Size Guide: Women's Camping & Hiking Bottoms

Find sizing information for Women's Camping & Hiking Bottoms. Camping & Hiking expert Elizabeth Hansen sheds light on what to look out for.

Photo by Stefan Neuhauser

Photo by Stefan Neuhauser

Hiking bottoms can really make or break your experience, so finding the right fit or combination of layers is crucial, and not having the right pants can be such a pain. This guide is designed to help users compare the sizing of different brands as well as learn a bit more about these brands and what they are known for.

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How to measure

Chest/Bust Measure around the fullest part of your chest, underneath your arms

Waist Measure around the smallest part of your waist, keeping the measuring tape slightly loose.

Neck Measure the circumference of the base of your neck

Hip Measure the circumference at the widest part of your hips, standing with your feet together

High hip Measure the circumference of the top of the hip curve, approximately 3" to 5" below the natural waistline depending on your height and body type.

Inseam With a pair of pants of your choice, measure the seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.


Alpha Sizing

Waist2728 ½30 ½3438
Hip36384043 ½47
Regular Inseam30 ½313131 ½32
Short Inseam28 ½292929 ½30
Tall Inseam33 ½343434 ½35

Numerical Sizing

Waist242526 ½27 ½28 ½30313335
Hip33 ½34 ½36373839 ½40 ½42 ½44 ½
Regular Inseam30 ½30 ½30 ½31313131 ½31 ½31 ½
Short Inseam2929292929292929-
Tall Inseam---343434343434

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Arc’teryx carries a range of pants from casual leggings to high-performance GORE-TEX shells for winter sports. With pants for every activity (climbing, hiking, trail running, and winter running), Arc’teryx has a style for almost everyone. The brand has four different fits: next-to-skin, trim, regular, and relaxed. Ranging from sizes XS to XL and 00 to 14, all standard-size women will be able to find an Arc’teryx pant. It does not carry plus sizes. Several pants are Fair Trade Certified™, meaning that the garment makers receive Fair Trade premiums that directly improve the quality of their lives. Arc’teryx is committed to make 80% of its product line Fair Trade Certified by 2025.

What to look out for: Arc’teryx is not for the budget-conscious shopper due to its higher price point, or for plus-size women. However, a variety of materials including cotton, nylon, polyester, and elastane means that there is a pant good for almost all weather conditions.

Price range: $95 – $249

Black Diamond

Alpha Sizing

Bust31 - 3232.5 - 3434.5 - 3636.5 - 38.539 - 41.542 - 45
Waist23.5 - 2525.5 - 2727.5 - 2929.5 - 31.532 - 3535.5 - 39
Hip32.5 - 3434.5 - 3636.5 - 3838.5 - 40.541 - 43.544 - 47.5

Numerical Sizing

Waist26 - 2727 - 2828 - 2929 - 3030 - 3131 - 32.5
Hip35 - 3636 - 3737 - 3838 - 3939 - 4040 - 41.5
Regular Inseam29.530.530.530.530.530.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Black Diamond offers a range of pants from capri leggings to denim jeans, high-performance rain pants, and almost everything in between. It has pants for climbers, hikers, runners, and skiers/boarders. Offering sizes from XS to XL and 2 to 12, Black Diamond has a bit of a limited size range compared to other brands. Slim, regular, and relaxed make up its fit range. Originally made for skiers and climbers, it has expanded to taking its sustainable, high-quality gear into all aspects of the outdoors. Also, 100% of clothing styles use a bluesign® certified material. Black Diamond is prioritizing corporate responsibility in social and environmental aspects.

What to look out for: With its more limited size range, Black Diamond is not a brand for plus-size women. The pants are also more technical than some other brands, so it might be too much for those who are casual recreationalists.

Price range: $60 – $199


Numeric Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 14161820
Natural Waist22 - 2424 - 2626 - 2828 - 3030 - 3333 - 3737 - 4141 - 45
Hips32 - 3434 - 3636 - 3838 - 4040 - 42.542.5 - 45.545.5 - 48.548.5 - 52.5
Regular Inseam3333333333333333
Tall Inseam34.534.534.534.534.534.534.534.5
Short Inseam30.530.530.530.530.530.530.530.5
Body Inseam3030303030303030

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Burton pants are comfortable and stylish, thanks to the extended size range (XXS to 3XL or 00 to 20), fun colors, and streetwear-inspired designs. With five different fit styles — next-to-skin, slim, regular, relaxed, and oversized — Burton has a huge range of fits from leggings to oversized joggers. Originally a snowboarding brand based in Vermont, Burton has expanded to cover a variety of outdoor activities. As a Certified B Corporation, Burton is committed to environmental sustainability through its use of bluesign® materials, responsibly sourced down, and focus to repair items whenever possible.

