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What Putter Does Tiger Woods Use?

Published on 03/14/2023 · 13 min readGolf Expert Eric Hall goes over the favorite putters of professional golfers and explains what to look for when finding your own perfect putter.
Eric Hall, Golf Expert
Joshua Malutan, Golf Expert
By Curated Experts Eric Hall and Joshua Malutan

Everyone wants to putt like a PGA Tour champ, and as a Golf Expert here on Curated, I've answered a lot of questions to help golfers make sense of putters and find the perfect club for their game. Read on for answers to some common questions about putters and learn which putters help professional golfers climb to the top.

What is the number one putter on the PGA Tour?

In 2022, over 40 players on the PGA Tour were spotted using the Odyssey brand, making it the most popular brand of putter used in the professional golf tournament. The Stroke Lab, White Hot, OG series, and Toulon models were the most popular Odyssey putters seen on the green.

The second most popular brand of putter used was Titleist Scotty Cameron. More than 30 players have been using these on the most recent PGA Tour. The Phantom series proved to be pretty popular with golfers like Ian Poulter, Justin Thomas, who uses the Phantom X5 Prototype, and Will Zalatoris, who uses the Phantom X11 Prototype. Scotty Cameron's GSS and GSS Newport Style 2 are also popular models on the PGA Tour, and are used by Tiger Woods, Hideki Matsuyama, and even Paul Casey.

Followed by Titleist is PING, a brand that was used by around 20-30 PGA golfers in 2022. The precision-milled PLD models were PING's most popular putters used on Tour, followed by the Anser series, which Joaquin Niemann, Corey Conners, Tony Finau, Louis Oosthiuzen, Viktor Hovland, and many more turned to when making their short game shots.

Why do so many pros use Scotty Cameron putters?

All golf professionals prefer to have the best golf equipment in their bag, and for many of them, Titleist Scotty Cameron putters are a must-have. This is possibly because the world of golf knows that Scotty Cameron has a unmatched reputation for creating quality putters.

With the Special Select putters, the Special Select Newport, the Phantom X, the Special Select Jet Set Newport plus, and all other Select models, Scotty Cameron creates putters that are as stylish as they are effective. Among the features that make these putters so attractive are:

  • A larger sweet spot
  • A Pro Platinum finish
  • Distinct shaft bends
  • Tungsten sole weighting and stainless steel sole weights
  • The Pistolini Plus grip
  • A mid-milled face pattern and softer feel face

The classic shape of Scotty Cameron putters combines with those many features to offer great variety for all players. Added to that, Scotty Cameron also offers:

  • Mid-mallets
  • An array of alignment guides
  • An aluminum sole plate
  • Plus versions, plus models, and even larger-sized clubfaces

These features are what makes Scotty Cameron putters equally attractive to the average golfer who is looking to shave strokes off their game.

What putter does Tiger Woods use?

As recently as 2022, Tiger Woods was using a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS (German Stainless Steel) putter. He is no stranger to this brand of putters, and has a blade-style Anser putter with a Pistol PING grip that has been in his bag for all of his biggest wins, including all of his major championship victories. In fact, Woods would look out of place in pictures at the Tour Championship and Masters if he didn't have the famous putter in hand on the 72nd green.

Despite this attachment, Tiger Woods has played with putters from other manufacturers. There was a stint in the 2010s, when Nike was in the golf club business, where Nike Method putters were Woods' backup putters. The Nike putters he used were similar in design, but had a face insert that differed from Tiger's Scotty Cameron putter.

Woods also went through a period of time during his comeback where he had to play other putters, and even use a backup putter, but he eventually returned to using the tried-and-true Scotty. Famously, Woods’ backup Scotty Cameron GSS Newport was cut down and given to his son Charlie. As he embarks own golf career, like his dad, the young Woods will also be carrying Scotty Cameron putter in his bag.

What putter does Jordan Spieth use?

As of July 2021, Spieth has been using a Titleist Scotty Cameron putter. The specific model is the Scotty Cameron Circle T 009, which he uses with a SuperStroke Flatso Traxion 1.0 putter grip. This putter has been in Jordan Spieth’s bag for a lot of seasons, dating back to college. Jordan has been known to get on a roll with his putting which led to his most exciting season in 2015 when he took home roughly 12 million dollars in prize money, setting a new season record. He also won the FedEx Championship that same year where an additional 10 million dollars was earned.

