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The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Golf Gift Guide

Published on 11/05/2021 · 6 min readIf you're looking for the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, Golf Expert Tyler Monroe shares some great ideas in this 2021 gift guide.
Tyler Monroe, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Tyler Monroe

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Spending time outside with family and friends, or even having a solo session on the golf course, has never been so healthy and important for seasoned golfers and newer players alike. The contrasting colors on the course, the smell of freshly cut grass, the buzz of dedicated energy, and the goal of perfecting this incredible game are what beckon us all to our field of dreams. There is no weather forecast coming this winter that will slow the swelling tide toward better and more frequent play, so being prepared to unleash the fury next year starts right now! Here is my holiday gift guide for 2021.

Callaway Epic Max Driver

Let’s face it—hitting the deep ball exactly where you want it to land on the fairway is not only amazing to watch, but it also sets you up for success throughout the round. For mid- to high-handicap players seeking to increase their percentages of fairways hit from the tee, Callaway has a forgiving driver option that is a must-have.

Building on years of technological advancements, the Callaway Epic Max Driver is designed to minimize errors from compounding on poor timing, providing players more control over this powerful aspect of the game. A sliding rear weight and adjustability in the hosel allow golfers to set the loft, the face angle of the club, and the center of gravity’s location to target the right ball flight for a better time on the golf course. A new driver is a great way to say you appreciate the golfer in your life.

Women’s Cobra Fly-XL Complete Set

Golf is about creating the proper angles a lot of the time. Without reliably high ball flights and launch angles from the many lies encountered around the golf course, it becomes difficult to get good carry distance or the needed descent angles to prevent golf balls from rolling off the back of the putting surface. Whether from a long distance or near the greens, having the proper lofted clubs and options to produce various trajectories is paramount to having a good time and scoring well.

Designed for newer players as well as golfers looking to upgrade an older set, the Cobra Fly-XL Complete Set puts forgiving club technology in women’s hands, from the driver to the putter. Including a cart or stand bag to fit various styles of play, this 12-piece club set features large hitting areas and flexible shafts to ensure more distance from center or off-center impacts on the faces. For the golfer who needs to replace their entire bag or start with a premium set, this is an excellent option.

Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart

Long before golf carts began compacting courses and concrete paths tore into the landscape, players walked the golf course—despite whatever Mark Twain or lawn-tennis enthusiasts quipped about the game. Nowadays, taking the bag off the back and pushing it is easier than ever, allowing players to enjoy their walk and focus on their coming shot. Addressing both comfort and function, this Bag Boy Nitron Pushcart is incredibly simple to fold and unfold. It easily sets up to push without creating undue stress on the body.

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

Guessing about distances to the target adds another element of difficulty to an already challenging game. Needing to walk yards from tough-to-find sprinkler heads, searching for distance markers on the course, or hollering over to a buddy in a golf cart for target distances is time-consuming and takes focus away from the shot.

Instead, the handy V3 GPS Watch tracks club yardages and brings the power of information to any player, making course management much easier. Tracking tags attach to the end of each golf club to provide specific distance performance data. The tags are coupled with target distances on the course to allow players to choose the right club for each shot. All this pertinent information at the fingertips of the golfer in your life will catapult closer shots, lower scores, and bring them home with happy faces.

Cleveland Frontline Elevado Single Bend Putter

When half the strokes hit in a typical round come on the green with a putter in hand, it is easy to understand the value and significant importance of a well-built putter. Mallet-shaped putters like this Cleveland Frontline Elevado have flanges at the perimeter to square the ball more easily, leading to improved aim while also stabilizing the putter face so off-center strikes maintain distance. When improper alignment leads to poor starting paths to the hole and mishits cause distance control issues, a mallet putter becomes a powerful tool that can reshape this part of the game.

Callaway Strata Complete 12-Piece Set Bundle

If the golfer you’re shopping for this holiday season is just getting into the game and wants their first set, this Callaway Strata 12-Piece Set is an ideal option. It will allow them to play well from the start, since having a mixed bag of older clubs can be frustrating and potentially damaging to their desire and ability to pick up and enjoy this lifelong game.

The set includes intelligently spaced lofted clubs with technology that aims to provide forgiveness from mishits and higher launch angles, giving golfers dependable ball flight heights and accuracy to advance in the game with clubs meant for them. Bridgestone E12 golf balls that are designed to garner both deep distances and spin for greenside control and a Curated hat are provided in this bundle so players can get to the course as soon as the set arrives.

Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Satin Wedge

Having a productive short game — the “Scoring Game” — is really a requirement to play good golf and achieve low scores. Designed for more advanced players, the Cleveland ZipCore Wedges feature a compact shape, Tour-level grooves, and bounce and grind options that appeal to many low- to mid-handicap players. Whether filling a distance gap in their current wedge setup or beginning to replace their entire wedge set with a high-performance option, giving the gift of an improved short game will have the golfer in your life singing praises for your insight.

Playing Our Best Golf

Having the right equipment and accessories to play the best possible game is a huge concern for golfers of all skill levels. After many years of chatting with players at Curated and decades of working on players’ golf swings, I appreciate the level of determination it takes to find what appeals to each player and also the willingness to digest experienced feedback.

Often, we all must leave our egos at the door and play what works — not necessarily what the professionals play. Scoring well should always take precedence over the desire to have the latest and greatest tool that may or may not work for the golfer in your life. If these ideas aren’t what you had in mind, talk with a Golf Expert here on Curated for personalized advice on the perfect gift, or get your loved one a Curated gift card so they can use free Expert help to find the perfect gear.


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