Choosing a Park Ski: The 10 All-Around Best Park Skis

Published on 01/29/2024 · 16 min readRanking their jump, rail, and all-mountain performance, Ski Expert Hunter Nay shares the ultimate list of the ten best park skis.
Hunter Nay, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Hunter Nay

Photo by M. Wiklik

Well gang, here we are! The “Magnum Opus” of these Top 10 lists. While it might be a big deal to be one of the best rail or jump skis of the year, it doesn’t mean a thing when coming to the big show. This list will be breaking down the best overall park skis for the 2022-23 ski season, based on three different criteria: jump, rail, and all-mountain performance.

Unlike the first two lists, where one category was weighted more than the other two, all three categories will be weighted the same, in the hope of getting the most accurate rankings. Now that the stage has been set, let’s see where the chips fall!

10. Line Tom Wallisch Pro

  • Stated Dimensions: 118-90-116 mm
  • Core: Maple Macroblock with Carbon Ollieband

Overview: 9.0

This ski from the Line family is inspired and designed by X-Games Gold Medalist, Tom Wallisch. In cooperation with this world-renowned athlete, Line has created one of the best all-around park skis on the market. At 90 mm underfoot and with a swing weight of only 1800 grams at 178 cm, this lightweight performer will let you shred all day every day with ease.

Rail Performance: 8.7

At 90 mm underfoot, the Tom Wallisch Pros have more than enough platform to land on and are super stable grinding on the rails. This ski has a stiffer flex pattern than some of the other options on this list, resulting in it being harder to press on the rails. However, it still isn’t super difficult. With Line’s “Fatty Base” edge, they have great durability throughout multiple park runs and will stand the season’s rigor.

Jump Performance: 9.5

With the stiffer flex pattern throughout the tips and tails, the Tom Wallisch Pros are more than capable of supporting off-center landings, rarely washing out on backseat landings. With the light weight mentioned earlier, these twigs are more than able to spin like a top.

All-Mountain Performance: 8.9

With the second most narrow waist on this list, the Tom Wallisch Pros are one of the more park-centered skis on this list. However, with that being said, they are able to roll over and hold an edge very well and are able to hold speeds with the best of them. The one thing missing from the T-Wall Pro is a little bit of a wider waist width to help with float in the softer snow conditions on pow days, but for anyone on the east coast, these are some great twigs.

  • Stated Dimensions: 126-96-117 mm
  • Core: Beech/Poplar

Overview: 9.13

The Revolt by Völkl is a great value option for someone looking for a great ski that can handle all-mountain and park skiing alike. With the beech and poplar core, these skis have a softer flex than traditional Völkls, while still maintaining the Völkl staples at its core. With a huge effective edge, these skis are great for carving the whole mountain.

Rail Performance: 8.9

A super playful, but stable option, the Revolt 96s have tons of pop while still maintaining tons of butter-ability and playfulness. Although the slightly higher swing weight is noticeable, it isn’t hindering, and actually results in a more stable feel while on the rails.

Jump Performance: 9.3

Because of the softer tips and tails mentioned earlier, the Revolt 96s require a little more accuracy when landing. However, they are more than capable of recovering from mishits and, with that heavier weight, they have a little more stable feel when landing solid than the T-Walls.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.2

Softer but wider than the Tom Wallisch Pros, the Revolt 96 is a great option for someone out West looking for more park-oriented skis that are more than capable of going anywhere else on the mountain. With 96 mm underfoot and one of the longest effective edges in the business, the Revolt 96s have great edge grip and are a great time when riding groomers and steep terrain alike.

  • Stated Dimensions: 127-98-119 mm
  • Core: Poplar

Overview: 9.4

These are some of the most high-performing all-mountain powder skis on the market, and offer a ton of versatility, making them a great option for all kinds of skiing styles. Alex Hall and Matej Svancer— some of the best freestyle skiers in the world—rocked the previous model of the Prodigy 2s, the Prodigy 2.0s. They saw the podium quite a few times in the 2021-22 season, and we're sure to see the Prodigy 2s on the podium more than once this upcoming season!

