Size Guide: Women's Camping & Hiking Tops

Published on 03/02/2022 · 34 min readCamping & Hiking Expert Alex K. makes it easy to find the perfect fit with this size guide for women's tops.
Alex K., Camping Expert
By Camping Expert Alex K.

Photo by Holly Mandarich

When it comes to hiking apparel, performance and wicking abilities are key, as a sweat-drenched body takes the fun right out of peak bagging on hot summer days. The same can be said about cold-weather and winter hiking, where it’s essential to layer appropriately to avoid life-threatening scenarios like hypothermia or frostbite.

The following is a guide to tops for outdoorsy women exploring the wilderness on foot. By conversing with a Curated expert, one can further narrow down the abundance of options based on their fit, purpose, and style preferences.

How to Measure

Chest/Bust Measure around the fullest part of your chest, underneath your arms.

Waist Measure around the smallest part of your waist, keeping the measuring tape slightly loose.

Neck Measure the circumference of the base of your neck.

Hip Measure the circumference at the widest part of your hips, standing with your feet together.

High hip Measure the circumference of the top of the hip curve, approximately 3" to 5" below the natural waistline depending on your height and body type.

Inseam With a pair of pants of your choice, measure the seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.


Sleeve29 ½30 ½31 ½32 ½3334
Waist2728 ½30 ½343841 ½
Hip36384043 ½4751

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: The Arc’teryx brand is synonymous with high-tech performance for wearers who want the very best outdoor clothing and don’t mind the price tag that comes with it. Whether it’s a lightweight, quick-drying T-shirt (with strategic stitching) for trail runners or an airy button-up (with easy-snapping buttons) for more sophisticated travelers, Arc’teryx has the high-end bases covered. Ready for work, play, or a casual outing around town, these shirts are also Fair Trade Certified™ and several offer sun protection for total peace of mind. They generally sport a relaxed fit for looseness in all the right places and come in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

What to look out for: The price point will scare most budget-conscious hikers off. Arc’teryx products are known for being incredibly lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and high-functioning; however, there have been some complaints regarding their lack of odor and sweat-stain resistance. For those looking for the best bang for their buck, there are less expensive options, but the unmatched durability of these garments is what makes them worth the investment.

Price range: $35 – $150

Black Diamond

Numeric Size0 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416
Waist25.5 - 2727.5 - 2929.5 - 31.532 - 3535.5 - 39
Bust32.5 - 3434.5 - 3636.5 - 38.539 - 41.542 - 45
Hip34.5 - 3636.5 - 3838.5 - 40.541 - 43.540 - 47.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Another high-performance brand that’s committed to sustainability and exceptional quality is Black Diamond. The brand caters to athletes (specifically climbers, mountaineers, and trail runners) with apparel that’s designed to move, breathe, and work with them during extreme adventures. The company has produced some of the lightest running shirts (short and long-sleeves) made with merino wool, which is naturally odor-resistant and oh-so-soft against the skin. The stretch and shape retention of its products are exceptional, and they can be counted on in downpours or sun-soaked outings on the trail. Black Diamond’s tops range from simple baselayer tees to zip-ups and hoodies, which are highly functional and stylish enough to be worn around town. They are known to be slim-fitting and range in size from XS to XL.

What to look out for: Black Diamond shirts are pricey, and their simplicity/lack of reflective details make them a bit of a vision hazard for those who want to wear them on bike commutes. Not all of its shirts offer sun protection.

Price range: $35 – $180


Numeric Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 14161820
Waist22 - 2424 - 2626 - 2828 - 3030 - 3333 - 3737 - 4141 - 45
Bust29 - 3131 - 3333 - 3535 - 3737 - 39.539.5 - 42.542.5 - 45.545.5 - 49.9
Hips32 - 3434 - 3636 - 3838 - 4040 - 42.542.5 - 45.545.5 - 48.548.5 - 52.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Burton caters to the effortlessly cool and cute outdoorsy types who want to look good on and off the trail and don’t mind spending a pretty penny on fashion. This Fair-Labor-accredited company offers everything, including bluesign®-approved baselayers, midlayers, hoodies, fleeces, tees, button-up shirts, and flannels in patterns and designs that are uniquely fun and extremely comfortable.

