Expert Review: Soto Amicus Stove

Published on 07/13/2022 · 5 min readThis review is my own honest opinion of the stove, which I bought with my own money in November 2020.
Hannah K, Camping Expert
By Camping Expert Hannah K

Photo by Hannah Kaufman

About this review This review is my own honest opinion of the stove, which I bought with my own money in November 2020.

My take

The Soto Amicus Stove Cookset Combo is great for backpacking trips, a picnic after a long day hike and everything in between. Its lightweight and sleek appearance makes this cookset packable and versatile.

Photo by Hannah Kaufman

About the gear

  • Model: Soto Amicus Stove Cookset Combo
  • Average Boil Time: 1:45 seconds (for 2 cups of water)
  • Fuel Type: Cannister

About me

  • Experience : 3 years

Test conditions

  • When I bought it: November 2020
  • Days tested: 14 days
  • Where I’ve used it: Section hiking PCT - Los Angeles, CA; Boulder, CO
  • Seasons I’ve used it in: Spring and Summer
  • Weather conditions I’ve used it in: Hot, windy, and cold
  • Used for: Car/tent camping, and backpacking
  • What I’ve primarily cooked in it: Home cooked meals, oatmeal, and some freeze dried meals

How it performs

Fuel Efficiency

What I was looking for

I was looking for a lightweight and compact stove that would be perfect for 1-2 people. I needed something that I could cook for myself in or rehydrate some dehydrated options that I bought or made before the trip.

Why I chose this gear

I bought this product not only for its relatively cheap price ($44.95) but also because it had two pots that folded up nicely. I really enjoy cooking – especially outside. So having two pots, with one that doubles as a lid, is great for making separate dishes versus a one-pot meal even though there are plenty of one-pot meals I love to make!

Photo by Hannah Kaufman

What I love about it

  • Time to boil: This simmers in a blink of an eye and boils in two blinks of an eye. For 2 cups of water, it averages 1 minute and 45 seconds which is perfect for my needs. Normally I start boiling water while I prep my ingredients so within the time the water needs to get reach the boiling point, I have a great amount of time to organize my meal.
  • Fuel Efficiency: This stove, with an 8-ounce canister (approx. 250g) can burn for 1.5 hours. For shorter trips this is perfect, however, if you plan on being in the backcountry for longer periods of time, I recommend bringing a few extra canisters.
  • Heat control: This stove produces a whopping BTU of 10,210, making it one of the hottest stoves on the market. There is a knob used to easily control the heat/flame for any cooking purposes.
  • Stability: The stove has 4 spring-loaded pot legs that easily fold out and are engineered for ultimate pot stability. That being said, always try to set up on as flat a surface as possible.
  • Wind resistance: This stove does not come with a wind guard, however, I used it in somewhat windy conditions and it still operated perfectly. However, it is always best for me to set up my stove behind something (my body or a big rock) that can help shield it from wind even if I don’t have a wind guard. The stove also has a raised burner crown which acts as a protection from the wind and does its job well.
  • Portability: The stove comes with an easy-to-carry mesh bag that easily fits everything when stacked up. The fuel canister and stove fit perfectly inside the two pots and fit easily inside the mesh bag.
  • Packability: This set has dimensions when stowed away of 5.1 x 5.1 x 3.9 / 4.7 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches and weighs just under 12 ounces, making it extremely packable. I can fit this in my daypack, backpacking pack, or even throw it (gently) anywhere in my car.
  • Ease of use: This stove set is so easy to use. Unfold the legs, set it down, and set my stove on top. The auto-ignite button is perfect if I forget my lighter or matches at home.
  • Features: The auto-ignite button, as mentioned above, is great when I forget my lighter. It simply makes this stove even easier to use. Don’t forget to unfold the handles before cooking!
  • Backpacking: This stove is great for backpacking. Perfect for a single person making meals on the trail in between those long hiking sections. It is also great for car/tent camping when you are only feeding yourself!

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Durability: The stove is amazing and is extremely durable. Although I have not personally experienced this, some users have mentioned rust on the pots after multiple uses.
  • Car Camping: If I am car camping by myself, this is a great stove. However, if there are more people, obviously this is not a big enough stove or cookset to feed everyone. Keep that in mind when deciding on a group size.

Favorite moment with this stove

The first time I used this stove was after a long day hiking a peak in the Santa Monica Mountain Range. It was a very brisk, cold afternoon and I was ready for some tea to warm up my hands. I grabbed my stove and pot from my pack, poured two cups of water, and let it boil. A couple of minutes later I had a warm mug of tea! I could smell the salt from the ocean, watch the sun start to set behind the mountains, and hear the wind rushing through the tall grasses. Anytime I have a warm drink in a mug on top of a mountain I have a smile on my face.

Value for the money vs. other options

Many ultralight backpackers are used to setting down $100 or more for a nice stove and cookset that will last them on the next thru-hike. While I haven’t owned this stove for too long yet, I can confidently say that at less than $50, this cookset uses high-quality material and gets the job done. From tofu curry to my many oatmeal recipes, this stove can do it all.

Final verdict

I love this stove and cookset. From the weight to the ease of use and packability, it has fit all my wants in a cookset and I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a single person stove and pot.

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