Rail Performance: 9.4

At 98 mm underfoot, these are some of the widest options on this list, only being outdone by the Jeffery 102s and the Vishnu Wides. With more than enough ski platform to land on, and tons of pop all throughout the tips and tails, spending the day doing park laps throwing tricks and jibs with the Prodigy 2s is a really great time.

Jump Performance: 9.3

As mentioned before, the Prodigy 2.0s have been no stranger to the podium the last few seasons with Matej Svancer, and for good reason. The Prodigy 2.0s have more than enough ability to spin with the best of them and support any sort of off-kilter landing—and you can find these same traits to the newer Prodigy 2s!

All-Mountain Performance: 9.5

Shining more than most in the all-mountain category, the Prodigy 2s have tons of versatility on and off-trail and can handle anything that you put in front of them—whether deep snow, steeps, moguls, trees, backcountry, and hardpack groomers—with ease. Even though they are one of the wider options on the list, they can still lay over and carve like they were made to, making the Prodigy 2s one of the best all-mountain park skis of the year.

  • Stated Dimensions: 122-94-117 mm at 171 cm
  • Core: Caruba/Ash

Overview: 9.43

One of the most traditional skis in the park skiing business, the ARV line has been Armada’s answer for freestyle skiing for a few years now. This line has some of the best freestyle skis out there and they are very popular amongst park skiers. Tons of pop, a large effective edge giving it great edge hold, and banger top sheets are just a few of the great features that the ARV 94 boasts, resulting in one heck of a time on the mountain.

Rail Performance: 9.4

A product of ARV's background in park skiing, the 94 has more than enough ability to tear up rails. Recently, Armada updated the ARV series to have fatter edges and a more durable sidewall construction build to hold up to the beating that freeskiers put on their equipment, and the work shows. These skis can get put through the wringer and look still brand new.

Jump Performance: 9.4

With its stiffer flex and wide waist width, the ARV 94 is more than capable of handling whatever jumps you set out to conquer. Even though they are fairly traditional in terms of design, Armada has created something outstanding with those stiffer tips and tails. They made it so the ARV 94 has the ability to catch you even if don't land right on the sweet spot. Having tons of history in half-pipe skiing, these ARV skis are going to do exactly what you want them to do, no matter the conditions.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.5

As mentioned earlier, the ARV 94 skis have a great effective edge on them, resulting in a great experience when turning them on their sides and trying to carve out some big turns on a nice, wide trail. The stiffer tips and tails also result in a super stable ski when tearing through crud and variable snow, meaning an overall more comfortable ride when hitting the slopes, so you can ski to your heart's content!

  • Stated Dimensions: 121-94-116.5 mm
  • Core: Poplar/Ash

Overview: 9.5

Designed by world-renown park/street skier Phil Casabon, The BDog by Armada is THE ski for rails. With its poplar and ash core, the BDog provides an extremely soft feeling ski that still provides strength and stability throughout the entire ride.

Rail Performance: 9.8

Known for his street riding, Phil Casabon’s riding ability really shows in the BDog, with supreme ability to grind rails and anything else that you could think to grind. When transferring between rails, the heavier swing weight of the BDog provides a stable feel, even in the midst of butters and presses.

Jump Performance: 9.2

These rail-oriented park skis are some of the best in the business for park skis, however, they seem to wash out a little when landing anywhere but dead in the middle. Because of this, they are a little bit harder for someone to get used to if they aren't as used to soft skis.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.3

While providing some of the best park skiing on the market, the BDog can also provide tons of all-mountain performance. At 94 mm underfoot, the BDog provides more than enough flotation on soft snow, while still handling hard-charging on groomers. Although, they definitely have a little chatter when really bombing runs.

