - 3636 - 3838 - 4040 - 4242 - 44

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Icebreaker features minimalistic styles—both in appearance and fit. While the brand does not have a typical shell or parka-style offering, it does offer a unique, minimal outer layer for those warmer days. Icebreaker jackets work well in conjunction with another shell-style jacket on top, or for skiers in early or late season conditions. Icebreaker jackets come in a regular fit, which is not too loose or too tight; however, compared to many other jackets on the market, the fit is much slimmer.

What to look out for: Icebreaker’s jackets will not work well for snowboarders, as they are neither long nor particularly baggy. These jackets will work best as part of a layering system or for skiers looking for a streamlined, slim fit. Note also that since these are “technical puffy” jackets, their durability will not be on the same level as a burlier shell or a parka-style jacket.



Numbered Size24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416-
Chest32 - 3333 - 3536 - 3839 - 4142 - 4345 - 47
Waist24.5 - 25.526.5 - 27.528.5 - 30.531.5 - 34.534.5 - 36.537.5 - 38.5
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 4142 - 4545 - 4748 - 49
Inseam30 - 3131 - 3232 - 32.532.5 - 333333


Numbered Size14 - 1618 - 2022 - 24
Chest42 - 4446 - 4851 - 53
Waist36 - 3840 - 4245 - 57
Hip46 - 4750 - 5155 - 56

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Marmot jackets feature a wide variety of insulated and non-insulated (shell) styles. With standard colors and design, these jackets make a good choice for many skiers and snowboarders looking for a reliable piece of gear. Marmot features two fits: regular and athletic, meaning those looking for a more tailored style also have great options. Marmot jackets work well for both resort and backcountry skiers, depending on the model, and feature styling that looks as at home on the street as it does on the mountain.

What to look out for: Marmot jackets are very technical, and although the brand includes both regular and athletic fits, most of them are not very long. This means that snowboarders may want to consider whether or not a Marmot jacket will work best for them. Similarly, given the features (and corresponding price), more casual resort skiers may not need all of the features it offers.

Mountain Hardwear

Numbered Size0/24/68/1012/1416
Chest32 - 3334 - 3536 - 3738.5 - 4041.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Mountain Hardwear jackets work best for skiers, especially backcountry skiers. Its styles include very technical fabrics with excellent waterproofing and breathability, as well as features designed with backcountry touring in mind. Further, Mountain Hardwear runs on the small side, so plan to order one size up to include room for layering. Big and tall wearers may want to look for a more relaxed, longer fit style; however, Mountain Hardwear’s styles will work well for a majority of people.

What to look out for: Mountain Hardwear jackets can be expensive and pack in a lot of features that many resort skiers do not necessarily need. Snowboarders may want to consider whether or not Mountain Hardwear jackets will fit them well, noting that they tend to run small and short.

The North Face

Chest31 - 3233 - 3536 - 3839 - 4142 - 4445 - 4843 - 4547 - 4951 - 53
Waist24 - 2526 - 2829 - 3132 - 3435 - 3839 - 4236 - 3840 - 4244 - 46
Hips33 - 3536 - 3738 - 4041 - 4344 - 4748 - 5146 - 4850 - 5254 - 56

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: The North Face is known for durable, technical equipment at a good value and its jackets are no different. The North Face is, in particular, known for its all-in-one styles, which feature a shell and inner insulating layer that can be removed. Both skiers and snowboarders will find styles suited to them, with a regular/standard fit that will work for most wearers.

What to look out for: The North Face makes very approachable jackets; however, its ski and snowboard offerings are not particularly technical and use proprietary materials for waterproofing and breathability. Wearers who prioritize these attributes may want to look at other brands’ offerings. Similarly, backcountry skiers and snowboarders may want to pursue different options more suited to that type of use.


Numeric Size0246810
Sleeve - Regular2828.52929.53030.5
Sleeve - Petite26.52727.52828.529
Numeric Size121416182022
Sleeve - Regular3131.531.5323232.5
Sleeve - Petite29.530303030.531

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Obermeyer jackets strike a balance between performance and fit for a variety of skiers and snowboarders. It uses and independently tests technical fabrics that allow for excellent waterproofing and breathability while offering styles with clean looks and colors. Obermeyer jackets work well for both skiers and snowboarders, noting its slimmer torso fit along with a longer drop hemline for sitting on snow. Further, many Obermeyer styles come in regular and tall sizes, meaning they’ll work for a lot of wearers.

What to look out for: Obermeyer styles are not as baggy as other brands’ offerings, meaning larger wearers may need to size up. Further, most styles are shell jackets, meaning additional layering will be needed in harsh conditions.

Outdoor Research

Bust30.5 - 3333 - 35.535.5 - 38.538.5 - 41.541.5 - 4545 - 48.548.5 - 52.5
Waist24 - 26.526.5 - 2929 - 3232 - 3535 - 38.538.5 - 42.542.5 - 46.5
Hips33.5 - 3636 - 38.538.5 - 41.541.5 - 44.544.5 - 47.547.5 - 5151 - 55
Sleeve Length3131.53233343536

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Outdoor Research jackets are a popular choice among skiers. They combine technical materials with solid waterproofing and breathability with classic styling and fit. Most of its styles come in a standard fit, which is neither too loose nor tight and will work for most wearers. Some Outdoor Research styles feature a trim fit, which helps to reduce bulk in the torso of the jacket.

While Outdoor Research jackets are geared toward skiers, some styles have a rear drop hemline. This means there’s extra material in the back for sitting on the snow, which appeals to snowboarders.