What to look out for: Despite having some extended sizing, the pants do run a bit small. For example, a Burton XXL has the same measurements as XL in some other brands. Burton pants are not as technically focused as other brands, so they will not perform as well for climbing, mountaineering, or other intense activities.

Price range: $74.95 – $234.95

Carve Designs

Numeric Size00 - 024 - 68 - 101214
Natural Waist24 - 252627 - 2829 - 303132
Chest323334 - 3536 - 3738 - 3940 - 41
Hip353637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 44

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Carve Designs is a great brand for budget-conscious, fashion-focused women. Starting as a surf brand in 2003, it has grown into a full beach lifestyle brand with a focus on clothing that fits real women. Carve Designs has a great selection of shorts for hiking but lacks a bit in the pants department. Sustainability has been a focus for Carve Designs since day one, and 85% of the clothes are made from sustainable materials.

What to look out for: Carve Designs focuses more on casual or in-town pants than technical pants, so this brand is best for those looking for pants or shorts to hike in then hit the town after. They also run small, so it is best to size up for a more comfortable fit. Plus-size gals need to find pants elsewhere due to the limited size options.

Price range: $18 – $98


Standard Sizing

Pant Size24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416 - 18
Waist25.5 - 26.527.5 - 28.529.5 - 30.532 - 33.535.5 - 37.5
Hips34.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.538.5 - 4041.5 - 4345 - 47
Regular Inseam3232323232
Tall Inseam34.534.534.534.534.5
Short Inseam29.529.529.529.529.5

Plus Sizing

Pant Size16W - 18W20W - 22W24W - 26W
Waist36 - 3840 - 4244 - 46
Hips45 - 4749 - 5153 - 55

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Columbia is known for high-quality gear that is budget-friendly and more size-inclusive than many other brands. Featuring tons of styles including leggings, joggers, pants, capris, shorts, and skorts as well as insulated options for cold-weather activities, there is truly a Columbia bottom for almost everyone. Sizes range from XS to 3X and there are plus-size-specific cuts designed to fit plus-size women. Innovative product design and sustainability are at the core of Columbia’s brand.

What to look out for: Not the most technical pants, but overall Columbia is a solid outdoor brand. The variety of fabrics used means there are pants for everything, from sun protection to insulated pants that use Columbia’s proprietary Omni-Heat™ technology.

Price range: $30 – $110


Chest3132 - 3334 - 3536 - 3738 - 4041 - 4344+
Waist23 - 2425 - 2627 - 2829 - 3030 - 3132 - 3435+
Seat/Hip34 - 3535 - 3637 - 3940 - 4242 - 4344 - 4648+

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Craft has a wide variety of bottoms in the mid-price range, from cycling shorts to cross-country ski leggings. A majority of its styles feature a skin-tight fit that is great for layering. Features such as wind proofing and water resistance in many Craft styles lend to versatility in all seasons. Originating in Sweden, there is a focus on high-performance, Nordic-inspired clothing that prioritizes sustainability.

What to look out for: Craft sizing runs a bit small and ranges from XS to XXL. Sizing up is recommended for a true-to-size fit. This is not a brand for plus-size women.

Price range: $34.99 – $149.99


Numeric Size0 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416 - 18
Bust24 - 2526 - 2728 - 2930.5 - 3233.5 - 45.5
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041.5 - 4344.5 - 46.5
Inseam (Petite)2929292929
Inseam (Regular)3232323232

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: ExOfficio has a wide range of standard sizes from 0 to 16 and fits true-to-size. With three fit styles — slim, natural, and relaxed — there is a bottom for every style preference. Skorts, shorts, joggers, and pants round out the collection. Many styles feature BugsAway technology or built-in sun protection. ExOfficio is a great brand for hikers or campers in buggy areas.

What to look out for: ExOfficio has fewer style and color options than other brands, which could be great for the indecisive hiker. ExOfficio also doesn’t have plus-size options. Environmentally-conscious shoppers should be aware that ExOfficio doesn’t advertise any sustainability initiatives.

Price range: $62 – $122


Numerical Size2468101214
Bust31 - 3233 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 44
Arm Length28 - 2929 - 3030 - 3131 - 3232 - 3333 - 3433 - 34
Natural Waist23 - 2425 - 2627 - 2829 - 3031 - 3233 - 3435 - 36
Hips33 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 4445 - 46

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: KAVU is known for its fun prints and functional designs — succulent print overalls, hello! With sizes from XXS to XXL, there is a good range of sizes and fit styles from slim to relaxed. Sustainability is a core part of KAVU’s brand; it focuses on reducing its environmental impacts in all aspects of its business, from sourcing materials to packaging and distribution.