  • Stated Dimensions: 116-88-116 mm
  • Core: Bamboo/Poplar Core

Overview: 9.53

The skinniest and one of the softer skis on our list, the Vishnu Wet is one of the most fun skis that I have ever ridden. With tons of pop throughout the tips and tails as well as one of the softest flex patterns in the business result in a ski that is begging to be buttered, smeared, and jumped all over the mountain.

Rail Performance: 9.8

Because of the smallest waist width on the list, the Vishnu Wets are also the most nimble and quick skis on this list. Boasting one of the shortest rocker profiles in the business, the Vishnu Wet skis are shorter skis, resulting in one of the best skis for hitting rails and spending days in the park.

Jump Performance: 9.4

With a completely symmetrical shape and twin tips profile, the Vishnu Wet skis go just as easy forward as they do riding switch, resulting in one of the most fun experiences on jumps that I have had. However, with that being said, they definitely require accuracy when landing. One of the first things that I noticed when skiing these was how easy it was to wash out if you weren’t careful, especially when landing back seat. Once you get used to them, you won’t want to ski anything else.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.4

While they have the smallest waist width of any ski on this list, the Vishnu Wets actually have some all-mountain capability. Because the Vishnu skis have some of the softest tips and tails that I have ridden on, I assumed that they would have a speed limit, however, that didn’t really seem to be the case, holding up to all the straight-lining that I could throw at them with just a little bit of chatter when going through crud and bumps. The only time that I would ever have to change from the Wets is when there is deep powder that calls for a 100mm or more waist. Overall I was very surprised and pleased with the performance of the Vishnus.

4. K2 Poacher

  • Stated Dimensions: 124-96-118 mm
  • Core: Double Barrel Aspen/Fir Core

Overview: 9.56

Getting first place in the Top 10 Jump Skis list, The K2 Poacher comes in at number four on this list because of its average rail and all-mountain performance. With multiple world-class athletes such as Colby Stevenson riding the Poacher skis, tons of great things have been done with this ski. However, it is rather traditional gear in terms of build and feel.

Rail Performance: 9.4

Very similar in feel to the ARV 94 and Prodigy 2s, the Poacher is K2’s iteration of a mid-90s all-mountain ski. That being said, it is still tons of fun to ride on. Because of the higher stiffness in the tips and tails, there is tons of pop throughout the ski, making jibbing and grinding tons of fun.

Jump Performance: 9.8

With stiffer tips and tails than the Vishnu’s, the K2 poachers are aimed towards the harder-charging skier that wants something solid under their feet that is going to give back just as much as they put in. That being said, the K2s have tons of pop throughout the skis that allow the rider to land off-center and not worry about washing out.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.5

Riding everything that is put in front of it, the Poacher’s stiff tips and tails help cut through soft snow and crud both on and off-piste. Overall the K2 Poachers are a great option for someone on the west coast looking for a one-ski quiver.

  • Stated Dimensions: 131-98-121 mm in the 172
  • Core: Poplar/Ash

Overview: 9.73

The “Magnum Opus” of X-Games Gold Medal athlete and free-skiing legend Henrik Harlaut, the Edollo is Harlout’s signature model in Armada’s line. Based on Harlaut’s style of skiing, the Edollo is made with softer tips and tails for the skier that wants to do some playful nose and tail-butters.

Rail Performance: 9.8

With the 98 mm platform underfoot, the Edollo has a great platform for 50/50’s and presses. Even with those super playful tips and tails, the Edollo doesn’t feel like it is going to wash out when doing presses on the tips. With Armada’s Comp base and thicker edges, the Edollo also stands the test of time.

Jump Performance: 9.8

Made legend by his performance at X-Games Aspen 2013, Henrik Harlaut is one of the best big air skiers in the business and that is shown in the Edollo skis. Even though they have smeary and butterable tips and tails, the taper of the ski, mixed with the progressive flex, has more than enough ability to catch you on an off-center landing.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.6

With 98 mm underfoot, this ski will give you more than enough float on softer snow. Even with their softer tips and tails, the Edollo provides more than enough support throughout the mountain, however, it can get a little squirrely on firm snow while hard-charging. Overall, these will be able to do whatever you want until the snow starts getting so deep you want a dedicated powder ski.