Overall, Outdoor Research is an excellent choice for backcountry and resort skiers, with a selection of insulated, hard-shell, and soft-shell styles.

What to look out for: Snowboarders will want to seriously consider whether or not Outdoor Research jackets - which are more ski-focused - will work for them. Its standard fit may provide enough movement and overall length, but dedicated snowboard jackets may perform better for them. Further, Outdoor Research’s insulated jackets skew toward puffers, which are less at home on the slopes given their reduced durability and water resistance. They also tend to fit more snugly, taking away room for additional layers.


Numeric Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416 - 1820 - 22
Chest3132 - 3334 - 3536 - 3738.5 - 4042 - 4446 - 48
Waist24.525.5 - 26.527.5 - 28.529.5 - 30.532.5 - 33.535.5 - 37.540.5 - 51.5
Hip33.534.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.538.5 - 39.541 - 42.545.5 - 46.548.5 - 50.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Patagonia jackets are an approachable option for both skiers and snowboarders. Featuring a healthy blend of insulated and shell styles, Patagonia’s snowsport jacket lineup features the clean styling it’s known for, with technical capabilities for both resort and backcountry skiers and snowboarders. Patagonia makes jackets in a variety of styles, with some suited more toward skiers or snowboarders. In particular, Patagonia jackets are known for having a slimmer fit, which is great for skiers and may work well for some snowboarders.

What to look out for: Patagonia uses its own proprietary waterproofing material across its line of jackets. Sizing can be difficult, as many styles not only run a size small but also have armholes aligned further up on the torso than other brands. Big and tall sizes may be better suited with a different brand.

Picture Organic

Chest3232 / 3435 / 3737 / 3939 / 41
Height62 / 6464 / 6666 / 6868 / 7070 / 72
Waist24 / 2525 / 2627 / 2929 / 3131 / 33
Hip25 / 2627 / 2829 / 3031 / 3233 / 34

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Picture Organic produces style-forward, progressive fit jackets that work well for skiers and snowboarders alike. Coming in both regular and straight fits, Picture jackets give snowboarders the length and movement they need. They are also not too baggy, so skier performance isn’t hindered. Skiers and snowboarders looking for stylish jackets with technical capabilities for the resort and beyond will appreciate Picture’s lineup, which runs true to size.

What to look out for: Picture is known for forward, bold styling and heavy color use. Skiers or snowboarders looking for a more reserved jacket may not appreciate the variety of styles in Picture’s lineup. Similarly, some skiers may find that the jacket fits baggier than other brands, thanks to its regular fit, which could lead to increased drag.


Numeric Size0246810
Numeric Size121416182022

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Spyder jackets are known for their skiing prowess – but just because Spyder is a ski-oriented brand doesn’t mean its jackets won’t work well for snowboarders, too. Spyder features many fashion-forward styles, which include regular, slim, and looser fits. Many of Spyder’s jackets are tailored toward skiers and feature shorter hemlines; however, there are many longer-cut styles that will work well for snowboarders.

What to look out for: Spyder partners with some of the top component makers like GORE-TEX and Primaloft, making its jackets well-rounded. Many of Spyder’s jackets feature a slimmer fit as well as a puffer style, which some wearers may not prefer. Similarly, big and tall wearers may find many of Spyder’s styles difficult to fit.


Height58 - 6161 - 6464 - 6764 - 6765 - 6965 - 69
Across Shoulder14.51515.51616.617
Bust30 - 3131 - 3233 - 3435 - 3636 - 37.537.5 - 39
Waist23 - 24.2525 - 2626 - 27.527.5 - 2929 - 30.530.5 - 32
Sleeve Length*29 - 3030 - 3130.5 - 31.531 - 3232 - 3332 - 33

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Volcom’s jackets feature great waterproofing and breathability, with known components like GORE-TEX. These jackets most often come in a standard fit, which isn’t overly baggy or slim, making for a widely usable style. Featuring longer hemlines that snowboarders will appreciate most, Volcom’s jackets still work well for skiers looking for a jacket that’s in the middle of the road.

What to look out for: Volcom jackets integrate well with Volcom snow pants, helping to keep snow out and warmth in. Note, however, that Volcom’s GORE-TEX styling comes in two-layer fabrics, meaning waterproofing and breathability won’t perform as well as a three-layer shell, which may cause more heat and moisture buildup for backcountry skiers and snowboarders.


Numeric Size2 - 44 - 66 - 88 - 1010 - 12
Approximate Height5’0” - 5’2”5’1” - 5’4”5’4” - 5’7”5’5” - 5’9”5’8” - 6’
Bust33 - 3534 - 3635 - 3736 - 38 ½37 ½ - 40
Low Waist30 - 3231 - 3332 - 3433 - 35 ½33 ½ - 36
Hip35 - 3736 - 3837 - 3938 - 40 ½39 ½ - 42
Arm Length29 ⅛29 ½30 ½30 ½31
Inseam29 ½29 ¾3030 ¼30 ½

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: 686 jackets feature a variety of styles that combine technical features and an array of fits. 686’s modern fit tends to skew looser and longer, while the articulated fit is more trim. This means that both skiers and snowboarders have options when choosing a jacket, which comes in both shell and insulated versions.

What to look out for: The styling of many 686 jackets is very forward, with bold colors and patterns. Similarly, while some jackets feature an articulated fit, in general, they do not size very slim so wearers looking for a lower profile, less bulky jacket may want to look elsewhere.

With so many options to choose from, it never hurts to consult with someone who has a wide scope of knowledge about different winter jackets that are available. If you have any questions about finding the right jacket for your needs, chat with a ski or snowboard expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations.

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