What to look out for: True plus sizes are not available. Cotton and polyester make up a majority of its line with several styles featuring quick-dry technology. KAVU bottoms are mainly designed for warm-weather use due to the lack of insulated styles.

Price range: $50 – $85


Waist24.4 - 25.225.6 - 26.426.8 - 27.628 - 29.530 - 31.531.9 - 33.934.3 - 36.236.6 - 38.6
Hip33 - 34.334.6 - 35.836.2 - 37.437.9 - 3939.4 - 4141.3 - 4343.3 - 45.345.7 - 47.6
Inseam Short-28.328.728.729.129.129.529.5
Inseam Normal30.330.330.730.731.131.131.531.5
Inseam Long-3333.533.533.833.834.3-

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Mammut is known for highly technical clothing, with options designed for climbing, hiking, leisure, mountain sports, and winter hiking. Sizes range from 2 to 16 and fit true-to-size. A premium Swiss-based brand, Mammut is dedicated to making high-quality gear with sustainability in mind.

What to look out for: Mammut’s premium gear comes with a premium price point. It also lacks plus sizes. Merino, cotton, and polyamide/spandex provide fabric options that do well in all conditions.

Price range: $89 – $199


Standard Sizing

Numeric Size24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416-
Natural Waist24.5 - 25.526.5 - 27.528.5 - 30.531.5 - 34.534.5 - 36.537.5 - 38.5
Hips35 - 3637 - 3839 - 4142 - 4545 - 4748 - 49
Regular Inseam30 - 3131 - 3232 - 32.532.5 - 333333

Plus Sizing

Numeric Size14 - 1618 - 2022 - 24
Chest42 - 4446 - 4851 - 53
Waist36 - 3840 - 4245 - 57
Hips46 - 4750 - 5155 - 56

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Marmot is known for having a variety of hiking, activewear, rain, base-layer, and soft-shell bottoms. With sizes from 0 to 16 or XS to XXL, as well as 1X to 3X, there is a huge range of sizes that will fit most hikers. Four fit styles are included in its line: athletic, slim, regular, and loose. Marmot is dedicated to making high-performance gear and apparel while focusing on environmental sustainability, social justice, and fair working conditions.

What to look out for: Certain styles have UPF sun protection while others are treated with a water-repellent coating for moisture protection, so pants should be carefully selected to make sure they have the right features for the wearer’s activity of choice. Marmot lacks insulated hiking bottoms, so its pants are not the best choice for winter excursions.

Price range: $52 – $122

Mountain Hardwear

Standard Sizing

Pant Size0 / 24 / 68 / 1012 / 1416
Waist25 - 2627 - 2829 - 3031 - 3334.5
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041.5 - 4344.5


Inseam TypeShort InseamRegular InseamLong Inseam

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Mountain Hardwear is a high-performance brand that focuses on providing technical gear and apparel to its customers. Focused on sustainability as a brand, it uses responsibly sourced down and bluesign® approved materials and repairs items instead of replacing them whenever possible. Mountain Hardwear fits true-to-size, with the option of three different inseam lengths and four different fit styles. There are a variety of options for sizes XS to XL.

What to look out for: Mountain Hardwear’s premium products also come with premium price points; the two most expensive items in its range are $250 down-insulated pants. It also has insulated skirt options as well as some GORE-TEX pants that are perfect for wet weather. There are no plus-size options from Mountain Hardwear.

Price range: $70 – $250

Mountain Khakis

Numeric Size02468101214
Waist25 ½26 ½27 ½28 ½29 ½30 ½3233
Wearing Waist2828 ½29 ½30 ½31 ½32 ½3435
Hip34 ½ - 3535 ½ - 3636 ½ - 3737 ½ - 3838 ½ - 3939 ½ - 40 ½41 - 4242 ½ - 43 ½
Inseams30, 32, 3430, 32, 3430, 32, 3430, 32, 3430, 32, 3430, 32, 3430, 32, 3430, 32, 34

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Founded in 2003 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Mountain Khakis is known for its durable, functional, and stylish pants and shorts that are perfect for hiking, camping, working outside, or hitting the town. With sizes from XS to XL and a variety of inseam lengths and fit styles, there is a hiking pant for most ladies. Mountain Khakis bottoms run true-to-size and are reasonably priced. Environmental protection and sustainability are core values of the Mountain Khakis brand.