A staple in many of its products, Burton’s proprietary DRYRIDE Ultrawick™ fabric wicks moisture away from the skin at an accelerated rate to keep wearers dry while working up a sweat. These garments are stretchy, allowing freedom of movement and evaporation for comfort, particularly during cold-weather pursuits. They’re also equipped with stink-proofing, chafe-free seams, and many have built-in sun protection. Burton’s shirts run on the small side with sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

What to look out for: While Burton earns top marks for style, its clothing (particularly hoodies and fleece sweaters) tends to be on the heavier and warmer side, which can be too much for hiking. Stick with its baselayers, which have exceptional moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology, for strictly performance purposes and save the trendy tops for home or around town.

Price range: $40 – $180

Carve Designs

Numeric Size00 - 024 - 68 - 101214
Waist24 - 252627 - 2829 - 303132
Bust323334 - 3536 - 3738 - 3940 - 41
Hip353637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 44

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Carve Designs is a California-based, women-owned swimwear and apparel brand that specializes in swimwear for “real women with real bodies and a passion for adventure.” The brand prioritizes sustainability by using recycled and/or eco-friendly materials in 85% of its product line and plant-based, biodegradable packaging. Its tops are soft, comfy, beachy, and trendy, with a loungewear look that’s best suited for cocktails at the bar or a casual summertime gathering. Some of the tops are loose-fitting while others have a classic fit, but all generally run true-to-size. Sizes range from XXS to XL.

What to look out for: While Carve is certainly a lifestyle brand, its apparel is geared toward non-strenuous activities, so even its lightweight shirts (mostly tunics) should be considered everyday or casual wear—possibly yoga-worthy, but not for hiking. The tops are also known to run a bit long.

Price range: $50 – $160


Standard Sizing

Numeric Size24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416 - 1820
Waist25 - 26.528 - 2930 - 3132.5 - 3435 - 37.538 - 41
Bust32.5 - 33.534.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.539 - 40.542 - 43.544 - 46.5
Hips34 - 35.537 - 3839 - 4041.5 - 4344.5 - 46.547 - 50

Plus Sizing

Numeric Size16 -1820 - 2224 - 26
Bust43 - 4547 - 4951 - 53
Waist36 - 3847 - 4951 - 53
Hips45 - 4749 - 5153 - 55

Petite Sizing

Bust30.5 - 3232 - 33.533.5 - 35.535.7 - 3737 - 39
Waist23.5 - 2525 - 26.526.5 - 2828 -29.529.5 - 31
Hips34.5 - 35.535.5 - 36.536.5 - 3838 - 4040 - 42

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Columbia is one of those companies that has stood the test of time. It has specialized in outdoor gear since 1938 and knows what works when it comes to the outdoors. For those who appreciate function over fashion as well as comfort, warmth when it’s needed, and extensive sizing (petite, plus, and the standard XS through XXL), this brand has them covered. Its hiking/activewear shirts are moisture-wicking and many offer sun protection, not to mention that they’re a fraction of the price of most competitors.

What to look out for: With Columbia’s budget-friendly price tag comes a lack of color and style options, which makes for purely functional clothing that isn’t overly attractive. Its clothing also tends to run a bit small and is ideal for kids who will outgrow it quickly, as it’s not a huge investment. The company is also working on its environmental footprint but is lagging behind competitors in this department.

Price range: $15 – $90


Waist23 - 2425 - 2627 - 2829 - 3031 - 3233 - 3435+
Bust3132 - 3334 - 4536 - 3738 - 4041 - 4344+
Arm Length3030.531323232.533+

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Craft is a Swedish company that specializes in “performance training clothing,” specifically for running, cycling, mountain biking, strength training, and cross-country, alpine, and backcountry skiing. With that said, its thoughtfully crafted apparel (see what we did there?) is certainly appropriate for hiking, especially the vented baselayer tops and thermal midlayers. Craft clothing has a signature athletic fit that’s long and lean, just like the Swedes, and the clothing comes in sizes XXS through XXL.

