The 5 Podcasts Outdoorsy People Should Subscribe To

Need some new listening material that will get you excited for your next adventure? Here's Ski Expert Hailey Gilmore's top 5 picks of podcasts for outdoorsy people!

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If you’re the type of person who dreams about the outdoors while you’re in your office or stuck inside, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Outdoorsy Podcasts to help satisfy your itch for adventure. While there are so many podcasts to sift through these days, and so many options for every type of person, I feel like there are some essential ones to subscribe to asap. Hopefully this list provides some inspiration to your adventures, and your podcast subscriptions!

1. Underneath It All

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While many people search for podcasts with the most jaw dropping stories or the most famous people to interview, this first pick is a much needed staple to listen to in the outdoor industry.

Underneath It All hosted by Grizel Caminas brings light to the often overlooked side of the adventure world—mental health. The mission of Underneath It All is to talk about mental health in the outdoors, how our time spent outside has helped us to heal or have breakthroughs in our mental health. The world of extreme sports and adventure often ignores the toll that sports and life can take on those who seem at the top of their game as well as everyday people. Underneath It All creates an understanding that everyone can struggle with mental health, and discusses how different people have found healing and solace in nature.

While many outdoor or adventure podcasts focus on epic tales of adversity in conquering a mountain or trail, Underneath It All focuses on the reality of overcoming those feats mentally. While some people struggle through mental blocks whilst being a professional athlete, most people are not professional athletes, and struggle with their own mental health issues. This podcast reminds us that nature is here to heal us, and help us to find our way when we’re at our lowest points. Adventure doesn’t always have to be about the peaks, but about coming out of the valleys.

2. She Explores

Cover photo of "She Explores". Features a tree and an ocean and a white outline of two geese flying.

If you’re searching for a beautifully produced and inspiring podcast about strong women in the outdoors, look no further than She Explores. You may already know about this podcast, as it has been around since 2014, but She Explores started out as a blog which then turned into so much more! Not only is this a podcast, but it’s a website, book and community that uplifts the voices of historically underrepresented groups within the outdoor world.

Gale Straub is the host of this podcast, although she has occasionally had guest hosts. Gale captures the stories of her guests in a way I haven’t seen in any other podcast. Whether it’s a combination of recording interviews while hiking with the guest, her soothing voice, or the way she makes you feel fully engulfed in the story, her podcast is truly a work of art.

She features women who have an important story to tell. Whether it's about a struggle in life healed by their time outside, or being the first female to conquer a specific trail, Gale paints with words in a way unmatched by other podcasts I have listened to. I always leave her episodes having felt a range of emotions, ‘inspired’ often being one of them. She features guests whom I often follow on social media immediately after finishing an episode because she brings on people who you truly want to know more about—people who are leaders in the outdoor community, whether it’s for taking on larger societal issues, or simply completing epic adventures whilst dealing with their own life.

I originally found myself skipping episodes that may have been a topic I wouldn’t normally be interested in, then one day, my phone kept going onto the next episode and I realized that even if the topic wasn’t my first choice, the stories of these incredible people, combined with the production value by Ravel Media and Gale Straub, make any topic engaging beyond words. Creating a space for greater inclusion within the outdoor community is vital. This podcast does exactly that. You will not be disappointed by subscribing to this podcast, no matter how you identify.

3. National Wildlife Federation Outdoors

Cover of "National Wildlife Federation Outdoors" Podcast. Features a green circle with mountains and a microphone and the outline of an elk.

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on conservation issues and programs within the United States, The National Wildlife Federation Outdoors has just the podcast! Bill Cooksey and Aaron Kindle host this super informative and educational podcast. Although there are only 86 episodes, they are all jam-packed with up-to-date information on conservation issues in the U.S. They largely focus on hunting and fishing conservation topics, so if you’re someone who likes to get outside in this way, or if you’re just someone who wants to know what the current regulations or problems surrounding the fish and game world are, you’ll be glad you subscribed.

