The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Cycling Gift Guide

Published on 05/15/2023 · 7 min readSearching for the perfect present for the cyclist in your life? This gift guide shares great choices that are sure to excite this holiday season.
By Cycling Expert Joel Fletcher

Photo by Dmitrii Vaccinium

With Black Friday coming up soon, we know you are going to be on the hunt for the perfect gift for that special cyclist in your life. Searching for these items can be overwhelming, so we have put together this expert list of items we know all cyclists will love.

These products are things that all cyclists can use no matter what kind of bike they ride, how often they ride, or how experienced they are. From entry-level cyclists to experienced riders using the best road bike with a carbon-fiber frame and new Shimano gears and components, these gifts will work for every cyclist on your shopping list.


Lights are important while cycling, even if you’re only riding during the day. With more drivers on the road, taking steps to make you feel safer while riding is always a good thing and studies show that lights help immensely with keeping you safe on the bike. While rear lights might come to mind at first, front lights are also important to warn oncoming cars that a cyclist is approaching. Lights are important whether you ride a mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike, carbon-fiber bike, or an aluminum-frame bike. Staying safe on the road knows no boundaries or skill levels.

Light and Motion Rechargeable Headlight

The Light and Motion Rechargeable Headlight is very bright, has a long-lasting battery, is rechargeable, and the universal handlebar mount will allow you to mount it on any bike. Whether you’re riding your first bike or a high-quality bike, this great light will help keep you safe on the road.

Serfas Thunderbikt Lumen Tail Light

This Serfas rear light shares some of the same features as the front light mentioned above. It is bright with a lot of different light settings so you can change up how it flashes, it has a long battery life and is rechargeable, and it will mount to any seatpost with the universal mount.


That brand-new bike is essentially rendered useless if you have no way of pumping up the tires. Even worse is being out on a ride, getting a flat, and not having the proper tools to be able to insert a new tube and inflate it to the proper pressure. Having both an at-home “floor” pump and a mini pump you can take with you on the bike is very important and will be something any cyclist will use, no matter what kind of bike they ride.

Topeak Joe Blow Max HP Floor Pump

The Topeak Joe Blow Max Floor Pump has all the features you need for an at-home “floor” pump. Rubber naturally leaks a little bit of air, so getting in the habit of topping off your tires before every ride will ensure that your tires are properly inflated. The Joe Blow Max has an easy-to-read gauge, durable construction, and comfortable grips so you can easily get all your bike tires to the proper inflation.

Crank Brothers Klic HV-Gauge

Getting a flat tire while out riding is something that every cyclist deals with. Gifting this mini pump from Crank Brothers shows that you care about your cyclist being able to get back on their bike as quickly as possible after getting a flat. The Klic is very high-end, having a durable all-metal construction. The pump hose hides inside the pump itself to make it easy to store and carry, and the included pressure gauge allows you to always have the proper pressure in your tires after that flat happens.

Bike Computers

Cyclists all love their riding data, whether that’s how far they have ridden, where they have ridden, how many feet of elevation they have climbed, or their max speed for a certain ride. Having a quality bike computer allows you to record and save all of that data and insert routes into your computer with turn-by-turn navigation. This can be extremely valuable if you’re on vacation and riding in an unfamiliar area, if you’re riding a new route you have never done at home and don’t want to get lost, or if you’ve moved to a new city and don’t know the routes by heart. A bike computer is something that the cyclist in your life will use every single time they ride.

Garmin Edge 830 Bike Computer

There are so many different types of cycling computers on the market, but Garmin is one of the leading computer manufacturers in the cycling industry and the Edge has gone through many iterations, getting better and better with each release.

The new Garmin Edge 830 has endless features including a color screen and full mapping features with turn-by-turn directions for routes. It syncs with all of your cycling platforms like Strava and TrainingPeaks, and it is very easy to set up personalized data screens for what you want to see when riding. Having a computer like this will ensure that you never get lost on a new route, all of your data will always be recorded and saved, and training will be made a lot easier with these new features. It’s a great gift for any cyclist in your life.


While a bike lock might seem like something that only a bike commuter would use, bike thefts are becoming more and more common. Even running into the coffee shop or corner store to grab some more water is a time where a bike left alone without a lock can be easy pickings for theft. You don’t have to have a full cable chain, but having something that you can quickly lock onto your bike will deter theft.

Kryptonite Keeper U-Lock with Cable

While a U-lock might seem like too much to use and a cable lock might seem like not enough, this Kryptonite Keeper system has the best of both worlds. It includes a U-lock and a cable lock that can be used alone or together for maximum security. The U-lock is the more secure lock that is heavier and harder to carry around, but it will be harder to cut through for thefts. The cable lock is a little less secure but will be a little easier to carry for short trips. You can also use them both if you will be leaving your bike for a long period of time. You ride the best bike with the best drivetrain for a reason, and you want to keep your bike safe. A lock is something that any cyclist will love because it protects their pride and joy, their bike!


Helmets are another item that all cyclists should wear to keep themselves safe. Just look at the Tour de France — just a few years ago, racers were not even required to wear a helmet and now they all do! Nowadays, helmets are made to be lightweight and with so many vents, it’s hard to argue that they are not comfortable to wear. Plus, all of the models have different colors, so it’s a great way to accessorize and match your helmet to your cycling shoes or bike. Finding a company that makes a good-looking helmet that is also comfortable can be hard with all of the options out there.


POC is a high-quality Swedish company that prides itself in making some of the safest cycling helmets on the market. It does this through extensive testing that provides data on how to make helmets safe in the real world without sacrificing comfort. POC also has some of the best-looking helmets on the market. The Omne Air SPIN has tons of vents to keep you cool when the temperature rises, great style, and a ratchet system inside the helmet to make sure you get the perfect fit on your head.

Joel Fletcher, Cycling Expert
Joel Fletcher
Cycling Expert
I started working in bike shops when I was 15 and have been in the cycling world ever since. Now a seasoned road racer, I’ve learned a ton along the way and would love to share..I’ll have your back no matter your goals or experience level!
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Written by:
Joel Fletcher, Cycling Expert
Joel Fletcher
Cycling Expert
I started working in bike shops when I was 15 and have been in the cycling world ever since. Now a seasoned road racer, I’ve learned a ton along the way and would love to share..I’ll have your back no matter your goals or experience level!
187 Reviews
3111 Customers helped

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