What to look out for: For those who are the opposite of “long and lean” or don’t like tight-fitting clothing, Craft might not be the ideal pick. It’s also a high-performance brand that might be overkill for casual outdoorsmen and women.

Price range: $20 – $200


Numeric Size000-000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416 - 1820 - 22
Waist22 - 2324 - 2526 - 2728 - 2930.5 - 3233.537.5 - 39.5
Bust30 - 3132 - 3334 - 3536 - 3738.5 - 4041.5 - 43.545.5 - 47.5
Hip33 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041.5 - 4344.5 - 46.548.5 - 50.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: ExOfficio offers elegantly stylish, outdoor travel clothing that wards off wrinkles, bugs, sun, and water. Its shirts are durable yet lightweight, with technical features like back ventilation, front security pockets, and roll-tab sleeves designed for world travelers and backpackers. Most of its tops are button-up and are known for being quick-drying, moisture-wicking, travel-ready, and easy to wash. Some of the fabrics are bluesign®-approved. ExOfficio tops tend to fit a bit large, with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.

What to look out for: Polished style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the baggy button-up look may not be universally flattering. These high-tech shirts also come with a higher price tag, which may not be in a backpacking-couch-surfer’s budget.

Price range: $25 – $125


Waist23 - 2425 - 2627 - 2829 - 3031 - 3233 - 3435 - 36
Bust31 - 3233 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 44
Inseam33 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 4445 - 46

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: “Build fun into everything you do” is the theme of the Seattle-based company KAVU, which sells trendy lifestyle apparel and maintains a strong commitment to sustainability. Some of its shirts are made of organic cotton, and all are durable, stylish statement pieces that look best untucked, making them ideal for casual outdoor outings or hanging with friends. Sizes run a bit large and range from XXS to XXL.

What to look out for: The placement of KAVU’s logo and branding on the outside and inside of its shirts may be a bit much for some tastes, and the price of its tops may scare others off. Also, the off-kilter color schemes and designs might not be for everyone.

Price range: $30 – $90


Waist24.5 - 25.526 - 27.528 - 3032.5 - 33.533 - 3636.5 - 4040 - 43.5
Bust30.5 - 3232.5 - 34.534.5 - 36.537 - 39.540 - 42.543 - 45.546 - 49
Hip33.5 - 3535.5 - 37.538 - 4040 - 42.543 - 45.546 - 4949 - 52

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Marked by the mammoth logo, Mammut is a Swiss company and leader in sustainability (it was the first outdoor brand to join the Fair Wear Foundation). Mammut sells premium outdoor apparel and equipment for hikers, climbers, skiers, mountaineers, and “urbaneers,” with organic or bluesign®-approved clothing ranging from sporty, technical T-shirts and pullovers to casual shirts and hoodies. Mammut tops have a particularly refined look and can be depended on for their quality. Its insulated options have a high warmth-to-weight ratio while its thinner baselayers are extremely lightweight and thermo-regulating. The sizing is generous for tops in athletic, classic, and relaxed fits, and sizes are offered in XS through XXL.

What to look out for: Not everyone may be into sporting a woolly mammoth on their clothing. It’s also worth noting that Mammut designs its apparel to move a certain way for particular activities, so those looking for crossover/multi-sport pieces may want to consider other brands. The prices are on the high end as well.

Price range: $30 – $165


Standard Sizing

Numeric Size24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416-
Waist24.5 - 25.526.5 - 27.528.5 - 30.531.5 - 34.534.5 - 36.537.5 - 38.5
Bust32 - 3333 - 3536 - 3839 - 4142 - 4345 - 47
Inseam30 - 3131 - 3232 - 32.532.5 - 333333

Plus Sizing

Numeric Size14 - 1618 - 2022 - 24
Waist36 - 3840 - 4245 - 57
Bust42 - 4446 - 4851 - 53
Hip46 - 4750 - 5155 - 56

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: This American brand is often confused with Mammut (see above), but Marmot is not as expensive and caters more broadly to hiking, climbing, and snowsports. It also offers plus sizes, making it more inclusive. Marmot is also sustainably-minded, with a “People/Product/Planet™” philosophy. Its performance clothing tends to be lightweight, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. Marmot was the first North-American brand to use GORE-TEX® in its apparel and it has since built an extensive line of proprietary technology, including EvoDry™, a fabric that offers complete waterproof protection without the use of harmful PFCs. Its standard sizing runs a bit snug in sizes XS to XXL, but it also offers plus sizes from 1X to 3X.

