The 10 Coolest Skiing Instagram Accounts to Follow

Ski Expert Hunter R. shares 10 recommendations of ski-focused Instagram pages that will be sure to keep you stoked to hit the slopes all year round!

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Whether it's easing your summer sadness about the 100-degree days in the forecast, working up the courage on a winter morning to deal with traffic to get some turns in, or you’re just wanting to spend your scroll time looking at sweet ski lines and learning about skiing, here’s a list of 10 skiing Instagram accounts that are going to have you slapping that “Follow” button.

1. Matchstick Productions - @mspfilms

Matchstick Productions, a ski film company based out of Crested Butte, Colorado, has been pushing out awesome skiing content since 1991. Its Instagram page is filled with video snippets from its films and clips of athletes that are sure to keep you stoked. Be sure to check out its newest film, The Stomping Grounds, which features several big-name skiers ranging from Michelle Parker to Colby Stevenson.

2. Nicolas Vuignier - @nicovuignier

Some of the most creative and interesting ski videos you’ll see are going to be on Nicolas Vuignier’s Instagram page. A professional Swiss freeskier and incredible videographer, he combines his love for skiing and art in a way that keeps you interested. Not only is the skiing incredible, but the way he edits his skiing clips together with other non-ski-related objects such as pencils and cakes will be unlike anything else you have seen.

3. Teton Gravity Research - @tetongravity

Teton Gravity Research (TGR), based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is arguably the most well-known extreme sports media company in the United States. Between surfing, skiing, and snowboarding, TGR is responsible for 40 award-winning films and several television broadcast series. Possibly its most famous is the series of films centered around Jeremy Jones, a professional splitboarder and the founder of Jones Snowboards and Protect Our Winters. TGR has an impressive Instagram full of jaw-dropping photos and incredible video footage.

4. Powder Magazine -@powdermagazine

Powder Magazine has been in print since 1972 but has had no problem adapting away from the world of printed text and into the modern world of online publication. The unique photos showcased on its Instagram page will be sure to have you scrolling slowly and drooling for powder days, but that’s not all. The magazine also has an incredible blog and newsletter that showcases work and stories from some of the world’s best ski photojournalists.

5. Aiare Official - @aiare_official and the American Avalanche Association - @american_avalanche_association

An avalanche research and education company, Aiare posts a lot of quality informational content regarding avalanche safety that is great to know whether or not you travel into avalanche terrain on your ski days. There are a few mini-series about education linked on its Instagram, and the company frequently shares stories about the backcountry that contain a learning moment to help make a more informed and educated backcountry community. Aiare is based out of Vail, but most of its avalanche education info is quite broad to all regions.

The American Avalanche Association is a similar nonprofit, education-based group that posts a lot of informational photos, diagrams, and videos about topics such as avalanche rescue and things to look out for in the snowpack. American Avalanche Association’s content is also quite broad and applicable to all skiers, no matter where you live.

If you are a backcountry skier, in addition to following these pages I would recommend finding the local avalanche forecasting center in your area and giving it a follow. Their pages usually post daily in the winter about conditions, things you should know, the state of the snowpack, and upcoming local events centered around safety and skiing. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of a few! Colorado: @caic; Washington/Northern Oregon: @nwacus; Central Oregon: @coavy; Utah: @utavy; California: @savycenter, @esavalanche; Montana: @mtavalanche, @flatheadavalanche

6. Elyse Saugstad - @elysesaugstad

Elyse Saugstad is a professional freeskier who won the Freeride World Tour in 2008. Originally from Alaska but now living in Utah, she has some of the most incredible ski photos you’ll see on Instagram. If that’s not enough, her husband, Cody Townsend (@codytownsend), is also a professional freeskier who is currently working on skiing all the 50 classic ski descents of North America (@the.fifty.project). If Saugstad’s Instagram isn’t enough, be sure to check those out too!

7. Connor Ryan - @sacredstoke

Connor Ryan is an indigenous Lakota skier who recently stepped into the spotlight as the center of a film called Spirit of the Peaks. The film features some incredible skiing as well as some important conversations, which is also exactly what you can expect to find on his Instagram page. His story is well worth a listen, as his path to skiing was unconventional compared to most.

With the future of skiing in jeopardy due to changes in the climate, Ryan’s indigenous worldview brings an important perspective and hopeful voice to the fight to protect the areas we love to recreate in. If you are looking for more content like this, Ryan and meme-king Dr. Len Necefer (@lennecefer) started the company NativesOutdoors (@nativesoutdoors), which seeks to diversify the outdoor community and empower native people for a sustainable world; it also has some quality content.

8. Candide Thovex - @candidethovex

Candide Thovex is a professional freestyle skier from France, known for his creative style and films. Though not as active as he once was on Instagram, when he does post, his skiing videos will be sure to impress you! If you want to watch more of his skiing, look up his videos on YouTube, like this one where he skis through a volcano and across the Great Wall of China — it will be sure to keep you entertained!

9. Walker - @walker_shredz

If you like Candide Thovex’s freestyle videos, here's another great account for you. Walker is a park skier based out of Park City, Utah. This insanely talented 11-year-old will have you saying “WAIT. He’s only 11?” Yeah, he’s 11. Already sponsored by big names like Armada, Full Tilt Boots, and Oakley, this is going to be someone you want to keep an eye on.

10. Protect Our Winters - @protectourwinters

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Protect Our Winters is a nonprofit organization started by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones (@jeremyjones). The organization’s mission is to help passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love in the face of climate change. Its Instagram page not only posts awesome skiing shots, but also information about nationwide climate events and important info on policy change concerning climate issues.

Occasionally, it runs a series called “Solutions Sundays” where it chooses one climate solution topic, such as solar farms or electric grids, and explains it in detail with diagrams and graphs. As winter enthusiasts, it’s hard to not get bogged down by the yearly changing snowpack and what that means for the sports we love, so Protect Our Winters is a great resource to get educated and learn how to take action!

Hopefully, these suggestions gave you some sweet new scrolling content for your Instagram feed! But if looking at photos and videos of skiing isn't enough and you want to talk skiing with a real expert, check in with one of our Ski Experts on Curated! We are always excited to hear about your awesome powder day or give you a second opinion on your next ski gear purchase!

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