Choosing a Park Ski: The 10 Best Skis for Jumps

Published on 09/11/2023 · 14 min readSki Expert Hunter Nay breaks down his top ten favorite skis for catching air, going over their jump execution, park performance, and all-mountain ability.
Hunter Nay, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Hunter Nay

Photo by Fede Roveda

Hey, gang! We’re back on the slopes today looking at the best freestyle skis for hucking cork 12s off those big ol’ booty booters today. That’s right! Because we gave those rail junkies some love, we’re going to give you big air kiddos action, too.

As always, we will be rating our skis on three different metrics: how well they do on the jumps, how well they last in the park, and how they do on the rest of the mountain! Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s get into it!

10. Armada BDog

  • Stated Dimensions: 121-94-116.5 mm
  • Core: Poplar/Ash

Overview: 9.25

Designed by world-renowned park/street skier Phil Casabon, the BDog by Armada is THE ski for rails, both in the park and on the street. With its poplar and ash core, the BDog provides an extremely soft-feeling ski that still provides strength and stability throughout the entire ride.

Jumps Performance: 9.0

These rail-oriented park skis are some of the best in the business for park skis. However, they seem to wash out a little when landing anywhere but dead in the middle. Because of this, they are a little bit harder for someone to get adjusted to if they aren't as used to softer jump skis.

Park Performance: 9.5

Because of Phil Casabon’s street-oriented ski style, these park skis are known for their softer flex and great ability to grind pipes and rails all throughout the park. However, they aren’t the best for strictly jumps in the park. With that being said, these were ranked at the top of my Top 10 Skis for Rails article for good reason.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.3

While providing some of the best park skiing on the market, the BDog can also provide tons of all-mountain performance. At 94 mm underfoot, the BDog provides more than enough float on soft snow while still handling hard-charging on groomers, although it definitely has a little chatter when really bombing runs.

9. Atomic Bent 100

  • Stated Dimensions: 129.5-100-120 mm at 180 cm
  • Core: Poplar Wood Core

Overview: 9.36

The baby brother of the widely popular Bent Chetler 120, the Bent 100 is the perfect complement for someone who wants a ski that is similar to the Bent 120 powder skis, while still being very inbounds-oriented.

Jumps Performance: 9.3

With much more tip and tail stiffness than the 120s, the Bent 100s make up for the stability lost by the smaller waist width with stiffness in the tips and tails. This stiffness helps support you when landing with your weight both forward and back.

Park Performance: 9.2

Because of those more directionally-oriented tips and tails, the butter-ability that skiers love from the Bent Chetler 120s isn’t fully present in the Bent 100s. However, with that being said, they aren’t impossible to butter and jib.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.6

The Bent 100s are even more maneuverable than the Bent Chetler 120s; these truly are made to be a one-ski quiver. With 100 mm underfoot, the Bent 100s are going to provide more than enough float through soft snow, while adding more than ample ability to carve all over the groomed parts of the mountain!

8. Volkl Revolt 104

  • Stated Dimensions: 132-104-122 mm
  • Core: Aspen and Maple Wood Core

Overview: 9.4

The larger of the two all-mountain park hybrids within the Volkl Revolt line, the Revolt 104 is one of the most playful all-mountain skis on the market. With super soft tips and tails, the Revolt 104 has one of the highest butter-ability and smeariness ratings on this list.

Jumps Performance: 9.4

While the Revolt 104 is one of the most fun skis on this list, the softer tips and tails also result in a more difficult ski to jump while cruising in the park. When landing either backseat or out on your toes, the Revolt 104s definitely have a more difficult time popping you back up compared to other options on this list, like the ARV 94. With that being said, they are still more than able to take on the vast majority of jumps that you put in front of them, as long as you’ve got a few days under your belt.

Park Performance: 9.5

As mentioned earlier, these skis are super playful. They want to butter and slash all day long, and that is absolutely translated into park performance. With a pretty solid taper throughout the tips and tails, the Revolt 104s have a low swing weight, resulting in an overall fun park ski that will let you do whatever you want and more.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.3

The Revolt 104 is definitely one of the more all-mountain-oriented skis on this list, with tons of touring applications; this ski is made for two to three inches of powder. While these skis will hold their own on groomers, the soft tips and tails also result in a ski that can get sketchy when speeding through choppy snow.

7. Line Tom Wallisch Pro

  • Stated Dimensions: 118-90-116 mm
  • Core: Maple Macroblock with Carbon Ollieband

Overview: 9.45

This ski from the Line family is inspired and designed by X-Games Gold Medalist Tom Wallisch. In cooperation with this world-renowned athlete, Line has created one of the best all-around park skis on the market. At 90 mm underfoot with a swing weight of only 1,800 grams at 178 cm, this lightweight performer will let you shred all day, every day with ease.