What to look out for: While Marmot is a leading North-American outdoor brand, it falls behind some of its European competitors in terms of premier style and function. But for the price, it’s a great bet.

Price range: $14 – $160

Mountain Hardwear

Numeric Size0 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416
Waist25 - 2627 - 2829 - 3031 - 3334.5
Bust32 - 3334 - 3536 - 3738.5 - 4041.5
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041.5 - 4344.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: With “mountain” right in the name, Mountain Hardwear is a go-to brand for hikers, backpackers, campers, climbers, and mountaineers looking for mid-priced, quality, technical outdoor gear and apparel. The company’s clothing is incredibly durable and functional, with breathable tops made of recycled materials with built-in sun protection and soft, stretchy hoodies and midlayers for year-round comfort on the trail. The tops range from tighter-fitting athletic shirts to relaxed fits in sizes XS through XL.

What to look out for: Mountain Hardwear shirts are generally light, packable, and thoughtfully designed, which is great for those who use them as intended—but thumb-hole loops may not be everyone’s thing. Also, its sizing can be a bit tricky to pin down when buying online, as some find the brand runs small and others find items are too wide in the arms/body.

Price range: $35 – $120

Mountain Khakis

Waist25.5 - 26.527.5 - 28.529.5 - 30.531.5 - 32.533 - 34
Bust31 - 33.534.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.539 - 40.542

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Don’t be thrown off by the name, Mountain Khakis makes more than outdoor-oriented pants for women and men, with “premium outdoor clothing” known for being exceptionally rugged and neatly crafted. The brand subscribes to essentially every eco- and socially-friendly practice out there and offers a variety of shirt styles, from short and long sleeves to pullovers, hoodies, flannels, and sweaters. Its products mostly trend toward lifestyle wear for leisure hikes or outings, with some wildlife-themed T-shirts (made from organic cotton and recycled water bottles) or clothing bearing the “Mountain Khakis” logo. Most shirts sport a classic, true-to-size fit ranging from XS to XL.

What to look out for: Signature khakis are the company’s claim to fame, but the shirts are equally refined. The tops are mainly designed for casual, everyday wear rather than performance, so fast-moving adventurers may want more lightweight and breathable apparel.

Price range: $20 – 150

Outdoor Research

Waist24 - 26.526.5 - 2929 - 3232 - 3535 - 38.538.5 - 4242.5 - 46.5
Bust30.5 - 3333 - 35.535.5 - 38.538.5 - 41.541.5 - 4545 - 48.548.5 - 52.5
Hip33.5 - 3636 - 38.538.5 - 41.541.5 - 44.544.5 - 47.547.5 - 5151 - 55
Sleeve Length3131.53233343536

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: A Seattle-based company that’s been in the outdoor apparel and gear game for the last 40 years, Outdoor Research is a sometimes overlooked brand with exceptional quality at mid-range prices. It’s known for creating trustworthy, technical apparel and equipment for multiple outdoor sports, including alpinism, backpacking, rock and ice climbing, paddling, and backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

Outdoor Research is a founding member of Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Climate Action Corps and is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint. As the name suggests, the brand puts a ton of research and fine-tuning into its products, whether it’s thermo-regulating technology or water, wind, or sun protection, making Outdoor Research ideal for outdoor adventurers who love to geek out on gear. Fits range from next-to-skin (tight-fitting), trim, or standard, and sizes tend to run large, ranging from XS to 3XL.

What to look out for: Outdoor Research may be another tough one to pin down perfect sizing without trying on items first, as its measurements in a given size can vary. While it offers a great lifetime warranty, the quality of its gear is not quite that of Arc’teryx or Patagonia.