What to look out for: Mountain Khakis does not carry plus sizes or offer any water-resistant or waterproof options. Nylon or cotton are the main fabrics in its hiking bottoms, and styles range from leggings to plaid-lined pants that are perfect for chilly weather.

Price range: $69.95 – $99.95

Outdoor Research

German Sizing-32343638404244
Inseam (Short)2929292929292929
Inseam (Reg)3131313131313131
Inseam (Long)3434343434343434

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Founded in the 1980s with a pair of gaiters, Outdoor Research has built its brand on high-quality and functional outdoor gear that stands the test of time. Revolutionary designs, commitment to United States-based manufacturing, and social and environmental consciousness round out the quality brand that is Outdoor Research. Pants range from size 0 to 14, or XS to XXXL depending on the style. The pants come in several fit styles and inseam lengths.

What to look out for: Extended sizes are only available in certain bottoms, so plus-size women are limited in their options from Outdoor Research. GORE-TEX rain pants are ideal for wet weather while other bottoms offer sun protection, wind and water resistance, or quick-dry fabrics.

Price range: $69 – $175


Standard Sizing

Numeric Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 141618
Waist2425 - 2627 - 2829 - 3031 - 3233 - 3535 - 37
Hips33.534.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.538.5 - 39.540.5 - 43.544.5 - 4646 - 48

Plus Sizing

Numeric Size18W20W22W
Sleeve Length32.53333.5
Bust/Chest45 - 4848 - 5151 - 54
Waist38 - 4141 - 4444 - 47
Hips49 - 5151 - 5454 - 57

Inseam Lengths

StyleShort InseamRegular InseamTall Inseam

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: prAna began as a sustainable and stylish brand in 1992 and continues to be an industry leader in environmentally friendly and socially conscious clothing. With sizes from 00 to 22W and XXS to XXL, there is a prAna pant for almost everyone. Three inseam lengths and useful features such as sun protection, quick-dry fabric, and durability make for versatile and valuable options. prAna runs true-to-size in most styles, but sizing up is recommended for a more comfortable fit for its skinny fit style.

What to look out for: Some recent customers have noted size inconsistencies between pants in different colors of the same style. Not all styles are available in plus sizes, so the options for plus-size ladies are a bit limited. Insulated, sun protection (UPF 50) and water-repellent features are available, making prAna bottoms an excellent choice for a variety of weather conditions.

Price range: $59 – $139


UK Size81012141618
Short Leg282828282828
Regular Leg303030303030
Long Leg323232323232

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Rab markets its brand for “The Mountain People,” a title that has been rightfully earned. Beginning with a sleeping bag in 1981, Rab has expanded its brand into a full range of high-performance gear and apparel for mountain sports and outdoor adventures. Styles vary from durable climbing leggings and lightweight shorts to high-performance GORE-TEX pants that withstand wild weather. Sizes range from XS to XL and there are three inseam lengths available.

What to look out for: Rab’s bottoms are fairly affordable, considering their highly technical design, but its waterproof soft-shell and GORE-TEX pants reflect the premium price point. A variety of fabrics and features mean there is a Rab pant for every outdoor activity and weather condition.

Price range: $50 – $300

Royal Robbins

Standard Sizing

Waist24.5 - 25.526.5 - 27.528.5 - 29.531 - 32.534.5-36.537.5 - 40.542.5 - 44.5
Hips34.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.538.5 - 39.541 - 42.544.5 - 46.548.5 - 50.552.5 - 54.5

Numerical Sizing

US Size0246810
UK Size468101214
EU Size303234363840
US Size1214161820
UK Size1618202224
EU Size4244464850

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Royal Robbins was founded in the 1960s by Royal and Liz Robbins, iconic climbers from the Sierra Nevadas. Royal Robbins is a brand dedicated to sustainable and high-performance outdoor clothing. Sizes range from XS to 3XL and 0 to 20, with short, regular, or long inseam lengths offered in several styles. Designed to be able to transition from the trail to around town, Royal Robbins bottoms are able to go everywhere with ease.

What to look out for: The larger end of its size range is very limited and runs small above a size 12, with only a few styles and colors being offered in the full range. Nylon, polyester, hemp, and organic cotton fabrics are available in many styles. Useful features such as quick-dry coating, bug protection, water resistance, and wrinkle resistance mean that Royal Robbins bottoms work well in a variety of weather conditions.

Price range: $60 – $110



Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Salomon was born in 1947 in the French Alps, pioneering ski bindings and boots before transitioning into other outdoor gear and apparel. With a wide variety of styles from running shorts, skorts, and leggings to insulated or GORE-TEX options, there is a hiking bottom for all weather conditions. With sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, there is a good range that runs a bit larger than true-to-size.

