How to Improve Your Fly Casting with Jon Cave

Published on 01/06/2022 · 2 min readLooking to refine your cast? Fly Fishing teacher Jon Cave covers the basics and shares his tips and techniques on how to achieve an expert cast.
Robert Levin, Fly Fishing Expert
By Fly Fishing Expert Robert Levin

The choice of rod weight, reel, fly line, fly, and all the various accessories we fly fishers use depends on where we fish and what species we are targeting. It can be very different for each of us. However, the factor that impacts us all to a great extent, no matter where we fish, is how we cast. Learning the basics of fly casting, and being able to control the line to get the fly to where the fish are is a major contributor to success.

You need to learn the basic instructions from someone who is skilled at casting and who deeply understands the underlying principles of good casting technique. Otherwise, you reinforce the bad habits you might have picked up while on your fly fishing excursions. The fact is this, in comparison to the number of people that fly fish, there are not that many excellent fly casters who are good teachers.

That being said, we are very lucky to have one of the best in the sport be kind enough to share some of his knowledge with us through this article and video. Our instructor is Jon Cave, the owner-operator of the long-established Fly-Fishing School in the state of Florida. As an author and ambassador for Sage rods and Rio lines, this USCG-licensed fly fishing guide’s skills have been extolled by folks like Lefty Kreh. His credentials are exemplary.

Practicing Your Cast

Before you watch the video, I suggest you have a single-hand fly rod handy—preferably just the reel seat lower section with a reel mounted.

When watching, pay attention to Jon’s grip. How you grip the rod is crucial to good technique as you will see in the video. I suggest you pause the video where Jon demonstrates the grip and compare how you usually hold the rod to the proper grip. I think you will be surprised!

As time allows, practice what you have seen and learned here. For those that have been fly fishing for a long time, you have a steeper learning curve since it takes more effort than you might think to unlearn the bad habits you may have picked up in the time you have been fly fishing. By practicing the techniques Jon demonstrates, you’ll see that his instruction produces positive results and makes the process worthwhile.

All of this is covered in one of Jon’s books in detail which is available here. If you are interested in attending one of Jon’s classes you can contact him here. And, to get setup with the perfect fly rod of your own, reach out to a Fly Fishing Expert here on Curated!

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