Price range: $35 – 140


Numeric Size000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 141618
Bust3233 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4343 - 45
Arm Length29.530.53131.7532.533.2533.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: The modern hippie’s alternative to Lululemon, prAna is an especially ethical and eco-minded clothing company that caters to those who are at one with nature and value simplicity over extravagance. It was founded in 1992 by two California yogis and rock climbers who wanted to offer “sustainable and stylish fashion for those who live active lifestyles.” While most of prAna’s tanks are designed for yoga, it also offers women’s and men’s hiking apparel that is mostly geared toward leisurely hikes and campsite attire that can double as everyday, casual wear. Its activewear has built-in sun protection and is typically tight-fitting. prAna apparel comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.

What to look out for: prAna’s purposeful and mindful clothing, often made of organic and/or recycled materials, comes with a high price tag. The lack of color options and minimalist style may not suit everyone’s taste.

Price range: $35 – 160


Numeric Size00-24-68-10121416

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Rab was founded by Scottish climber Rab Carrington in 1981 to fill a need for high-performing, rugged mountain equipment and clothing. The company continues to support adventure-seeking mountain climbers in their pursuit of the summit with gear that is lightweight, reliable, and specific, such as baselayers that offer next-to-skin comfort and breathability and midlayers that are moisture-wicking, warm, and stretchy. Rab tops come in a variety of vibrant colors and fits ranging from slim, regular, relaxed, and expedition (designed for layering at high altitude and in extremely cold temperatures). Sizes range from XXS to XXL.

What to look out for: Rab is another premium brand with premium prices, and its technical clothing may be overkill for casual hikers in mild climates. The brand has taken steps toward reducing its carbon footprint but is lagging behind some of its competitors in the sustainability category.

Price range: $35 – 185

Royal Robbins

Waist24.5 - 25.526.5 - 27.528.5 - 29.531 - 32.534.5 - 36.538.5 - 40.542.5 - 44.5
Bust32 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839.5 - 4142 - 4446 - 4850 - 52
Hip34.5 - 35.536.5 - 37.538.5 - 39.541 - 4244.5 - 46.548.5 - 50.552.4 - 54.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Royal Robbins makes outdoor lifestyle clothing for everyday and travel wear, with shirts that are packable and wrinkle-resistant — great for camping, light hiking, and backpacking around the world. The apparel is simple yet functional and made of high-quality materials, such as a sustainable blend of hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Its shirts are known to be comfortable and quick-drying, and they also run large in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.

What to look out for: Despite being named after a famous rock climber, this company’s apparel style falls more in line with leisure than performance. The relaxed-fit tops and muted color scheme also favor the tastes of a specific adult demographic.

Price range: $30 – 130


Waist25 - 2828 - 3030 - 3131 - 3434 - 3737 - 40
Bust32 - 3434 - 3636 - 3838 - 4040 - 4343 - 46
Hip34 - 3737 - 3939 - 4141 - 4343 - 4646 - 50
Sleeve Length303131323333

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Salomon is a French company that makes trail-running and hiking clothes and shoes, as well as ski and snowboard equipment. Its winter apparel is some of the best on the market, with layers that allow complete freedom of movement, ventilation, moisture management, wind/water/snow protection, and insulation. The trail-running and summer hiking tops are extremely lightweight and breathable, and all Salomon products have a sporty design that can make anyone look like an athlete. Its clothing is generally form-fitting, so one may consider sizing up if they want a baggier fit. Sizes run from XS to XXL.

What to look out for: This is another company that recently jumped on the sustainability bandwagon and is making changes to be more environmentally friendly, but is lagging behind some competitors. Its products tend to be more affordable than other premium brands, but may not be as durable in the long run.

Price range: $28 – 120

Sherpa Adventure Gear

Numeric Size000 - 000 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416 - 1820 - 22
Waist23.5 - 24.525.5 - 26.527.5 - 28.529.5 - 30.532 - 33.535.75 - 3840.25 - 42.5
Bust30 - 3132 - 3334 - 3536 - 3738.5 - 4042 - 4446 - 48
Hip33 - 3435 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041.5 - 4345 - 4749 - 51
Arm Length28.75 - 2929.5 - 29.7530.25 - 3.531 - 31.2531.75 - 3232.5 - 32.7533.25 - 33.5

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: “A small brand committed to making a big impact” is Sherpa Adventure Gear's tagline; every item purchased helps to fund a school day for a child in Nepal. This company was started to help communities in Nepal and caters to “people with open minds, big hearts, and a desire to explore.” Its clothing is categorized for either hiking or traveling, with lightweight tops made of sustainable materials like Tencel®. Sherpa Adventure’s apparel runs small, but its loose-fitting tops can be particularly flattering, and sizes range from XXS to XXL.