What to look out for: While Salomon does have a more extended size range than some other brands, there are no true plus sizes. Windproof and waterproof options are available, meaning there are pants for most harsh weather conditions. Durable polyester and polyamide fabrics create comfortable and stretchy pants that can be worn in town or on the mountain.

Price range: $40 – $150

Sherpa Adventure Gear

Numeric Size000000246810
Numeric Size121416182022

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Sherpa Adventure Gear is known for its commitment to educate children in Nepal; each item purchased provides a day of school for a child. As a brand, it is committed to sustainability and providing social and economic support to its Nepalese employees. Sizes range from XXS to XL or 000 to 18, which provides a larger range than many other brands. It has five bottom styles that provide good coverage for most weather conditions, from lightweight leggings perfect for the summer time to fleece pants or 2.5-layer waterproof, breathable shell pants that are perfect for cold or wet days.

What to look out for: Currently there are only five bottom styles available — two leggings, pants, waterproof pants, and shorts — which is a very limited number of options compared to other brands. Plus-size options are not available from Sherpa Adventure Gear.

Price range: $50 – $99


Waist24 - 2526 - 2728 - 3031 - 3233 - 3439 - 4243 - 36
High Hip31 - 3233 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4445 - 49
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 4448 - 5153 - 56
Arm Length27 - 2828 - 2929 - 3030 - 3131 - 3231 - 3331 - 33
Inseam29 - 3030 - 3131 - 3232 - 3333 - 3433 - 3433 - 34

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Smartwool is the industry leader in merino wool products. Beginning in 1994 with a pair of socks, Smartwool has grown into a full apparel company that offers just about everything that one can wear, all made at least in part with merino wool. Styles range from wool-lined running shorts to merino base layers and pants. Sizes from XS to 3XL offer a fairly inclusive range for most women, with three different fit styles (slim, regular, and relaxed) and rises (low, mid, or high) offered as well.

What to look out for: Smartwool runs true-to-size in most styles, but several customers have mentioned an odd fit in some of the newer pant styles. With limited waterproof and windproof options, Smartwool bottoms are best used as a base or mid layer under a waterproof shell in wet weather conditions. Plus sizes are not carried in most styles, so options are limited for plus-size women.

Price range: $60 – $150

The North Face

Numeric Size02468101214
Waist25 - 2626 - 2727 - 2828 - 2929 - 3030 - 3131 - 3333 - 35
Hips34 - 3535 - 3636 - 3737 - 3838 - 3939 - 4040 - 4242 - 44
Inseam (Short)28.528.529.
Inseam (Reg.)30.530.531.
Inseam (Long)32.532.533.
Numeric Size1618141618202224
Waist35 - 3737 - 3936 - 3737 - 3840 - 4141 - 4244 - 4545 - 46
Hips44 - 4646 - 4846 - 4747 - 4850 - 5151 - 5254 - 5555 - 56
Inseam (Short)29.529.5282828282828
Inseam (Reg.)31.531.5303030303030
Inseam (Long)33.533.53232323232-

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Founded in 1968 as a climbing store (its logo is inspired by the iconic Yosemite Half Dome), The North Face has grown into a worldwide gear and apparel company. Focusing on sustainability, innovative design, and supporting athletes in all sports, The North Face is an excellent choice for hiking bottoms. A wide range of sizes from XS to 3X and three fit styles offer a range of pants for many women.

What to look out for: Women with long legs might need to go elsewhere, as the brand’s long inseam is 32 inches. The variety of fabrics from fleece to recycled polyester to FUTURELIGHT™, a waterproof and breathable fabric, means that there is a North Face pant for every weather condition.

Price range: $40 – $189

Toad & Co.

Numeric Size0 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 14-
Chest33 - 3434 - 3536 - 37.539 - 40.541 - 43
Natural Waist25 - 2627 - 2829 - 30.532 - 33.534 - 36
Wearing Waist3031 - 3233 - 34.536 - 37.538 - 40
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 40.542 - 43.544 - 46

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Toad & Co. is an industry leader in environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion. With a mid-range price point and a variety of fun and functional styles, Toad & Co. is a great brand for the eco-conscious outdoorsy woman. Sizes range from XS to XL and run true-to-size or a bit large in the larger sizes. Toad & Co. bottoms are made for everyday adventures, from the trails to the office and everything in between.

What to look out for: Recycled nylon and polyester are featured in almost all of its designs, which vastly reduces its environmental impacts. Sizing is limited, so plus-size ladies will have to find a different brand. Women looking for highly technical pants should look for a different brand that caters more toward serious athletes.

Price range: $55 – $120

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