Cooksey and Kindle bring in experts on the topics, so you know you’re getting the best source for any issue they’re covering. Although this may not have been my first choice for a podcast, I found their episodes extremely informative and applicable to my use of public land. Something I think we can all agree on as ‘outdoorsy’ people is that our public lands, and those animals who call them home, are extremely important. So, brushing up on the issues they face and the regulations that protect them, can only increase and enhance your enjoyment of these lands. I highly recommend this podcast that is a mix of education, entertainment, and important topics.

4. You’re Gonna Die Out There

Cover of "You're Gonna Die Out There". Features a drawing of a scared woman with long hair holding her hands up.

Maybe you’re someone who likes to learn about the outdoors, but don’t want to feel like you’re getting bombarded with information in a clinical way. Perhaps you find nature is lacking some excitement and would like to learn random or weird facts about the natural world that leave you scratching your head—or maybe you even want to hear some stories that might freak you out a little! Well, do I have a podcast for you! You’re Gonna Die Out There is a podcast that will have you double-checking if the batteries in your headlamp are working, while also learning about incredible odd and interesting facts!

If you read the reviews for You’re Gonna Die Out There, you’ll find a common theme: friendship! The hosts, Jen and Megan, have been described in almost all of their reviews as “bffs” and that listening to them makes you feel like you’re one of their bffs as well. While they’re sometimes covering near-death experiences, you still feel like a friend has come over to tell you about their latest adventure.

This podcast combines learning, slightly spooky stories, and nature into one cozy podcast. However, if you have little ears with you whilst listening to your podcast, they do use some harsh language, so you’ll want to be mindful of that! You’re Gonna Die Out There is unlike any other podcast I have found. I find it to be extremely casual while also super informative, a very nice mix for your ride to work or a walk in the woods. For me, this combines a lot of different aspects of being an ‘outdoorsy’ person—nature, thrills, fun facts, oddities and casual friendships. Subscribe today to add some bffs to your friend list!

5. The Dirtbag Diaries

Cover of "The Dirtbag Diaries". Features a yellow circle with "the Dirtbag Diaries" written in white.

Of course, we couldn’t have a Top 5 list without mentioning an absolutely classic and long proven favorite, The Dirtbag Diaries. If you’re not already subscribed to this, well then are you really an outdoorsy person?! Joking aside, there has to be a reason why this podcast has been around so long, and why it’s usually the first to pop up when searched for an outdoorsy podcast or when you ask someone for a recommendation. Hosted by Fitz Cahall and produced by Duct Tape Then Beer, this podcast also brings in some heavy-hitting sponsors. You may have heard of little companies by the names of Patagonia, Küat Racks, and Kicking Horse Coffee. Well, if it’s good enough for them it's probably good enough for us!

Their stories range the gamut of topics, from surfing to painting outside, biking and lessons learned. They also have two reoccurring episode themes within their regular lineup. One is titled ‘The Shorts’ where they feature shorter stories, usually around 15 minutes packed with adventure and beautifully written storylines. The other series is called ‘Tales of Terror,’ a yearly episode they put out every Halloween. The ‘Tales of Terror’ combine the outdoors and some seriously scary, usually unexplainable occurrences. From murders, skin-walkers, and apparitions, these episodes can really create some shivering spines.

While the episodes are always action-packed and tell stories of incredible feats and obstacles, they are also beautifully written. Listening to this podcast feels more like listening to a book on tape. The sound quality and storylines really pull you in, almost as if you are in these mountains or campsites with the people!

This list provides a little something for everyone! From mental health, education, and straight-up adventure, they all will have you wanting to pack your hiking bag or lace up your boots. I believe that the best outdoor podcasts not only inspire you to get outside but make you think as well. Hopefully, this list provided you with something new to listen to, something you may not have picked out yourself, and something that will expand your understanding of the outdoors! We all have a special place within nature that we find home in, and these podcasts help you to see that we can find this anywhere, no matter our circumstances. These 5 podcasts are equipped with incredible storytellers that have all provided me with something different within the outdoor community, and I hope they do the same for you. Now go subscribe to them!

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