8 Different Ways to Store Your Bike

Published on 05/13/2023 · 6 min readTired of your bike constantly being in the way when it's not in use? Here are eight different expert-recommended ways to store your bike in your house!
Logan Everett, Cycling Expert
By Cycling Expert Logan Everett

Avid cyclists prefer to be on the road or trail. So when we can’t be out riding, how and where do we store our bike(s)? Do different bikes need to be stored differently? Read on to learn a variety of storage solutions applicable to almost any type of bicycle, plus two creative additional methods.

1. Floor Rack

If you have the space in your garage or home, a floor rack is the easiest way to store your bike. It holds it securely upright while making it easy to grab and go for your next ride. We’ve got more ideas coming If you’re short on space. Keep reading.

2. Wall-Mounted Bike Hooks

Photo by Bruno Van Der Krann

We all don’t live in spacious homes. If floor space is limited, or you want to create more of it in, consider getting some plastic coated hooks that screw into a wall or ceiling and hold the bike up by its tire. Hooks of this style pose no threat to damaging your wheel or bike. They are fantastic for storing any bike(s) you want off the floor. It gets them out of the way, yet keeps them accessible. Be sure to screw the hooks into a wooden wall stud or use the correct type of anchor for your wall material. No one wants the unpleasant surprise of coming home to bike(s) on the floor, or worse, on top of a vehicle.

3. Swinging Wall Mount

To save even more space, get a wall-mounted rack that swings 180 degrees to the left or right. More practical than a standard bike hook, it securely suspends your bike vertically from one of its wheels. Once in place, swing the entire assembly to the left or right to fit your needs. If fitting two bikes side-by-side, go front wheel on one and back wheel on the other for a more compact fit.

4. Double Down

A double hook ceiling mount using the Advanced Ceiling Mount Claw Bike Hook

Instead of a standard single hook on the ceiling, go for two! Dedicate a hook to each wheel to store your best friend horizontally and parallel to the floor. This method is quick, simple, and cost-effective to free up some valuable floor space. Two hooks distribute the weight of the bike more evenly too, reducing the risk of failure.

5. Freestanding Bike Rack

If you own several bikes and wall space is at a premium, storing them on the wall or ceiling may not be the best option for you. Enter freestanding vertical racks that hold multiple bikes and even accessories such as gloves, helmets, shoes, etc. They are a great way to showcase your bikes too while keeping them free from harm.

6. Pulley System

If you are lucky to have a high ceiling in your garage or home, a pulley bike-storage system is an excellent choice. It’s perfect when you want to store your bike upright, meaning by its handlebars and saddle; and not necessarily from its wheel(s). And you never thought what you learned in physics class would come in handy.

It’s Up to You!

You’re the boss on where to fit your bike into your space. The above options are simple and cost-effective, ranging in the investment of a little elbow grease and a couple of bucks for hooks to $150+ for a freestanding rack.

Take Up Space

Regardless of how many bikes you may have, there is always a place for one more in your home, right? Getting it off of the floor allows you to move more freely around your home. However, cyclists are usually proud to display their bikes, and should be! Leave it in your entryway or behind the couch in the living room. Your bike not only looks good but makes a wonderful talking point. And we know you want to talk about cycling!

If you want to “up the game” and display your bikes with style and flair, the following solutions are some of the coolest ways to go about it. Treat them like a piece of art and your bikes will double as talking points with any fellow rider or guest in your home.

1. Velosock

Upgrade the look of your bike storage with a Velosock. Whether you’re a roadie, triathlete, or mountain biker, with it you can protect your bike en route to your destination and keep your home or car free from dirt and mud. Velosock is perfect for any rider that desires to protect their bike with flair.

They offer several styles to choose from to fit virtually any bike. Are you an artist or want to rock your team logo or colors? Velosock even has the option of a personalized sock made with the design of your choice. Now you can express your cycling passion and love for the sport while protecting your investments in style.

2. Stasdock

Have you heard of Stasdock? Let’s call it the altar to store everything cycling. Bike? Check. Helmet? Check. Shoes? Check. C02 cartridges? Check. You get the picture. Made from powder-coated steel in black, gray, or gold, the Stasdock is one of the coolest ways to store your bike and gear. It even comes with an optional built-in shelf! Want to hang your helmet or proudly display your medals? Turn your bike and gear into designer items with a Stasdock.

3. On Your Indoor Trainer

This may not count to some of you, but storing a bike on an indoor trainer like a Kickr Rollr from Wahoo is an easy way to transition from riding outdoors to indoors. The only “kicker” to the Rollr is that it must be paired with a power meter to display on your indoor training smart app of choice.

Need a power meter? Check out their Powrlink single or dual-sided power pedals. There are many brand options on the market to join the smart indoor training craze, but Wahoo has introduced several products, like their Kickr Snap, that are friendly to almost any budget. Garmin, another mainstream brand, upped the ante on indoor sessions by creating motion plates designed to work with their Tacx NEO trainers. These little beauties bring a realistic, multidirectional feel of riding outdoors to your indoor training sessions!

Go For Two

I prefer to use a combination of storage solutions—a Velosock with a Stasdock. Not only do I get my bike up off of the floor and my gear all in one place, but it’s fully protected from dirt, dust, scratches or dents. I display my love of cycling proudly and these two products emphasize that. Seeing my ever-growing collection of medals keeps me motivated too!


Do you live near the ocean or an area with significant weather and temperature shifts throughout the year? If you answered yes, I don’t recommend storing your bike outdoors, especially in extreme environments. Damage doesn’t happen overnight, but it may be too late once it does.

If home means stable annual temperatures throughout the year, a bike tent or covered shed may solve your space issues. However, storing it protected indoors is optimal to ensure its longevity and keep bike repair costs to a minimum.

Get Creative!

To store our bikes, we can go simple or showcase our prized possessions in creative ways. There are a lot of possible and fun bike storage configurations. They can be as expensive or economical as you want. We’ve covered many options, but the list is not exhaustive. How do you store your bike? If your method isn’t listed here, we’d love to see it! To explore more Cycling articles as you pursue your journey in the sport, check out the Expert Journal here on Curated.

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