X Games 2022 Skiing - Highlights

The 2022 Winter X Games were wild from start to finish with jaw-dropping moments and surprises at every turn. Ski Expert Allie Staffen goes over it all!

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Aspen was in all its glory as usual for the Winter X Games, as it has been for the past 21 years, and Buttermilk Ski Resort certainly did not disappoint—whether you were there in person or enjoying the games from home in your PJ’s eating frozen pizza!

So there you have it, folks! The jumps have been stomped, the medals have been awarded, the stands have been emptied, and the après have ended. Now, what’s all being celebrated? If you missed out or just want more details on all of the groundbreaking history and stoke that happened over the past weekend, then buckle up and enjoy the ride! If you didn’t catch my pregame article, check that out to look back on my predictions!

The Aspen 2022 Winter X Games were wild from start to finish with jaw-dropping moments and surprises at every turn. We’re going over who showed up and threw down, the new faces that entered with a splash, and what gear everyone chose to send them to the next level.

Recap of the Games


Women’s Ski Big Air

Not a single athlete did the name of this event dirty. They all went big, but Tess Ledeux went even bigger. Actually, “bigger” is quite an understatement. The gold medalist made history eighteen minutes into the 30-minute jam session when she stomped a double cork 1620—becoming the first woman to do so in competition! Landing switch, Ledeux threw her hands in the air and the look on her face said it all. She knew at that moment that she was taking home the gold.

Rank 1. Tess Ledeux 2. Megan Oldham 3. Olivia Asselin (X Games Rookie who entered as an alternate) - with the Armada ARW 86 skis 4. Maggie Voisin - with the K2 Poacher Mr. Stash skis 5. Giulia Tanno 6. Elena Gaskell 7. Johanne Killi 8. Mathilde Gremaud

Women’s Ski SuperPipe

KELLY SILDARU HAS DONE IT! She has made history yet again. With her gold medal win in the SuperPipe, she has surpassed both Shaun White and Nyjah Huston for the most X Games medals of any teenager in history with TEN medals. Unbelievable!

Three rookies entered this event, and while all three were highly supported, the crowd erupted like nothing you have ever heard every time Hanna Faulhaber entered the SuperPipe. This Aspen local sent it on every run—flying four stories high on her first hit during her final run, which ultimately landed her in third place on the winner’s podium with a bronze medal!

A farewell to Devin Logan during her 12th and final X Games. Logan has two medals in Slopestyle, but the SuperPipe has eluded her. Honestly though, hats off to such an amazing athlete. What an X Games career! This familiar face will certainly be missed.

Rank 1. Kelly Sildaru 2. Brita Sigourney 3. Hanna Faulhaber - with the Volkl Revolt 86 skis 4. Zoe Atkin 5. Devin Logan 6. Dillan Glennie 7. Svea Irving 8. Annalisa Drew


Women’s Ski Slopestyle

As if Tess Ledeux didn’t go hard enough on the opening day of the X Games, less than 24 hours later she made history again. Not only did she become the first female to win gold in both Ski Big Air and Ski Slopestyle in the same X Games, but she also is now the first female skier to land two doubles in the same run during any X Games.

Rank 1. Tess Ledeux 2. Mathilde Gremaud 3. Megan Oldham 4. Johanne Killi 5. Kirsty Muir 6. Maggie Voisin 7. Kelly Sildaru

Men’s Ski Big Air

If you missed this event, please do yourself a favor and go back just to watch Alex Hall’s Run 6 where he goes to the future and absolutely stomps a 2160. Seriously, how many times can history be made in one weekend? These athletes have truly been showing up and showing off!

Rank 1. Alex Hall 2. Mac Forehand 3. Teal Harle 4. Edouard Therriault 5. Matej Švancer 6. Colby Stevenson 7. Andri Ragettli 8. Evan McEachran


Men’s Ski Slopestyle

How did three days go by so quickly? I may have been hitting laps in between events, but it seemed impossible that so much action could fly by in a blink of an eye. What also seems impossible is Andri Ragettli not only returning to the X Games 10 months after tearing his PCL but taking the gold in Men’s Ski Slopestyle! If you want to see Ragettli’s medal run, it’s Run 2 where he entered in 7th place from his first run and then stomped back-to-back 1620s with two different bio rotations that the judges and the fans went wild for.

Rank 1. Andri Ragettli 2. Max Moffatt 3. Alex Hall 4. Mac Forehand 5. Sebastian Schjerve 6. James Woods 7. Colby Stevenson 8. Nick Goepper 9. Evan McEachran 10. Christian Nummedal

Ski Knuckle Huck

As always, the Knuckle Huck did not disappoint! This jam session was anyone’s game, but only one skier walked away with the Golden Knuckles. This is the first year that a silver and a bronze medal was also handed out, instead of the previous winner-take-all approach. In his third X Games appearance, Quinn Wolferman proved that he deserved those knuckles! A worm turn 540 and a double cork 1080 solidified Wolferman taking home a gold medal as his first X Games medal.

With his third and final event of the weekend, Alex Hall has done what no male skier has done before at any X Games event. Hall medaled in three different disciplines and has made history once again this weekend.

Rank 1. Quinn Wolferman 2. Jake Mageau 3. Alex Hall 4. Colby Stevenson 5. Max Moffatt 6. Matej Švancer 7. Will Berman 8. Keegan Kilbride

Men’s Ski SuperPipe

Before we get into it, let’s address the elephant in the room—Alex Ferreira. Why wasn’t he on the podium? Aspen local and six-time X Game medalist withdrew himself in an email, the day of the competition, where he stated he was “saving himself for the Olympics.” Many familiar athletes did not attend this weekend, but we knew this already so Ferreira’s absence was shocking. While Ferreira left big boots to fill, Nico Porteous did not disappoint.

Rank 1. Nico Porteous 2. Aaron Blunck 3. David Wise 4. Noah Bowman 5. Birk Irving 6. Hunter Hess 7. Miguel Porteous 8. Ben Harrington 9. Gus Kenworthy

To find out about the snowboard events, check out X Games 2022 Snowboarding - Highlights!

Game-Changing Gear

A child hangs on a railing and watches the X Games while wearing a pink Curated hat.

Photo by Matt Jay

Obviously, it takes blood, sweat, tears, dedication, and confidence to do what these athletes do every day. However, it is also imperative to have the right tool for the job. Let’s take a quick look at some of the skis our champions were slinging through the air.

Rookie Hanna Faulhaber took the Volkl Revolt 86 forty feet into the air during the Women’s Ski SuperPipe and made it look effortless.

Alex Hall used a number of different Faction skis this weekend but made history with his 2160 during the Men’s Ski Big Air on the Faction Prodigy 1.0 LTD.

Men’s Ski Slopestyle gold medalist, Andri Ragettli, rocked the 2023 Volkl Revolt 90 on Sunday.

A Look Ahead

The countdown has already begun for the next big thing. While several athletes chose to not compete this past weekend in preparation for the Winter Olympics, they will be back smiling and ready to fight for that precious hardware on the world stage soon. Be on the lookout for X Games veterans and rookies alike next month in Beijing!

Thank you for hanging out with me during this exhilarating and epic three-day jam session. I had a blast, and I hope you did too! While you’re waiting for the Winter Olympics to start on February 4th, 2022, head on over to Curated to chat with me or any of our other Ski Experts to get you on some personalized gear so you can feel like a pro too, whether you’re just getting into the sport or training for the Winter X Games 2023!

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