Size Guide: Men's Fishing Waders

Find sizing information for Men's Fishing Waders, with guidance from Fishing expert Steven Merchant on what to consider.

Man wearing Orvis fishing waders, casting his rod.

Photo courtesy of Orvis.

Waders are an indispensable piece of fishing equipment. Being able to stay dry, warm, and comfortable keeps a person on (and in) the water longer, leaving more time for fishing, more fish caught, and more fun. Waders come in many types and sizes; there are waders made for anglers who wade deep and long into icy waters, and waders designed for long hikes and knee-deep wading. Most quality brands offer numerous sizing and type options, especially in their top-of-the-line models.

At Curated, our Fishing Experts spend the time to get to know our clients so we can find the most effective, comfortable, and price-effective wader options for them, eliminating the confusion and insecurity that can come with shopping online. Chat with a Curated Fishing Expert to get free recommendations for waders that suit your needs.

How to measure

Chest Measure around the fullest part of your chest, underneath your arms

Waist Measure around the smallest part of your waist, keeping the measuring tape slightly loose.

Neck Measure the circumference of the base of your neck.

Sleeve Measure by starting at the center of your back at the base of your neck, all the way along to your wrist.

Hip Measure the circumference at the widest part of your hips, standing with your feet together

Inseam With a pair of pants of your choice, measure the seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.

Unless stated otherwise, all measurements are in inches.

Caddis Systems

Breathable Stockingfoot Wader


SizeSmallMediumLargeX LargeXX Large
Max. Inseam35”36”37”39”39”
Max. Girth44”46”48”54”56”
Max. Foot9.510.511.51213


SizeMedium StoutLarge StoutX Large StoutXX Large Stout
Max. Inseam37”39”40”42”
Max. Girth50”54”57”64”
Max. Foot10.511.51213


SizeMedium LongLarge LongX Large Long
Max. Inseam39”40”41”
Max. Girth48”50”52”
Max. Foot10.511.513

Short Stout sizes available = subtract 3” from the inseam

Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader


SizeSmallMediumLargeX LargeXX Large
Max. Inseam27”30”31”33”35”
Max. Girth36”39”41”44”45”
Max. Foot6 - 97 - 109 - 1210 - 1312 - 14


SizeMedium StoutLarge StoutX Large StoutXX Large Stout
Max. Inseam30”31”33”35”
Max. Girth41”44”46”48”
Max. Foot7 - 109 - 1210 - 1312 - 14


SizeMedium LongLarge LongX Large Long
Max. Inseam33”34”36”
Max. Girth38”40”42”
Max. Foot7 - 109 - 1210 - 13

Short Stout sizes available = subtract 3” from the inseam

Good for: Caddis Wading Systems offers a complete line of Men’s Waders for anglers looking for a value-oriented product. They offer both neoprene waders for cold water, and breathable waders for all-season use, including both stocking foot and boot foot models. Their breathable models utilize CaddisDry® fabric technology which is a 5-ply system that includes two separate layers of breathable fabric. Neoprene waders are offered in both 3.5 and 5 mm models. Options have various features such as waterproof zippered fronts, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, and reinforced knees and seats. Caddis Systems offers twelve different sizes in both their stocking foot and boot foot models. All models include a wading belt.

What to look out for: Caddis System Waders are great value-wise for those looking for an affordable product but are likely not the best choice for guides and professionals that spend hundreds of days in the water annually. They offer a one-year limited warranty.

Price range: $129 - $249



Chest34” - 36”38” - 40”42” - 44”46” - 48”50” - 52”
Pant Inseam up to:28” - 30”30” - 32”30” - 32”30” - 32”30” - 32”
Bootie Range (US Sizing)7 - 99 - 1110 - 1210 - 1211 - 13


Chest38” - 40”42” - 44”46” - 48”50” - 52”
Pant Inseam up to:28” - 30”28” - 30”28” - 30”28” - 30”
Bootie Range (US Sizing)8 - 109 - 1110 -1211 - 13

Long & XLong

Chest38” - 40”42” - 44”42” - 44”46” - 48”46” - 48”
Pant Inseam up to:32” - 34”32” - 34”34” - 36”32” - 34”34” - 36”
Bootie Range (US Sizing)10 - 1232 - 3412 - 1411 - 1312 - 14

Good for: Orvis has four models of waders for men; three are stocking foot models, and one is a booted foot – all of which are made from breathable, waterproof materials. Their wader line includes premium models for the expert and/or professional angler, and they also offer a high-quality model designed for anglers new to fishing. Orvis waders are made with an athletic fit to eliminate unnecessary bulk, and are built with either 4 or 5 layers of fabric depending on the model. Their base model includes features like an external pocket, kangaroo-pocket, and wading belt, while premium models often include a front zipper, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, external pocket, removable OrthoLite® knee pads, and fly patch. In terms of sizing, Orvis offers their waders in fourteen different sizes depending on the model. Orvis donates 5% of its pre-tax profits to protect nature and is committed to repairing its products to reduce landfill waste.

What to look out for: Orvis does not offer neoprene models, so cold weather anglers who like neoprene will need to look elsewhere. Occasional anglers on a budget may not like the high price point.

