10 Pro Skiers to Keep Your Eye on This Season

Published on 01/18/2022 · 6 min readSki Expert Michael Dobson gives a list of the top 10 skiers who you're going to have a blast watching as they take the sport to new levels!
Michael Dobson, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Michael Dobson

Photo by Eva Beer

As fans of skiing, we are spoiled these days. There are so many talented young riders pushing the boundaries across all disciplines of skiing, from the competition scene to the backcountry. When I first got into skiing, you had to mark your calendar for comps if you wanted to see what new tricks were getting hucked, and we had to wait all year to finally see what our favorite skiers on the film side had been up to. Now, with video cameras at everyone's fingertips, it’s never been easier to capture mind-bending moments and share them with the world and we can get to see our favorite athletes progress one clip at a time. These 10 skiers have been some of my personal favorites to watch these days. Check em’ out and give them a follow!

1. Matěj Švancer

One of the newer additions to the talented Red Bull pro team, Matěj is quickly making a name for himself as one of the best big air skiers on the competition scene with his brand of aggressive, stylish, and technical riding. At only 17 years old, he’s got quite the career ahead of him. If you’re into watching ski edits on Youtube, you might recognize his name from the Faction Collective’s edits from Saas Fee where he showcased a styled-out switch frontflip, nose butter dub 12s, and a switch quad cork 1620. In the clip above, he is throwing a triple cork 1440 on a snowboard. How about that Sean Petit?!

2. Mathilde Gremaud

Another powerhouse from the stacked Faction Collective and Red Bull teams! At only 21 years old, Mathilde has quickly left her mark on the women’s freeskiing scene being the first to land a switch double 1440 in competition, multiple X-Games gold medals, and a silver at the Olympics. Beyond pushing the sport from the competition side, her part in the Faction Collective’s newest film, Roots, features her freestyle prowess with an extra focus style.

3. Cole Richardson

Cole has been creating quite a buzz around himself on the film side of things for the last several years, which was cemented with his recent win of “Breakout Skier of the Year” at IF3 for his part in MSP’s newest flick, The Stomping Grounds. At only 20 years old, he’s shaping up to be a major name in the freeride scene. Whether he’s charging big mountain lines from a helicopter or fast laps at his favorite resorts in Canada, Cole is one of the most exciting skiers to watch alongside his pal and Head teammate Sam Kuch.

4. Coline Ballet-Baz

Coline began her ski career on the competition side of things, competing in slopestyle and big air comps across the globe. However, as of the last few years, she has adjusted her focus to the film side of the industry, culminating with the release of her all-women’s ski & snowboard movie Skivas, which features backcountry and street skiing from some of the most talented female riders in the industry. With a big feature in this year’s Legs of Steel release Long Days, Coline is at the forefront of the women’s backcountry freestyle scene and is sure to leave her mark for years to come.

5. Jake Mageau

Jake is easily one of the most creative and stylish riders to ever lock into a pair of planks. When it comes to street skiing, his spot selection and trick choice have earned him a fan’s choice and a gold medal in X-Games real ski. This past season, he paired up with renowned filmer Brady Perron for a project titled Freehand, which showcases Jake’s creative eye and ability, all within a stone’s throw of their homes in Utah. His technical prowess is nearly indescribable; you just have to see it. And after you watch, you’ll probably have to rewind a few dozen times to really grasp what you just witnessed.

6. Taylor Brooke Lundquist

Few can match the style and fluidity of Taylor Brooke Lundquist. She’s been tearing it up for Line skis for years now, making appearances in Strictly Creates’ Welcome, Coline Ballet-Baz’s Skivas, and becoming the first woman to compete in X-Games real ski. She’s also one of a select few skiers to land an interview on the snowboarding podcast The Bomb Hole. With critical acclaim and praise from all sides, Taylor’s skiing speaks for itself. Go check her out!

7. Colby Stevenson

You’d be hard-pressed to find another skier who’s as talented and well-rounded as Colby Stevenson. There is nothing this guy can’t do. Natural, unnatural, switch…it’s all the same to him, and Colby makes it all look smooth and effortless every time. You can catch him winning X-Games gold medals during competition season and Slvsh cups in his free time with plenty of edits and film parts with Level 1 and MSP peppered in.

8. Bella Bacon

East Coaster Bella Bacon has been making big moves in the last year. Her breakthrough performance led her to the finals in Level 1’s SuperUnknown, she has a small part in the Faction Collective’s newest film Roots, and even landed a coveted spot on the Red Bull ski team. Bella’s embrace of freestyle skiing’s tall-t roots and serious technical rail skills helped her gain a sizable following in a short amount of time and for good reason. She’s part of the new wave of young female freestyle skiers with a strong emphasis on style above all and it shines through every time she gets on snow.

9. Dylan Siggers

Dylan is one of those rare skiers that can turn any resort or backcountry feature into a gold mine of footage. Luckily, his buddies who make up the Burrrlapz crew are usually there with a camera to get the shot. Whether it’s laying hand drag carves, switch down groomers, or stomping switch landings off of cliffs, there’s never a dull moment with Dylan and crew. Their newest feature Football has everything you could ever want in a powder flick: cliff hucks, pillow lines, deep powder, and switch landings. All from a tight crew of friends who clearly know how to have fun together.

10. Elisabeth Gerritzen

Big mountain ripping, hard-charging style with some freestyle chops to boot. Reigning FWT champ Elisabeth Gerritzen has it in spades. In between FWT stops and climbing to the top of the podium, she also had time to shoot a film segment for the Faction Collective along with a bunch of IG edits along the way. When she’s not out chasing big technical lines around the world, she’s at home in Verbier taking it easy, dropping cliffs, skiing fast, and having fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Nothing quite gets the stoke going before heading to the hill like watching your favorite riders in your favorite edits. I still find myself re-watching ski films from years ago over and over, and I still get the same excitement to get out there and ski. I hope some of these folks can help add to the fun and keep it going on and off the mountain!

As much as it pains me to say, unlike my favorite ski flicks, my duct tape-covered jacket and p-tex ridden skis are not timeless. When those core shots and jacket tears become too many, it’s time to hang em’ up and get some new gear. Curated Experts like myself are a great resource to help figure out your next move and keep the stoke alive! Reach out and see what Curated is all about!

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