Kings and Queens of Corbet's 2022 - Highlights in Snowboarding

Missed the action in Jackson this weekend? Follow along with Snowboard Expert Bri Dornisch as she covers all the excitement that went down at Kings and Queens.

A snowboarder in pink sits at the lip of the coulier.

Photo by Amy Jimmerson, courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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Twenty-three of some of the most talented and inspiring freeriders out there came together on February 17 at the 5th annual Kings and Queens of Corbet’s in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. To say they brought the fire is putting it lightly. Of the 23 participants, the contest included eight male snowboarders and four female boarders. Skiers and riders were judged on their lines only by their fellow competitors at a watch party the following day. The weather was weird, but the stoke was high, and a new King and Queen have deservedly taken the thrones!

Cam Fitzpatrick, a snowboarder local to Jackson and a five-time competitor, was the first to drop in. He prefaced the day’s conditions stating, “Conditions change all the time, but I feel like the vibes never change,” and it can’t be summarized better than that. With a harder-packed landing than previous years, the athletes had to get creative, taking more cautious routes into the couloir. Though the snow through the chute and overall weather throughout the day brought new challenges, the stoke was electric from start to finish.

Hans Mindnich and Piper Kunst walked away with the proud new titles of King and Queen after runs that left viewers everywhere in awe.

Hans took second place in 2020 and 2021. However, this year, he upped the ante—starting his first run with a smooth frontside 3, heading towards the kicker where he nailed a backside 3 tail grab, and hitting another big frontside 360 off the Crowd Pleaser jump. His second run further proved his freeride expertise with a flawless execution of a switch entry, another frontside 3 that he stomped into the chute, air off the rocks in between Corbet’s & neighboring S&S couloir, switch riding through the powder to finish on the Crowd Pleaser with an ultra-clean backside 1080. Watch his riding below!

Skier and first-timer at Corbet’s, Piper Kunst executed a huge laid-out backflip, exceptional powder skiing, and a beautifully smooth leftside 360 off the Crowd Pleaser. WILD. A huge congratulations to both Mindnich and Kunst on those edgy and explosive performances!

The impressive runs didn’t stop there, though. Signal rider Yuki Kadono took second place after two runs that inspired the other athletes and the crowd. His second run started strong with a backside 360 hand drag off the lip, crazy speed through the middle into S&S couloir, and a massive backside 1080.

Local skier Corey Jackson took the People’s Choice Award after two high-intensity runs utilizing a switch 180 drop-in and a huge back 720. Other big snowboard tricks to note included Ryan Wachendorfer’s double backflip off the Crowd Pleaser and Cooper Branham’s wildcats off the kickers.

The incoming weather brought more and more challenges as the day progressed, but the energy level never dwindled. That couldn’t have been more clear than when Banff snowboarder, Audrey Hebert, rocked her second run through the snow-blown couloir wearing a short purple prom dress!

Watch the full broadcast from Red Bull below!

All around, it was an incredible day in Corbet’s Couloir. Congrats to everyone who braved the beast and put on an amazing show for freeride fans around the world!

Feeling that snowboard stoke?? Whether you’re ready to try your hand at the sport for the first time or add another board to the quiver, get ahold of one of our Snowboard Experts! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself looking down the belly of the Corbet’s Couloir beast! Stay shreddy, out there, y’all!

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