A Gift Guide for Skier Dads

Looking for a great gift for the dad who loves to ski? From new gear to guided tours, this gift guide from Ski Expert Michael Dobson covers it all.

One man stands at the edge of a cliff and one prepares to drop in off of it.

Silverton Mountain. Photo by Zach Dischner

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We always want to show our dads that we care about them. What better way to demonstrate that than to get your dad ready for his ski season? From socks to ski excursions, this list has it all!

Gear, Gear, and More Gear

All skiers know we can never have enough gear. The only thing better than new gear is new gear that you don’t have to buy!

Gloves & Mittens

Product images of the Dakine Titan mitten, the Hestra Heli three-finger gloves, and the Outdoor Research Lucent heated sensor glove.

The Dakine Titan mitten, the Hestra Heli three-finger gloves, and the Outdoor Research Lucent heated sensor glove

No one wants to ski with cold wet hands. Old, worn-out, or inadequate gloves can put a damper on anyone’s day on the slope. Make sure Dad’s hands are warm and dry this winter with these quality gloves!

Everyone who skis has heard or seen the word GORE-TEX. It is the go-to material for warmth and waterproofing throughout the ski industry. Dakine makes quality GORE-TEX gloves & mittens for a great price. They’re a wonderful choice for fathers who want a straightforward glove or mitten that’ll keep their hands warm and dry all season long.

Additionally, Hestra makes high-quality gloves that feature a combination of a glove and a mitten that they call a thee-finger design which frees up the pointer finger while the remaining fingers are in a mitten style portion of the glove. These gloves are built to last and, with their innovative design, they combine the best of both worlds!

Dads who are perpetually running out of hand warmers on the slopes and need a glove that can keep up with them all day, keeping their hands nice and toasty, might look towards the Outdoor Research heated glove. This glove has battery-powered electric hand warmers built into it. These GORE-TEX gloves are top of the line and spare nothing when it comes to performance. They’ll keep Dad outside and smiling all day!


Product images of the Darn Tough OCT Lightweight Ski & Snowboard Sock and the Smartwool Performance Ski Targeted Cushion OTC Socks.

The Darn Tough OCT Lightweight Ski & Snowboard Sock and the Smartwool Performance Ski Targeted Cushion OTC Socks

Although often overlooked, quality socks can sometimes make or break a day on the slopes. They can be the difference between someone who’s heading to the lodge to rub their cold sore feet and someone scoring extra powder laps with their buddies until the last chair.

Smartwool socks are a great choice for keeping your father riding in comfort! Using a blend of Merino wool and synthetic fibers, Smartwool has come up with some great socks that wick away moisture, insulate, and are antimicrobial to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the day without the stink. Check out their targeted cushion socks and their zero cushion socks for Dads with snug boots.

Darn Tough also makes some great Merino wool blend ski socks that come with a variety of cushion and no cushion varieties. Like the Smartwool blends, Darn Tough’s Merino wool socks offer all the natural benefits that Merino wool provides—antimicrobial, insulation, and moisture-wicking all in one quality sock!

Balaclavas & Neck Warmers

Product images of the BlackStrap The Hood balaclava facemask, the Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece hinged balaclava, and the Coal Shield Tube balaclava.

The BlackStrap The Hood balaclava facemask, the Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece hinged balaclava, and the Coal Shield Tube balaclava

Balaclavas and neck warmers are another great gift that can also make a huge difference on the ski hill. Whether it’s protection from the cold or from rays of sun, balaclavas and neck warmers are essential pieces of gear.

Blackstrap makes great balaclavas that are made in the USA and feature antimicrobial synthetic fabric to help prevent them from getting smelly from sweat and your breath. They are also washer- and dryer-friendly and come in a variety of cool colors and designs to keep Dad feeling comfortable and stylish out on the slopes!

Smartwool also makes high-quality balaclavas with fewer flashy colors and styles than Blackstrap. Smartwool’s balaclavas are made with a blend of Merino wool which is naturally antimicrobial, insulates, and wicks away moisture. LIke the Blackstrap balaclavas, they are also washer- and dryer-friendly.

Coal makes some excellent neck warmers that also work well for warmer weather as sun protection. They’re made with SPF 40+ material that is antimicrobial. These neck warmers are very versatile and can be worn over the face as well as around the neck. They also come in a variety of colors and styles similar to the Blackstrap balaclavas.

Ski Tuning and Wax

For the DIY dads out there, a ski tune kit is a great buy for Dads looking to wax and tune their skis at home but don’t have ski tuning tools like a waxing iron, scraper, and metal files.

Swix and Dakine both make great kits that come with everything your father will need to tune his skis from the comfort of home. For Dads that already have their own gear, you can never go wrong with more ski wax!

All-temperature blends are always a safe bet as it’s the most commonly used and ski waxers are constantly running out of it. Mountainflow and Swix both make great ski waxes that are environmentally friendly!

Guided Ski Trips

For the dads who’ve skied it all or at least hope to! Guided ski trips are great for advanced or expert skier parents who crave adventure and powder outside of the resort setting. Beacon, shovel, probe necessary!

Snowbird Snowcat Skiing

A view down a snowy canyon.

Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT. Photo by Derrellwilliams

Brought to you by Snowbird Mountain Guides, take a trip to the various backcountry terrain that borders this legendary resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT. They offer both standard and private tours depending on your budget. Snowbird Cat skiing is a great way for advanced and expert-level skier dads to explore the glorious terrain and powder the Wasatch has to offer!

Jones Pass Guides

A red snowcat stands tall. In the background, we can see jagged mountain peaks.

Photo by Letiha

Jones Pass Guide service is a snowcat-based guided operation located less than two hours from Denver between I-70 and Berthoud Pass. Jones Pass guided skiing is a great way to ski some backcountry powder in Colorado. They offer ski and snow safety gear rentals and terrain that caters to both advanced and expert level skier dads. They even have photographers to help capture your loved one’s epic moments!

Teton Backcountry Guides

A man skis with a massive view of the Tetons in the background.

Photo by Glen Rushton

You can’t talk about backcountry skiing without mentioning the powder skiing Mecca that is Wyoming. This guide service based around the Teton region of Wyoming offers a variety of guided ski touring and hut trips throughout one of the most featured regions in ski culture. This is a great option for expert-level backcountry ski dads who like to hike to earn their turns and want a ski experience they’ll be bragging about for years!

Silverton Mountain

A helicopter takes off from a mountain.

The Silverton Mountain Heli. Photo by Kevan Dee

Not for the faint of heart. This expert-only, no-frills guide operation based in Silverton, CO in the heart of the San Juans has everything from lift-access guided riding to helicopter skiing. Silverton also offers ski and snow safety rentals on-mountain for folks who need gear. For dads looking for an adrenaline rush in a laid-back atmosphere that is completely centered around skiing, look no further!

Curated Gift Card

The product image of a black Curated gift card.

Sometimes the choices are just too many or maybe we just can’t figure out what dad needs to round off his gear collection. A Curated gift card is a great way to give Dad the gift of skiing while providing flexibility and all the help he may need from one of our many Ski Experts! Get him a gift card or reach out to one of our amazing Gear Experts for more information!

Happy Holidays!

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