Jumps Performance: 9.5

Influenced by Tom Wallisch’s equal abilities all throughout the park, these twigs from Line are some of the best all-around park skis on the market. Shown through their great ability to be stable when landing both backseats and on your toes and their quick movement from edge to edge, the Tom Wallisch Pros are sure to leave you satisfied after a day on the hill.

Park Performance: 9.5

As mentioned earlier, these park-oriented shredders are going to do everything in the park that you put them up to and more. With great butter-ability, twin tips, and tons of pop throughout the ski, these twigs are going to make intermediates feel and look like Tom Wallisch.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.3

Being the thinnest option on this list, these are going to be the least all-mountain-oriented skis of the bunch; however, they are still going to rip the entire mountain all day long and never be a drag.

6. Armada ARV 94

  • Stated Dimensions: 122-94-116 mm at 164 cm
  • Core: Poplar/Ash Core

Overview: 9.55

Armada’s mid-ranged park ski, the ARV 94, sits in the middle of its ARV series. The ARV 94 is one of the best skis in the market to blur the lines between an all-mountain and a park ski. With the traditional rocker pattern and fairly stiff flex, these skis have tons of pop while still performing well all over the mountain, even if you want to do a bit of carving.

Jumps Performance: 9.4

With its stiffer flex and wide waist width, the ARV 94 is more than able to handle whatever jumps you put in front of it. Even though it is fairly traditional in terms of design, Armada hit the nail on the head with what it was trying to accomplish for jumpers. Because of those stiffer tips and tails, the ARV 94 is able to catch you when landing off-center.

Park Performance: 9.5

With beefier edges and more than enough pop to ollie or do small jumps off flat ground, the ARV 94s have tons of all-around park ability. With the traditional Armada shape, the ARV 94s are going to be able to grind whatever you put in front of them. However, one casualty of the stiffer tips and tails is the butter-ability.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.7

While the butter-ability of these skis might have been hurt by the stiffer tips and tails, these skis truly shine when skiing on the groomers. The ARV 94s are one of the true “all-mountain playground” skis, allowing the user to carve effortlessly and have the best time doing it without buying a carving ski.

5. Armada Edollo

  • Stated Dimensions: 133-98-123 mm
  • Core: Poplar/Ash

Overview: 9.6

Designed and used by Henrik Harlaut, the X-Games gold athlete and free-skiing legend, the Armada Edollo was made to be THE overall park ski in Armada’s line. Based on Harlaut’s style of skiing, the Edollo is made to have softer tips and tails for super playful nose and tail butters. However, you won’t lose stability on the in-run on large jumps and booters.

Jumps Performance: 9.7

Known for his performances at X-Games Aspen in Big Air 2013 and Knuckle Huck in 2020, Henrik Harlaut is one of the best Big-Air skiers in the business, and that is shown in the Edollo skis. Even with their smeary and butterable tips and tails, the taper of the ski and the progressive flex has more than enough pop to catch you when landing either front or backseat.

Park Performance: 9.6

Showing through by being ranked fourth in the Best Overall Rail Skis category, the Armada Edollos are some of the best all-around park skis in the business. With a super light swing weight and tons of jibbing and butter-ability, the Armada Edollos are a treat to ski, no matter what type of skiing happening.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.5

While this is generally a terrain park-oriented ski, it still has enough ability to rip the rest of the mountain. With 98 mm underfoot, this ski will give you more than enough float on softer snow. Even with its softer tips and tails, the Edollo provides support on or off piste; however, it can get a little squirrely and provide feedback while hard-charging on firm snow.

4. Faction Prodigy 2

  • Stated Dimensions: 127-98-119 mm
  • Core: Poplar

Overview: 9.7

The middle child of Faction’s Prodigy line has tons of versatility, the 2 is an all-mountain beast with tons of park capabilities. At 98 mm underfoot, the Prodigy 2 features a poplar core to keep weight down while still maintaining a soft and snappy feel throughout the ski.

Jumps Performance: 9.7

Because of the super snappy and stiff tips and tails, the Prodigy 2 is going to give you tons of pop when coming off bumps and jumps, as well as more than enough support when landing a little off-kilter. Used by Faction athletes Matej Svancer and Alex Hall, the Prodigy 2 is one of the most popular skis on the Pro Big Air circuit due to the influence of both of these world-class athletes.

