8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Fly Fisher Moms

Published on 04/26/2022 · 6 min readLooking for the perfect Mother's Day present for the mom who loves to fly fish? Check out these eight great ideas sure to get mom excited for days on the water.
Joseph Smith, Fly Fishing Expert
By Fly Fishing Expert Joseph Smith

Photo by Joseph Smith

With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, are you in full panic mode? Are you looking to get something unique or different this year? Do you have a mom who loves to fly fish? Even if she’s a beginner, there is no need to bypass fly fishing for gift ideas! After all, women such as Dame Juliana Berners have had a long history of contributing to the sport. Even Queen Elizabeth II of England was known to be an avid angler in her youth!

There are options below, whether your mom already fly fishes or if she’s thinking about giving it a try! To find the best Mother’s Day gifts, I asked the women who fish in my life what they would like to receive. Here are some gift ideas that I believe will bring a smile to your mother’s face.

1. Waders

No longer does mom need to conform to the bulky waders designed to fit men! Many companies now have waders that are specifically designed for female bodies. These waders are contoured to fit in the hips and thighs better, and the feet are designed to be anatomically correct, all adding to increased comfort. Check out these top options below.

Simms Tributary Waders

These breathable waders are lightweight for your mom’s comfort. Added pockets help store gear and keep her hands warm when wet. As an extra bonus, these waders are backed by the Simms warranty, ensuring many years of problem-free usage.

Orvis Clearwater Waders

These breathable waders also have great gear-storing pockets and allow mom the option of having these waders at a traditional chest height or converting them to a waist height to make wading more comfortable on hot days.

2. Wading Boots

If you are thinking about new waders, you might need some wading boots to go with them. Pick something out that is more feminine and a better fit for mom! Dad’s old wading boots just are not going to cut it anymore. Designed for comfort and safe wading, these boots will make mom feel light on her feet.

Simms Flyweight Boot

These boots are lightweight, comfortable, and provide traction in rocky riverbeds.

Simms Freestone Boot

These boots were built with a high-cushion midsole for comfort. The felt bottom of these boots adds extra traction and sure-footedness on slippery river bottoms.

Spare Boot Laces

These are always a good option to have on hand for those streamside emergencies.

3. Fishing Jacket

If your mom likes to fish, then consider some outerwear to keep her comfortable. No one wants to be wet and cold, especially while fishing. These jackets are not only functional but they’re also designed to fit better to the female form. She’ll be able to wear these jackets on the stream, but don’t be surprised if mom wears these jackets out and about the town as well!

Simms Waypoints Jacket

This is the perfect summer fishing rain jacket. This jacket can be thrown in a pack without taking up space. When the rain comes, mom will stay dry.

Orvis Pro Wading Jacket

This jacket is for fishing in bad weather. The sleeves are designed to prevent water from running up the sleeve when releasing caught fish. Pockets are ample and will stash gear easily. If mom is a serious angler, she will like this.

4. Fishing Apparel

Who said mom cannot look stylish while fishing? These items are designed to be fashionable yet keep mom comfortable while fishing. The breathable fabrics also provide sun protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Mom’s skin will thank you!

Orvis Quarter-Zip Sun Shirt

This lightweight shirt has a UPF rating of 50+. Not only will mom be comfortable in this shirt, but she will also look great.

Orvis River Guide Shirt

This relaxed shirt has a little more of a finished look while still being comfortable. Perfect for fishing on the river or a casual dinner with her favorite child!

Simms Trout T-Shirt

Who does not like a comfortable T-shirt? This one has a prominent trout in a floral design for a fun ode to her favorite fish!

Simms Mataura Pants

These casual pants are made from nylon and spandex for a comfortable stretch. Mom will love to fish with these and may even wear them around the house.

Orvis Jackson Shorts

These quick-drying shorts are perfect for hot summer days. The adjustable inseam lets mom pick how long she wants to wear them.

Prana Moonshine Hat

This sporty, yet feminine hat will keep the sun out of her eyes and off her face. The meshed back with snapback is cooling and allows for her to wear it while keeping her ponytail up.

5. Fishing Sunglasses

There are many different types of sunglasses. While some are more fashionable than others, there is no need to compromise here! The polarized lenses in these glasses not only cut down on glare, but they help protect the eyes from the sun’s intense UV rays. Not only will mom see more fish while fishing, but she will also look fashionable every day she wears them.

Maui Jim Starfish Sunglasses

These stylish polarized glasses are the ultimate in eye protection. Maui Jim glasses carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval. Who knew being so health-conscious could also be so glamorous?

Smith Caper Sunglasses

These classic-looking sunglasses prove that fashion does not need to be sacrificed for comfort. Mom will be happily rocking these.

6. Fly Rod

Is mom a casual angler? Does she ever borrow your gear? Well, maybe it is time she received her own setup! Fly fishing combination setups come with everything she will need to get on the water. They include an easy-to-cast rod, a balanced reel, backing, line, and leader. All she will need to do is add a fly and find some water.

Orvis Encounter Combination

This is the perfect setup for a mom who is new to fly fishing. Easy to cast and forgiving, mom will feel like Joan Wulff with this.

Orvis Clearwater Combination

If mom is a little more experienced and is looking for a modest upgrade from the beginner setup, this will serve her well for many years to come.

7. Fly Fishing Class

Photo by Joseph Smith

Would mom like to get better or start to learn fly fishing, but has always felt intimidated to be in a class with just men? Many places offer women-only classes. Nothing could be more relaxing than learning how to fly fish with other inspiring female anglers. Orvis fly shops offer these classes throughout the year, many of them for free. United Women on the Fly offers online courses as well and is a great resource for women learning about fly fishing. If one of these classes is not nearby, check with your local fly shop. They might have an offering or a suggestion for you.

8. Take Mom Fishing

Photo by Joseph Smith

Spend some time with mom. A guided trip is a sure-fire way to get out on the water and enjoy your mother’s company. Let the guide worry about finding fish or making sure that mom’s terminal tackle is rigged properly while your mom or partner soaks up quality time with her child. Your homemade sandwiches and a Yeti cooler of cold beverages might be the best Mother’s Day brunch she has had in a while.

Hope you found some of these ideas helpful. If you still need assistance, a Curated Fly Fishing Expert is always willing to help or get mom a gift card so she can pick out her own gear with the help of an Expert.

Happy Mother’s Day and tight lines!

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