The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Fly Fishing Gift Guide

Published on 11/05/2021 · 6 min readIf you have an avid fly fisher on your gift-giving list, check out this holiday gift guide that's sure to impress your favorite angler.
By Fly Fishing Expert Andy Sparhawk

Photo by Jack Murrey

Fly fishing is a highly specialized sport that comes with its fair share of gear. With this in mind, it can be a little intimidating to have an avid fly fisher on your gift-giving list. How are you supposed to know what they'll need or what they'll appreciate?

Our holiday gift guide aims to solve this puzzle, but it won't just be the gear you are gifting. Instead, the tools we suggest provide more value than simply a new rod or net. You'll be giving your angler the gift of time, freedom to explore, confidence in their craft, and an invitation to appreciate fly fishing on a deeper level. And after all, no matter what you choose to share, they'll be sure to enjoy it simply because it was from you.

The Beginner: Douglas SKY G Fly Rod

The Douglas SKY G Fly Rod

When shopping for the new fly fisher in your life, here's a tip: don't make the mistake of buying budget gear. Just because they're new to the sport doesn't mean they won't benefit from high quality. What a beginner needs is maximum time on the water. How do you maximize time on the water? With featherlight, precision tools.

Take, for instance, the Douglas Sky G. The Sky G five-weight has become the go-to rod for guides and newbies alike, as the perfect all-around fly rod. The rod itself is constructed out of graphene, a material that is one of the thinnest yet strongest on Earth. The development of graphene earned its creators a Nobel prize in physics in 2014. This innovation translates for the angler into effortless casting and greater sensitivity detecting strikes. When other beginners' arms ache from casting starter rods, the one on your list will be glad they have the Sky G. Add Douglas' no-fault replacement warranty, and you have a special gift that will propel them to mastering the art of fly fishing for years to come.

The Adventurer: Orvis Recon Fly Rod

The Orvis Recon Freshwater Fly Rod

Does your trout bum have a bad case of wanderlust? Are they always on the hunt for new water, in their backyard or halfway across the globe? They need a rod designed to travel without giving an inch when it comes to performance and durability. That rod is the Orvis Recon. Recognized by top guides as the workhorse of Orvis' premium rods, the Recon retains all of the craftsmanship and technology of this fabled company's Helios. With the focus on improving accuracy, your fly fisher won't miss that far bank sipper, even if they're jet-lagged or had a few too many at the lodge the night before.

Throw in the ultralight Simms flyweight access pack to carry essentials—you know, plenty of dry fly floatant—and you have the makings of an ultimate fly fishing gift.

The Salt Specialist: Tibor Signature Series Crimson

Every fly fisher loves the sight of a rod case leaning up behind the tree, but unwrapping a top-notch saltwater fly reel is what really shows you care.

Pursuing tough customers like tarpon, stripers, and permit can be challenging enough. The last thing you want is to hook-up only to have your retrieving system literally fall apart due to the heat produced by line screaming off its spool. That won't happen with the Tibor Signature Series fly reel, a game-changing gift for the angler whose fish of the lifetime hangs in the balance of their reel's performance.

Long considered the finest reels on Earth, each Tibor reel comes with a litany of features with the uncompromising goal of delivering smooth control to even the most powerful fish. Like the other reels in the Tibor line-up, the Signature Series's cork drag system, completely sealed components, and reel venting features keep the fly line cool, clean, and in control. At the end of the day, the Tibor design allows for a well-earned rinse with ease, so they don't miss an opportunity to share the day's fish tales.

The Conservationist: Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net

The Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net

Anyone who loves the outdoors knows how important it is to protect wild spaces. Fly fishing, in particular, places a heavy emphasis on the responsibility of preserving the fish, water, and land. Fishpond shares these ideals by championing a host of conservation initiatives, but their stewardship doesn't end with charities.

The Fishpond Mid-Length Nomad Nets encourage keeping fish wet; the large baskets reduce the need for handling, and rubber netting is gentle on fish. The Mid-Length is the perfect size to slip behind a lumbar pack or wading belt, allowing easy access to catch and release for another day and another generation.

The Purist: Fly-Tying Work Center and Precision Tool Set

The Orvis Master Series Tool Set

For those who prefer a bamboo rod and pheasant tail fibers over space-aged graphite and chenille, fly tying is sure to pique your fly fisher's interest. But fly tying doesn't just cater to the modern-day renaissance man mindset. There is no beating the confidence you get from fooling a wily brown trout on a fly you tied yourself. Not to mention, the ability to dial in the local fly pattern makes a good angler into a legend.

The Orvis Fly Tyer's Work Station helps keep all of their materials organized and in view as they spin up some flies for a day on the water. The center's brightly lit work area keeps tiny hooks secure and everything you need to tie at your fingertips. The utility holes are a great place to keep Orvis's Master Series Tool Set and a bottle of head cement.

The Die Hard: Simms Midweight Base Layers

The Simms Fleece Midlayer Bib and Midweight Core Legging

The best thing you can gift an angler is solitude. Unfortunately, with the popularity of fly fishing, finding a pool of willing trout all to yourself can be a difficult task these days—except in the winter. When the mercury dips and the flakes fly, most retreat to the tying bench, presenting an opportunity of having the river to themselves for those willing to brave the cold.

Simms Fleece Mid-Layer Bib for men and Midweight Core Leggings for women can turn the odds against Old Man Winter enough to present a fly to some willing rainbow trout. The synthetic materials keep you warm in your waders, pulling moisture away from the skin to provide even more comfort. Hey, just because it's winter doesn't mean the fish stop eating!

Take comfort in knowing that whatever you get, that special fish hound in your life they'll love it because you gave it. If you're still unsure, the Curated team of Fly Fishing Experts is always ready to offer more advice. A Curated gift card might be the savviest gift of all because not only are they getting what they want, they'll talk directly with a specialist that is as passionate about fly fishing as they are. You can't ask for anything more than that!

Andy Sparhawk, Fly Fishing Expert
Andy Sparhawk
Fly Fishing Expert
I'm a Colorado kid and lifelong angler. From bluegills in area ponds to high alpine lakes of the Rocky Mountains, I've fished it all. The only thing I love more than fly fishing is exposing others to fly fishing. Let me help you find the right gear for a memorable experience on the water.
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Written by:
Andy Sparhawk, Fly Fishing Expert
Andy Sparhawk
Fly Fishing Expert
I'm a Colorado kid and lifelong angler. From bluegills in area ponds to high alpine lakes of the Rocky Mountains, I've fished it all. The only thing I love more than fly fishing is exposing others to fly fishing. Let me help you find the right gear for a memorable experience on the water.
9 Reviews
162 Customers helped

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