What to look out for: Lack of colors and high cost seem to be the main complaints, but who can put a price on funding a child’s education?

Price range: $20 – 99


Numeric Size24 - 68 - 1012 - 1416
Waist24 - 2526 - 2728 - 3031 - 3233 - 34
Bust32 - 3334 - 3536 - 3839 - 4041 - 42
Inseam29 - 3030 - 3131 - 3232 - 3333 - 34
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 44
Arm Length27 - 2828 - 2929 - 3030 - 3131 - 32

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Known for its socks, Smartwool is an industry leader in baselayers and midlayers as well. Its ethically sourced merino-wool apparel is simple yet highly effective in terms of providing next-to-skin comfort, warmth, moisture-wicking, and odor prevention during cold-weather activities. Shirts range from base-layer crews and hoodies to half- and quarter-zip midlayers. Smartwool’s clothing fits tight but true-to-size for layering and rebounds nicely even with repeated machine washing. Sizes range from XS to XL.

What to look out for: Smartwool shirts are mainly designed for layering, either as a first or a second layer, for winter activities, thus they aren’t the most flattering for wearing après-ski or around town. Its tops are also sold at a premium price.

Price range: $33 – 130

The North Face

Standard Sizing

Waist24 - 2526 - 2829 - 3132 - 3435 - 3839 - 42
Bust31 - 3233 - 3536 - 3839 - 4142 - 4445 - 48
Hip33 - 3536 - 3738 - 4041 - 4344 - 4748 - 51
Sleeve Length31.532.032.533.334.034.8

Plus Sizing

Waist36 - 3840 - 4244 - 46
Bust43 - 4547 - 4951 - 53
Hip46 - 4850 -5254 - 56
Sleeve Length31.532.2533

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: The North Face is a well-recognized outdoor clothing brand that’s taken a strong stance on improving its sustainability efforts, with products made of at least 75% recycled, regenerative, and/or responsibly sourced renewable materials. This company designs clothing and gear for hiking, camping, climbing, trail running, snowsports, and commuting, with tops that vary from casual to activewear. Its active tops offer UPF 50+ sun protection and moisture-wicking, while its casual shirts offer a more classic outdoorsy look for sitting around a campfire. Its sizing is generally true-to-size, offered in sizes XS to XXL.

What to look out for: With this brand name recognition comes a higher price tag. The North Face makes extremely comfortable apparel in popular styles, but it isn’t the most technical or high-performing.

Price range: $35 – $190

Toad & Co.

Numeric Size0 - 24 - 68 - 1012 - 14-
Waist25 - 2627 - 2829 - 30.532 - 33.534 - 36
Bust33 - 3434 - 3536 - 37.539 - 40.541 - 43
Hip35 - 3637 - 3839 - 40.542 - 43.544 - 46

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Good for: Toad&Co. is a sustainable, organic, eco-friendly clothing company that insists on “100% sustainability, 100% of the time.” With collections like “Hemp,” “Organic Cotton,” “Vegan,” and “Recycled,” it’s clear where the brand stands, and its clothing has a unique look that speaks for itself. If a customer doesn’t get a compliment within their first three times wearing an item or it doesn’t spark joy for them, Toad&Co. will take it back, which speaks to the types of statement pieces it offers. The tops are generally casual — made for everyday wear — and include “Save The Planet, Hike Nude” tees.

What to look out for: This clothing is geared toward everyday trendsetting and leisurewear as opposed to straight-up hiking, camping, or adventuring. Some clothing could be worn around a campfire, but don’t get too close to the embers; Toad&Co. is not inexpensive.

Price range: $35 – 150

Photo by Dmytro Matsiuk

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