In 2021, Jordan Spieth led the PGA Tour in most makes between 20 to 25 feet, making 20.78% of his putts. This consistency is likely the product of Spieth sticking with the same putter for the past 10 years. Even after experimenting with a Scotty Cameron T5W Tour mallet in 2017, within a week he returned to the Circle T 009. This putter being a permanent fixture in Spieth's bag is a testament to the value of consistency in creating and maintaining feel with a putter.

What putter does Sergio Garcia use?

Garcia, having returned to TaylorMade after a brief stint with Callaway, uses a TaylorMade TP Bandon 1 putter. This is technically a mallet-style putter with a blade face and two weighted prongs extending back from the blade of the putter, giving itself to the mid-mallet category. Sergio Garcia’s name has been made through his great international play throughout the Ryder Cups tournaments.

In his decades long pro career beginning in the early 2000s, Sergio has earned 11 career PGA Tour wins. His biggest achievement came in 2016 when he ended his career major drought by taking home the Green Jacket at the Masters. Putting played not insignificant role in this victory as Sergio displayed great putting within 10 feet to close out his Masters win and achieve the most coveted Major win by almost every PGA player. During that season, Sergio Garcia was using a Spider Tour putter, also manufactured by TaylorMade. Interestingly, like the TP Bandon 1 , this was a mallet-style putter too!

What putter does Dustin Johnson use?

Given his ups and downs with putting, Johnson has switched back and forth between a number of different putters. The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black is one of the most used putters in his bag, but he has been known to give it the hook for the TP Bandon 1 or a straight-blade-style putter from time to time.

Who is the best putter on the PGA Tour?

In the 2021-2022 season, with an average of 1.6 putts per hole, the best putter on Tour was Cameron Smith, followed by Vince Whaley and then Justin Thomas with 1.71 and 1.72 respectively. Smith put on a brilliant putting display on his way to winning the 150th Open at St. Andrews. He looked unstoppable and was confident at knocking in putts from 8 to 10 feet, propelling himself to his first Major Tournament Victory.

How do I choose the right putter?

Choosing the right putter starts with figuring out what looks best to your eye at address. The prototypical putter does not exist as every golfer putts differently. Maybe you might prefer slim blade putters or high-MOI (moment of inertia) putters, like the TaylorMade Spider or Callaway Ten Series. From there, figure out what style stroke you have and find a putter that is weighted to optimize your stroke.

How do I measure putter length?

Putter length is measured just like all other clubs, from the handle, or butt end of the shaft, to the head of the club. Most putters come in 33" to 35" varieties, but there are variations to match any particular person’s needs and make sure they have a proper setup. The best way to measure the length is to ensure that the heel of the putter is sitting properly on a level piece of ground. Then, take hold of a putter and drop a ball from between your eyes as you address a putt. If it hits the ball on the ground, you are in a good position, if not, grip higher or lower to find the best length.

How long should my putter be for my height?

The general rule of thumb is that golfers between the heights of 5'6" and 5'9" should use a 33" putter. Golfers between 5'9" and 6'0" should use a 34" putter. Finally, golfers over six feet should use a 35" putter. Take this with a grain of salt, however, because all bodies and putting stances are different. Go with the length that fits you best. The goal is to be able to play as long as possible, which means doing what needs to be done to prevent back pain while putting. Freddie Couples has an extra long putter because, after multiple surgeries, he has a series of back problems with which to contend.

Should I get a 34" or 35" putter?

First, check your height to find out which putter is recommended for you. Then, go to a golf pro shop and hit some putts with putters of both lengths. Sometimes, you may find yourself deviating from the norm based on your preferred putting posture and stance. As long as your eyes are over the ball, the putter length should not matter. A 35-inch putter is great for taller golfers, or golfers who prefer standing taller in their stroke. Whether you want a longer or shorter putter, make sure that it feels right and has a great swing weight in your hands.

Should you get fitted for a putter?

The easy answer to this question is yes! Golfers spend a third or more of their strokes hitting putts, so you should absolutely get fitted for the right onee, just like you would for every other club—and honestly, for your golf ball too. Just because Tiger plays a Bridgestone Tour B XS ball does not mean it will be the best for your game too!