Price range: $229 - $749


SizeSSS (Small - Short Length)SRM (Small - Reg Length)MXM (Medium - Extra Short Length)MSM (Medium - Short Length)MRM (Medium - Reg Length)MRL (Medium - Reg Length)MLM (Medium - Long Length)MLL (Medium - Long Length)
Shoe Size6 - 89 - 119 - 119 - 119 - 1112 - 149 - 1112 - 14
Height5’5” - 5’8”5’10” - 6’5’2” - 5’5”5’6” - 5’9”5’10 - 6’5’10” - 6’6’1” - 6’4”6’1” - 6’4”

*Largest girth (chest, waist, or hips)

SizeLSM (Large - Short Length)LRM (Large - Reg Length)LRL (Large - Reg Length)LLM (Large - Long Length)LLL (Large - Long Length)
Shoe Size9 -119 - 1112 - 149 - 1112 - 14
Height5’6” - 5’9”5’10” - 6’5’10” - 6’6’1” - 6’4”6’1” - 6’4”

*Largest girth (chest, waist, or hips)

SizeXSM (XL - Short Length)XRM (XL - Reg Length)XRL (XL - Reg Length)XLL (XL - Long Length)2RM (XXL - Reg Length)3LL (XXXL - Long Length)
Shoe Size9 - 119 - 1112 - 1412 - 149 - 1112 - 14
Height5’6” - 5’9”5’10” - 6’5’10 - 6’6’1” - 6’4”5’10” - 6’6’1” - 6’4”

*Largest girth (chest, waist, or hips)

Good for: Patagonia offers five models of waders; all in stocking-foot, and all are made with waterproof, breathable material. Their waders are designed primarily for expert/professional anglers. Patagonia waders have a somewhat more relaxed fit than some other premium brands, and depending on the model, they are made with 3 to 5 layers of fabric for durability. The very top-of-the-line model includes a waterproof front zipper, handwarmer pockets, waterproof phone pocket, scuff guards, and removable knee pads.

Patagonia is a leader in sustainability, pledging 1 percent of all sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. And, nearly 90 percent of their total line uses recycled materials, organic cotton, and is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn. Their packable model weighs only 26 ounces and is a technologically advanced wader made with recycled materials. All models come with a wading belt and waterproof pocket for a phone and key fob. All Patagonia waders are backed by their Ironclad guarantee and are offered in up to nineteen different sizes.

What to look out for: It may be worth exploring other options for those who are on tight budgets, or are looking for the most athletic-fit wader. Also, Patagonia does not offer a boot foot wader or neoprene model.

Price range: $349 - $749


Chest36” - 38”39” - 41”42” - 45”46” - 48”49” - 51”
Waist29” - 31”32” - 34”36” - 38”39” - 42”43” - 46”
Sleeve32” - 33”33” - 34”34” - 35”35” - 36”36” - 37”
Neck14.5” - 15”15.5” - 16”16.5” - 17”17.5” - 18”18.5” - 19”

Good for: Redington offers seven different models of Men’s Stocking Foot Waders, all of which are made with breathable, waterproof fabric. Known more for value-oriented fly fishing gear, their wader lineup includes models for beginners to advanced anglers. Their waders are constructed of 3 to 4-layer waterproof and breathable fabrics, with front zippers, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, and integrated tool docks available as options. Redington offers between five and thirteen different sizes depending on the model. All models include wading belts.

What to look out for: The least expensive model available has limited size availability. Because Redington does not offer a neoprene wader, winter anglers in cold climates might prefer other options.

Price range: $149 - $599


Pant Wader SizeSS KingMM ShortM KingM Long
Inseam*31” - 32”31” - 32”33” - 34”29” - 30”33” - 34”35” - 36”
Waist28” - 32”30” - 34”32” - 36”32” - 36”34” - 38”32” - 36”
Stockingfoot Size7 - 87 - 89 - 119 - 119 - 119 - 11
Pant Wader SizeLL ShortL KingL LongXLXL KingXL Long2XL
Inseam*33” - 34”31” - 32”33” - 34”35” - 36”35” - 36”35” - 36”37” - 38”35” - 36”
Waist36” - 40”36” - 40”38” - 42”36” - 40”40” - 44”42” - 46”40” - 44”44” - 48”
Stockingfoot Size9 - 119 - 119 - 119 - 1112 - 1312 - 1312 - 1312 - 13

NOTE: Sizes available vary by wader model. *Crotch to floor length

Good for: Simms offers six models of men’s waders, and while their reputation was built on their premium waders designed for expert/professional anglers, they offer waders for all types of anglers. Most models are stocking foot, and all are made with waterproof, breathable materials. Simms waders in their premium lines have an athletic fit to reduce drag in the water, and use 3-4 layer GORE-TEX. Their value-oriented model uses three and four layer coated polyester and has a more relaxed fit. Depending upon the model, accessories include front zippers, tippet tenders, flip-out pockets, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, and a wading belt. Simms offers a total of 25 different men’s wader sizes, with several boot-foot models are available. Simms waders are made in Bozeman Montana, and all models have a 60-day replacement “no questions asked” policy, and a 365-day free wader repair warranty.

What to look out for: Simms has a limited number of boot-fit waders, and no neoprenes, and their premium models are at a high price point. For those interested in Simms waders, reach out to a Curated expert for advice on buying the correct shoe size, as buyers may need to buy one size larger than their street shoe size.

Price range: $199 - $849

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