Park Performance: 9.6

With one of the wider waist widths on this list, the Prodigy 2s have more than enough platform to grind and jib on, while still maintaining a fun platform to butter and slash. While the tips and tails are stiffer than some options on this list, the Prodigy 2s still have enough butter-ability to keep even the butteriest of knives happy.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.8

As mentioned earlier, with 98 mm underfoot, the Prodigy 2 really does start to blend the line between an all-mountain and a park ski. While it is still a park-oriented ski, I would say that it is best for turning the whole mountain into your park. With a great ability to float on soft snow, this is a great option for anyone who is looking for a lightweight, one-ski quiver.

3. ON3P Jeffrey 102

  • Stated Dimensions: 131-102-124 mm at 181 cm
  • Core: 100% Bamboo Core

Overview: 9.75

Getting its roots in the street-skiing community, the ON3P Jeffrey 102 is one of the most popular all-mountain park skis on the market, and for good reason. With tons of pop and even more ability to butter, spin, slash, and jib, the Jeffrey 102 is ON3P’s one-ski quiver that has made everyone fall in love.

Jumps Performance: 9.8

With progressive flex throughout the tips and tails and a full bamboo core, the Jeffrey 102s are more than capable of taking on everything, from 40-foot booters to 40-foot cliff drops and everything in between.

Park Performance: 9.7

Known more for its presence in the park-skiing industry than anything else, ON3P has one of the best reputations in the business for both the quality and longevity of skis. The Jeffrey 102s are no exception. Basically bombproof, these skis are going to shred whatever you put them up to and kill it.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.7

Known as the one-ski quiver from ON3P, the Jeffrey 102 is built to ski everything on the mountain. Because of their 102 mm waist width, the Jeffery 102s have tons of float, allowing them to take on fresh snow while also being able to cut through chop and remain stable all day long. Overall, the Jeffrey 102 is a very close third-place ski and could easily be moved up this list with little argument from me and the other testers.

2. Vishnu Wide

  • Stated Dimensions: 132-106-132 mm
  • Core: Bamboo/Poplar Core

Overview: 9.8

While there isn’t much information available about the actual construction of Vishnu skis, this freeski brand from the USA is as close as you can get to a homegrown brand within skiing right now. Getting rave reviews from sites like Newschoolers, the Vishnu Wides are the larger brother to the supremely popular Vishnu Wets and they improve on everything the Wets are lacking.

Jumps Performance: 9.8

Because of the 18 mm wider waist, the Vishnu Wide is more sturdy and stable at speeds than the Vishnu Wet. However, they still maintain the playfulness and butter-ability that the Wets are so famous for! With their completely symmetrical shape, these skis will allow you to ski switch just as easily as riding forward, resulting in super easy switch landings.

Park Performance: 9.8

One of the only complaints that I had about the Wets that they felt a little soft when landing anywhere but the center compared to its competitors. However, because of the wider base, the Vishnu Wides take care of that issue and leave you with one of the best overall park skis in the business.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.7

Sticking with the idea that these skis are more stable than the Wets because of their wider base, this still rings true when riding all-mountain. While the Wets are tons of fun to bomb down groomers with, the Wides are even more fun! With the larger surface area, the Wides are able to go faster than the Wets without the chatter that can make the Wets feel sketchy. I promise that you’re going to love these Vishnus “no matter the weather.”

1. K2 Poacher

  • Stated Dimensions: 124-96-118 mm
  • Core: Double Barrel Aspen/Fir Core

Overview: 9.9

The K2 Poacher has seen the podium many times, with multiple X-Games Aspen Golds under its belt thanks to K2 athlete Colby Stevenson, the Poacher is a park beast that has more than enough all-mountain capability. At 96 mm underfoot, the Poacher is stable through both groomers and off-piste, resulting in a fun ride no matter where you go!

Jumps Performance: 9.9

With stiffer tips and tails than the Vishnu Wides, the K2 Poachers are aimed toward the hard-charging skier who wants something solid under their feet that is going to give back just as much as they put in. That being said, the K2s have tons of pop throughout the frame that allows the user to take off easily and land off-center without the worry of washing out.

Park Performance: 9.9

Winning the Slopestyle event with X-Games rookie Colby Stevenson, the Poachers have more than enough jib and rail ability, resulting in a super fun ski that can do whatever you ask it to.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.8

At 96 mm underfoot, the Poachers have more than enough all-mountain applications. Riding everything that is put in front of it, the stiff tips and tails help the Poachers cut through chop and crud without any issues. Overall, the K2 Poachers are one of the best skis I’ve ridden. They’re great for someone who is looking for a ski that can reach the maximum at the park and hard-charge big mountain chutes on the same day.

That's my list of the best park skis for jumping! If you need some assistance with landing your jumps, check out How to Land a Jump or 10 Skiing Tricks You Can Learn Quickly for new park tricks. If you have any questions about the freeride skis above or want to find the best ski or gear for your needs, reach out to a Ski Expert here on Curated—we'd love to get you prepped for the season!

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