Many golfers have a unique putting stance, grip, and stroke, making it vital to have a putter matched to them. As an example, Steve Stricker, with his unique toe down, heel up stroke, needs a different putter than Keegan Bradley or Phil Mickelson, who putt in different ways. Finding the right putter can make you feel lethal at setup, and is guaranteed to lower the number of strokes you take on the green.

Does a putter really make a difference?

Yes, it does. Having a putter that is fitted to your stroke and stability will work in better cohesion with your goals. Furthermore, a high-MOI putter can help with longer putts and make sure they roll out to appropriate lengths.

Having a putter that a golfer feels comfortable standing over does wonders for their putting. If you need an example of this, look no further than Tiger Wood’s putting woes when he wasn’t using his trusty Scotty. He is widely considered one of the best players in golf, but with the wrong putter, even one as good as the TaylorMade TP Ardmore, he was less than brilliant on the greens.

How do I know if I need a face-balanced putter?

If you are a golfer who likes to keep the putter as straight as possible during your putting stroke, you need a face-balanced putter. These putters are designed to keep the face square throughout the duration of the putting stroke, allowing you to have the best chance of starting your ball on the proper line. Some of this is influenced by the length of putter, with most standard putter lengths being between 33 and 35 inches.

How do I know if my face putter is balanced?

There is a simple way to test for face balance on a putter. Pick your putter up and find where it balances on your forefinger. If the toe of the putter falls toward the ground, the putter is a toe-hang putter. If it is square to the ground or to the ceiling, it is a face-balanced putter. This can also be assessed during a putter fitting, along with matching your game to the proper putter heads and lengths.

Do pros use face-balanced putters?

Many players on the PGA Tour use face-balanced putters. Some players will alternate back and forth as they attempt to find what is right for them, but players like Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Jason Day are currently using face-balanced putters.

How much weight should I counterbalance my putter with?

Any counterbalanced weight will help; however, adding as little as another 50 to 75 grams will help to slow your hands and keep the head of the putter from having exaggerated influence over your putting stroke. Adding more than 150 grams may be extreme and cause other problems, but it may work for some. Test out various weights to see which is best for you.

Are heavier putters better?

It depends on the golfer. If a golfer likes feeling a heavy head as they putt, then a heavier putter would be better. Likewise, if a golfer added large counterbalance weights to even the distribution of weight, it would be beneficial. On the other hand, some golfers may prefer a lighter weight in their putter. It is all up to preference.

What does adding weight to a putter grip do?

Adding weight to the putter grip allows the golfer to make their club feel more evenly weighted. Without it, the head of the putter holds the most weight and can feel hard to maneuver for the average golfer. By adding weight to the grip, the golfer is able to better control the movement of the club.

Will a lighter putter grip make the head feel heavier?

Yes, a lighter putter grip will make the head feel heavier. If you are holding a part of the club that only weighs 50 grams and the head of the club weighs 200 to 350 grams, you are going to feel the weight of the head more through your stroke. For some, this is preferable because they get better feedback about where the head of the putter is throughout the stroke.

What is the point of a 2-Ball Putter?

The Odyssey 2-Ball putter is designed to help a golfer see the starting line of their putt. By adding two more ball-shaped circles, the golfer can see where they are pointing the face of their putter at address more easily than they can with just the little notch on the top of the putter face.

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Should I use a 2-Ball Putter?

If you like the look of the 2-Ball putters and need help with alignment, absolutely! Odyssey makes a great putter and your game will have another added weapon. However, you are not necessarily missing out on anything if you already like the way you putt without using a 2-Ball. It is all preferential.

Which is better, a blade or mallet putter?

Neither is better than the other! It is about preference and skill. Some players prefer the traditional blade look so that they can more easily line the ball up with the face of the club and not have the clunky head of a mallet putter. Others prefer the mallet because it is designed to help the ball roll better and can redistribute the center of gravity (CG). If you want to learn more, check out “Blade vs. Mallet Putters: Which is Best for You?

Do you have any other questions about golf or how to improve your game with the perfect putter? Chat with me or one of my fellow Golf Experts here on Curated any time for free advice and recommendations.


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