Expert Review: Daiwa Tatula Elite Pitching/Flipping Reel

This review is my honest opinion of the pitch/flipping reel, which I bought with my own money in April 2021.

Casting the Daiwa Tatula P/F on my custom rod.

Casting the Daiwa Tatula P/F on my custom rod. Photo by Brayden Sharp

About this review This review is my honest opinion of the pitch/flipping reel, which I bought with my own money in April 2021.

My take

The Daiwa Tatula Elite Pitch/Flipping Reel is definitely not a beginner reel, recommended for intermediate to experienced anglers. This is a reel specifically for flipping and pitching for bass.

Daiwa Tatula P/F - Front View.

Daiwa Tatula P/F - Front View. Photo by Brayden Sharp

About the reel

  • Model: Daiwa Tatula Pitch/Flipping Reel
  • Reel Size: 80
  • Construction: Baitcaster
  • Drag System: Star drag
  • Drag Pressure: 12.1lb

About me

  • Preferred fishing style: Freshwater power fishing
  • Experience: 8 years

Test conditions

  • When I bought this: April 2021
  • Rod Paired with Reel: 7’8” Heavy Power-custom rod.
  • Line Paired with Reel: Braid 65lb / Fluorocarbon 25lb
  • Days tested: 200
  • Waters I’ve used it on: Freshwater
  • Species targeted with reel: Bass

How it performs


What I was looking for

I was looking for a reel to throw big baits for those big fish tight in the thickest of cover. I wanted a reel that was ultra-smooth for accurate flips but also lightweight to cut back on fatigue.

Why I chose this gear

I went with this for the excellent price for the quality of the product I was getting. I also love Daiwa’s products so I wanted a trustworthy product for my favorite way to catch fish. This is my favorite reel I’ve used. It has a bigger handle to allow me to really have power when pulling in those big fish.

What I love about it

  • Performance: This reel took me some time to figure out. It comes pre-set with the spool tension at the lightest setting so that casting will be the smoothest it can ever be. This can make it difficult to use for beginners who are not used to light brake settings. The retrieval on this reel is second to none. In most heavy-duty reels, I can feel the big gears, but not this reel. It is buttery smooth.
  • Quality: The gears inside this reel are so strong but it’s still one of the smoothest reels I’ve used. This reel allows me to fish heavy baits all day.
  • Versatility: Not a beginner reel, as the light brakes can make backlashing happen if the angler does not have much experience with baitcasting gear and the flipping technique. This reel works EXCELLENT since I was only looking to flip with it.
  • Durability: This is a super durable reel, heavy-duty gears for the most powerful of baits. Even after putting this reel through the heaviest of cover and baits for a year-long tournament season, I see and feel no wear on the external casing or internal gears
  • Application: Specifically for close-range flipping and pitching. Throwing heavy baits in heavy cover. This reel is finding that bass of a lifetime in the thickest of cover. Where other reels struggle to have the power, this reel will allow me to wrench out that big fish.
  • Size: This reel has a shallower spool so I cast smoother and cut down on excess materials making this reel ultra-lightweight and making room for bigger, stronger gears. This reel is narrowed down to the specific flipping technique for bass
  • Drag System: Very smooth 12.1ibs of drag
  • Feel: Very light-weight (6.9oz) reel. One of the lightest flipping reels on the market.
  • Build: Carbon frame with a very compact size while keeping heavy-duty gears.
  • Aesthetics: Smooth matte black finish. The matte finish has held up well after being in a rod box bouncing around with several other rods.
  • Features: Larger 100mm size handle, Aluminum body, T-Wing line guide (TWS), Zero Adjust spool tension
  • Maintenance: I haven’t had problems with the gears inside the reel. I keep it oiled in the middle of the season, it just depends on the feel for me.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Backlashing: Can be tricky to figure out how to cast without backlashing, once you figure it out you won’t have a problem.
  • Versatility: Freshwater shallow spool, close range, technique ONLY. This reel is the best for flipping close range, heavy baits. For those who want a reel to cast and retrieve, go with the standard Tatula Elite instead.
Daiwa Tatula P/F - Top View.

Photo by Brayden Sharp

Daiwa Tatula P/F - Side View.
Daiwa Tatula P/F - Side View.

Photo by Brayden Sharp

Favorite moment with this gear

This is my absolute favorite reel to use for my favorite way to catch fish. I have used this to catch some of the biggest fish I’ve ever caught using jigs and heavy Texas rigged baits. The high-speed gear ratio allows me to catch up to any fish who runs toward me paired with the larger handle to help fight those bigger fish.

Value for the money vs. other options

This is a higher-end reel, but it was worth every cent I spent on it though. I would compare it to the Lews Team Pro SP. For those who love fishing jigs and Texas rigs, there is no better reel out there. Anglers who fish those baits would appreciate quality gear and know how much it makes a difference.

Final verdict

Out of all the flipping reels I have ever used, this is my favorite. For anglers who are powers and target bass under heavy cover fisherman, they NEED to pick this reel up. It has changed the way I flip and pitch for bass.

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Daiwa Tatula Elite Pitching/Flipping Reel
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