The Best Golf Gifts for Dad under $250

Published on 11/28/2021 · 7 min readLooking to put together the perfect holiday gift for your father? Golf Expert Tyler Osantowske shares his ideas sure to put a smile on your dad's face.
Tyler Osantowske, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Tyler Osantowske

Cobra T-Rail Iron. Photo courtesy of Cobra

With the holidays just around the corner, the question you ask yourself every year starts to pop back into your mind, “What should I get dad for Christmas?” Almost every year I wrestle with this question and every year the answer remains the same. If you’re anything like me, there is one truth about life that will never change, you can never have too much golf stuff. With that being said, here’s a guide on what to buy your dad this holiday season with a budget of $250 or less!


There is nothing better (or more exciting) than opening up your closet before a round of golf to pick out what you’re going to wear. If your dad is anything like my own dad, then you know his wardrobe probably consists of maybe three polos, tops, that probably are older than you. Help dad out this holiday season by freshening up the options he has as he hits the courses this year. Below are some of my favorite golf polos on the market right now!

Rhoback Short Sleeve Performance Polos

One of my favorite brands out there is Rhoback. The reason I love this brand is because the quality of shirts that they make is on another level compared to anything else. Between the collar always keeping shape and not wearing out after one season to the moisture-wicking performance, I know that I’ll always be comfortable wearing a Rhoback out on the course. Not only does Rhoback produce one of the most comfortable polos, but the selection of patterns is incredibly wide. If your dad is the type of guy to rock a crazy patterned polo, Rhoback has it. Maybe he’s a more traditional guy with pinstripes or flat pattern, Rhoback has it! No matter which way you go, Rhoback has the right polo for your dad.

Rhoback polos aren’t inexpensive, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for when it comes to apparel. While it may seem costy, let me assure you it is worth it to have one Rhoback polo in your closet.

Golf Balls

One of the things I love most about golf is figuring out which type of golf balls I want to use on the golf course. I will admit that the more that I’ve played, the more ball snobby that I have become. The reason for that is that I truly feel that there is something special about hitting a brand new golf ball compared to hitting one I found during the final round of last season. The sound, the feel, and everything else just seems right. So for your dad this holiday season, surprise him with some of his favorite golf balls. Below are some creative suggestions for you!

Callaway Chrome Soft

My absolute favorite ball to play with is the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball. Over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time testing out different golf balls specifically off the tee and around the greens and there wasn’t a more consistent ball than this one.

One caveat to this recommendation is that this might not be the exact ball for your dad. You’ll need to know his play style a bit to know which one to get for him. The Chrome Soft comes in Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS.

Titleist ProV1

Not sure what golf ball to get dad for this holiday season? Go with the golden egg of all golf balls, the Titleist ProV1. Looked upon by many in the industry as the best golf ball to ever be created, the ProV1 is good for any player who plays it. No matter which way you go, you can’t beat a brand new box of golf balls.

Maybe you don’t want to just get him a box of golf balls, because it seems too simple. Maybe you want to get creative with it. If that’s the case, you can head to nearly any professional brand website to customize a golf ball. Get his name put on them, get a picture of him put on each ball, or better yet, get a picture of your face on each golf ball! Make sure to get his reaction on camera on Christmas morning. No matter what you do, there are so many ways to make golf balls more fun this holiday season.

New Golf Bag

One of the biggest shifts in golf equipment is the variety of golf bags that brands have created over the last year. If I had to guess, most of our dads are past the age of carrying our bags around and walking 18 for our round of golf (if that still is your dad, congrats, you’re the child of Superman!). With that being said I want to suggest one of my favorite cart golf bags on the market right now!

Taylormade Cart Lite Golf Cart Bag

The bag I’m currently playing with is the TaylorMade Cart Lite Golf Bag. I absolutely love this bag. It comes with a 14 club organizer which allows you to organize clubs in whatever way you want and 8 separate pockets for whatever you’d like to occupy those spaces. I love that I have enough room to have a plethora of golf balls, various accessories, my golf shoes, raincoat, and still have room for more all in one bag. If your dad seems to be riding behind the wheel on the course rather than walking, this is a perfect bag for him.


One of the things I’ve realized over the years of playing golf is that sometimes it’s hard to commit to buying a new set of clubs. Maybe your dad has been playing with the same set he had when he first introduced you to golf some years ago or maybe his set is still a valuable set, but age has crept up on him and he could use an upgrade simply to fit his playing style better. While there are plenty of clubs for him to go out and get, I believe one of the most valuable things he can do is to get a fitting.

Why not just buy him a new club and call it good? Well, the reality is that the change in clubs he’ll be making from his current set to now could be one of the biggest shifts he’ll have in new golf equipment. He will probably be changing to a more flexible shaft or lighter club. Maybe it’s from a steel shaft to a graphite shaft. The point here is, there’s a lot of variables, so why not treat him to a driver fitting at your local shop?

Bonus points: book it for a time that both you and him can go together and make it a father/son or father/daughter date!

Curated Gift Card

Maybe you’re not into golf yourself, but you know that your dad could use new clubs or a fresh round of golf apparel. If that’s true, let me help you out! You can get a gift card to Curated and let him shop for exactly what he needs! Simply connect with me or another Golf Expert here on Curated and we’ll make sure he’s walking away happy with exactly what he wants this holiday season.

Package It All Together

As I get older, I love getting more creative with my gifts. One thing you might do is take some of the suggestions that I’ve laid out above and package them all together. Maybe it’s a new Rhoback polo with a box of golf balls. Maybe it’s a new golf bag with a Curated gift card hanging out of one of the pockets.

As you can tell, there are a lot of different things you can buy your dad if you want to stick with the golf theme. Whether it’s new apparel, new equipment, or a proper fitting for some new clubs, the options are endless. If you need help with any of these things feel free to connect with myself or another Golf Expert and we’ll get you squared away with exactly what it’ll take to make it the highlight of your old man’s holidays!

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