A Day in the Life of a Curated Ski Expert

Published on 11/30/2021 · 7 min readSki Expert Abby A. brings you along for a typical day with her on the slopes of Vermont.
Abby A., Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Abby A.

Photo by Abby A.

Killington opened Friday, November 12th! They were the first mountain on the east to open, as usual. I am going to explain what a day of early-season skiing looks like for me and the good habits to get into for making skiing more enjoyable!

Starting My Day Off Right

Typically, I wake up between 7:30 am and 8 am excited to get out on the mountain! I always make some tea first thing in the morning as it helps me stay hydrated throughout the day. I always make some breakfast, as well. I know some of my friends go without breakfast, but eating before skiing makes me feel so much more energized! I usually eat an egg and cheese with avocado (I ALWAYS have avocados) on sourdough bread made locally in Vermont!

After I eat, I do some stretching and yoga. I make it a habit to never ski until I stretch. Stretching helps me when I fall in the park (which happens nearly every day), and there have been a few times this season already where I felt if I had not stretched, I potentially could have injured my leg muscles. I usually spend about 20 minutes doing this; I have weak knees and have had shin problems in the past from running, so I am very consistent with my stretching in the morning to ensure I can ski another day!

Getting Ready to Head to the Hill!

Killington Ski Area. Photo by Abby A.

Once my stretching is complete, I start to get ready! I put on my base layers—I own Patagonia and Roxy leggings and Spyder and Under Armour long-sleeves. After that, I check the weather to see what I should wear for layers. If it is over 40 degrees, I wear a pullover fleece. If it is under 40 degrees, I wear a crew neck under my fleece and will roll my puffy jacket into a ball to put it in my backpack just in case I am cold. I usually don't end up wearing it unless I am filming my friends in the park and get cold from standing still for a long period of time.

I then pack my backpack. I always have snacks on me! My typical snacks are clementines, bananas, trail mix, Clif Bars, and banana peanut butter oatmeal balls! They are literally just mashed banana, peanut butter, and quick oats with some chocolate chips mixed in—see the recipe below! I bake them in the oven for about 20 minutes and they keep me full all day.

I also always make sure I take enough water for the day to stay hydrated. The past two weeks at Killington have not felt “wintery”, and the warmer, spring condition weather definitely makes me consume more water. I take a pair of thin gloves just in case my hands get cold while I am filming my friends. I also always have Advil on me (especially the first couple of days of the season) because I am usually pretty sore.

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Balls

  • 2 mashed bananas
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup oats

Mash bananas and mix in peanut butter and oats. Fold in chocolate chips (optional). Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until the bottoms get a little brown.

Arriving at Killington

Photo by Abby A.

Once I get to the mountain, I put on my socks and ski boots.

Pro Tip: I don’t put my ski socks on until I get to the mountain to ensure they are completely dry and have no moisture. This will help keep my feet warmer, especially on colder days!

Now it’s time to head up the gondola which I take up to the peak of Killington. On the way up, I readjust my ski boots to make sure they are tightened properly and tighten the booster straps. Once I get off the gondola, I put my skis on to ski down to the trails that are open. When I get to the terrain that is open—this section of the mountain is called North Ridge—I am halfway down the trail that is open and between the top and bottom of the lift. I usually drop my backpack at the bottom of the park, where the access ski trail off the top of the gondola brings me, and ski down to the bottom of North Ridge to get back up to the top of the park!

From the top of North Ridge, I ski down one of two open trails, “Reason”, which is where Killington’s early-season Woodward Pop-Up Park lives! Depending on how the conditions are, I will either hike a feature on a firm oe busy day or lap the trail if the snow is soft and worth skiing to the bottom of the lift. I leave my backpack in the woods along the trail to grab a snack or water when I need it!

Wrapping Up for the Day

Photo courtesy of Abby A.

At the end of the day, I gather my belongings and ski down to the North Ridge chair. When I get off the chair, I loosen my boots, shove a layer in my backpack, and take off my helmet for the climb up the Catwalk staircase to get back to the gondola to download. This walk is only necessary until top-to-bottom skiing is open. But it is a great workout when carrying ski boots and skis! I would definitely say snowboarders have an advantage on the Catwalk!

Top to Bottom Skiing

Once the skiing is top-to-bottom, I usually stop in a base lodge to grab water and stash snacks in my pockets. My typical day includes me skiing in the park unless it is a powder day! I ride my K2 Midnights in the park (I haven’t tested them in powder yet since I got them in April!) and then Icelantic Riveters in powder! I spend about 50% of my time hiking and the other 50% lapping the park. My friends and I take turns getting clips for each other.

Après Skiing

Photo courtesy of Abby A.

After skiing, you can find me pow surfing somewhere in town if there is fresh snow on the ground or hiking the Dark Park, Darkside Snowboard’s rail garden next to their shop. Occasionally, I will go out for a drink on Killington’s access road, but most days, I am exhausted and ready to head home and go to bed so I can wake up and ski the next morning!

My go-to drink after a day on the mountain is a Bailey’s hot chocolate or a rum and coke. If I am feeling a beer, a Conehead or Sip of Sunshine are my two favorites and very famous here in Vermont!

End of Day Stretching

I always finish my day with some more stretching and rolling once I get back home. I roll my feet, legs, and back out with a tennis ball, wooden roller, or a foam roller. A tennis ball on a foam yoga block is a great way to pinpoint knots in the hamstrings. Stretching and rolling after a day of skiing is so nice! Your muscles will thank you the next morning!

Working for Curated!

Photo by Abby A.

Since I can pick up shifts in two-hour time blocks, I can pick what hours I am available for the week so I can work before or after skiing. I get to chat with some awesome people about skiing and help them find gear that will suit their needs—it doesn’t get better than that! I’m always stoked to talk to customers and find out exactly what they are looking for; I always start thinking of gear I think they would love once I start chatting with them and can’t wait to send them over their curation!

During the day, when I am on the ski lift or hanging out in the park, users I have been speaking to can call or text me at any time to get in touch about any questions they may have. It's really nice to be able to work from wherever.

Once I'm home, I always make sure to bring my skis in from my car at night to prevent them from rusting. I put my mittens and boots on the dryer so they are dry for me in the morning!

And there you have it! That’s what a day in the life is like for me. Some days, it feels like a lot of work to get ready and drive to the mountain, but it always ends up being worth it! If you have any questions or want to chat with me or another Ski Expert, be sure to reach out!


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