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Ski Expert Hunter R. discusses her recommendations for ski-oriented podcasts. Plus, she shares a Spotify playlist with the best episodes of the podcasts discussed!

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Stuck in the office on a powder day? Sitting in traffic on your way up the canyon? Training at the gym to ensure those legs are strong enough to crush your ski goals this season? Need something to listen to that’s going to get you hyped up for your next time out on the slopes?

You’ve made it to the right place!

Here are the top five podcasts for anyone who loves skiing, along with a Spotify playlist link that includes a few of the top episodes from each show and some bonus episodes. Turn those new episode notifications on, because these five shows are regularly pushing out good content about skiing.

For simple, well-rounded, easy listening:

1. Next Level Skiing

Podcast cover of Next Level Skiing Podcast. Features a skier ready to descend a snowy slope.

Run by long-time ski journalist Jason Blevins, Next Level Skiing is a well done, popular podcast that has been running for a few years now. It releases new episodes almost weekly during the winter. What makes this podcast so good is both Blevins’ interview style and the diversity of ski-related topics he has interviewed people about on the show. There are episodes on everything, including nutrition, snow science, skiing form, avalanches, and mental blocks.

2. The Ski Podcast

Podcast cover of The Ski Podcast. Features blue background, white mountains, and the words "The Ski Podcast Because Knowledge is Power".

The Ski Podcast is based out of the U.K. and brings its listeners an even wider array of topics than the previous podcast. If you find that Next Level Skiing is not in-depth or global enough or if you are about to go on an overseas ski trip, check this one out. There are interviews with Olympians from different countries, episodes about many different aspects of the ski industry that you don’t often think about, and conversations about skiing in different locations ranging from New Zealand to Afghanistan.

For the important but often missed perspectives:

3. The Caroline Gleich Show

Podcast cover of "The Caroline Gleich Show". Features Caroline Gleich standing in front of a sunset.

Caroline Gleich is a professional mountaineer, ultramarathon runner, and adventure athlete. She has also been a huge advocate for climate reform and environmental justice within the outdoor industry. In my opinion, The Caroline Gleich Show is the most interesting and diverse of the five podcasts listed because she interviews a lot of people whose perspectives often get left out of the conversation (such as women and native skiers). Also, she addresses hard topics like climate change and inclusion in the outdoor industry. The whole show is not exclusively about skiing, as she has many episodes in the summer about running, climbing, and other adventure athletics, but the ones she puts out in the winter are nearly all ski-oriented.

For gear enthusiasts:

4. Gear:30

Podcast cover for Gear:30. Features red lettering of the words "Gear:30" with a black background.

If you are a gear junkie or in the process of shopping around for a new setup, you are going to want to check this podcast out. Gear:30 is a series of weekly conversations about new gear, technology, and products in the ski industry. Many of the episodes are with third-party die-hard skiers who are not affiliated with any brands, so they can just talk about what they do or don’t like about certain pieces of gear. Some episodes are interviews with people who work for a particular company, so they will explain their company's new product of the season, how it works, why it’s great, and more. Then there are some episodes which are interviews with pro skiers, asking them about what gear they use. If you don’t care much about ski gear, this show might not be as interesting to you, but if you are like me and get excited about gear or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest tech in the ski industry, you’ll like this one!

For backcountry skiers:

5. Totally Deep Podcast

Podcast cover for "Totally Deep". Features a black background with a blue snowflake and white mountains.

The Totally Deep Podcast is for uphill skiing enthusiasts. It’s run by two people who own Cripple Creek Backcountry, a ski shop in Carbondale, Colorado. They talk about everything, from backcountry safety to gear to crazy backcountry skiing stories. They have some interesting guests on the show and paint a great picture of the mental and physical demands of backcountry skiing.

One-Off Episodes

If that’s not enough ski-podcast content for you, here are a few one-off episodes that deserve some recognition for being inspiring stories, important conversations, or otherwise interesting.

  • Interview with U.S. Olympian Casey Andringa on The Herd Has Spoken: From living in a camper in the woods with his brother so they could focus on training to placing in fifth at the Pyeongchang Olympics, this interview with mogul skiing Olympian Casey Andringa covers his fears, inspirations, and road to the Olympics. This is a captivating story from start to finish!
Mogul skiing Olympian Casey Andringa stands in the doorway of the camper that he lived in while preparing for the Olympics. The camper is covered in snow and he is wearing American flag shorts.

Photo courtesy of Casey Andringa

  • Kristen Ulmer Embracing Fear on Last Chair: The Utah Ski Podcast: Kristen Ulmer is one of the best woman extreme skiers in the world, a fear/anxiety expert, a high-performance facilitator, and a published author. In this podcast episode, she talks about her journey to the top and how fear has played a role.
  • ​​Sacred Slopes on The Dirtbag Diaries: In this episode, Navajo skier Len Necefer talks about his recently found love for ski mountaineering and connecting the Navajo cultural traditions in the mountains where he was raised to his love of skiing in a society where that is unheard of.
  • Colby Stevenson on Ascension with Simon Dumont: X-Games gold medalist Colby Stevenson is one of the biggest names in freestyle skiing right now. His rise to the top started when he won his first World Cup a year after being in a car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury and shattered skull. The host is also a well-known freestyle skier, and he has a lot of other interesting guests on his other episodes.
  • How to Save the Outdoors with Protect Our Winters Executive Director on The Stokecast: Protect Our Winters is a non-profit that strives to turn outdoor enthusiasts into climate advocates under the united desire to protect places we all love. This conversation talks about that mission and why it’s important to push for change, especially in the winter sports community.
  • Black Crow Founders on Low Pressure Podcast: In this episode, founders of Black Crow skis talk about their idea for the brand, how they got started, and how they’ve dealt with the rapid growth of the brand and owning a still-smaller business amidst a pandemic.
Skier wearing red jacket and pants skis down steep slope with their Black Crow skis.

Black Crow skis in action. Courtesy of Black Crow

To save you the trouble of toggling back and forth between this list and your favorite podcast app, here’s the link to a playlist that includes a few of the top episodes from each of the five podcasts mentioned at the top, all the one-offs mentioned above, and a few bonus episodes: Podcasts for Skiers. Happy listening!

Think we missed any? Is listening to these episodes just not enough and you want to talk to a real person about skiing? Hit up one of our Ski Experts on Curated to chat about all things ski related!

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