  • Stated Dimensions: 131-102-124 mm at 181 cm
  • Core: 100% Bamboo Core

Overview: 9.83

One of the most popular terrain park ski-dedicated brands in the business is ON3P and they hit the nail on the head here with the Jeffrey 102. With tons of pop throughout the ski and durability that makes them basically bomb-proof, the Jeffrey 102s are one of the best options for a one-ski quiver this year. One of the stiffer skis on this list, the Jeffrey 102 is still tons of fun throughout the entire mountain.

Rail Performance: 9.8

Known as one of the top rail ski makers in the country, ON3P does it again with the Jeffrey 102. Even though the Jeffrey 102s might seem a little large on the rails at first, the width quickly becomes unnoticeable. Because of the bamboo core, the swing weight is kept fairly low, allowing for the Jeffrey 102s to feel similar to something around 95 mm underfoot.

Jump Performance: 9.8

With the progressive flex throughout the tips and tails and the full bamboo core, the Jeffery 102s are more than capable of taking on everything from 40-foot booters to 40-foot cliff drops and everything in between. Even when landing off center the Jeffrey 102s have the tendency to self-correct, helping landings tremendously.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.9

With the second widest base on this list, the Jeffrey 102s have some of the best all-mountain capabilities that we have seen so far. Because of the progressive flex throughout the tips and tails, the Jeffrey 102 is able to straight-line even the choppiest of hills with minimal chatter and even less squirreliness

  • Stated Dimensions: 132-106-132 mm
  • Core: Bamboo/ Poplar Wood Core

Overview: 9.97

The second Vishnu ski to grace this list, it’s clear to see that I love Vishnu's skis. They are some of the most fun skis that I’ve ever ridden, and I am not sure that I’m ever going to buy another brand, especially if they end up making a powder ski (I doubt it, but fingers crossed!). With that being said, the Wides are very similar to the Wets in more ways than one. Described on the Vishnu website as having the same soft flex pattern as the Wets, the Wides are definitely some of the softest skis over 100 mm on the market, making them tons of fun no matter the conditions. With the same playful feel as the Wets, as well as the same rocker profile, the Wides truly are the big brother to the Wets, which will allow skiers of any ability level and even the most advanced skiers to have a great time.

Rail Performance: 10

With a very similar flex and feel to the Vishnu Wets, on a larger and overall more stable pattern, the Wides hit every box and rail with ease. Even with the larger waist, the Vishnu wides are still super light, weighing in only an ounce more than their smaller counterpart.

Jump Performance: 10

Previously I said that while I loved the way that the Wets rode, I wish that they had a little more stability on big landings. Well, that is exactly what the Vishnu Wides deliver. Because of the 18 mm wider profile, the wides provide that slightly larger base that permits a little more weight without washing out. Even better is the Wets still provide all of the butter-ability that is loved with the Wets, possibly making this one of the most rounded skis ever made.

All-Mountain Performance: 9.9

Sporting the same short tip and tail rocker profile as the Wets, the Wides ski super short and are still super quick despite their 106 mm waist width. Allowing for more float in the softer, fresh snow on a pow day, as well as less chatter at high speeds on resort groomers, the Wides have the answer for everything the wets left wanting. Overall, the Vishnu Wides have everything that you want from the Vishnu Wets, as well as fixing all the problems that you don’t want from them, making them the top spot on this list!

That's my list of the best overall park skis! Check out Choosing a Park Ski: Top 10 Skis for Jumps and Choosing a Park Ski: The Top 10 Rail Skis. If you have any questions about the skis above or want to find the best ski for your needs, reach out to a Ski Expert here on Curated—we'd love to get you suited up with the perfect park skis.

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