10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Angler Moms

Published on 05/17/2023 · 7 min readDoes your mom love to fish? Get her the perfect Mother's Day present for getting outside with the help of Fishing Expert Alex Johnson.
Alex Johnson, Fishing Expert
By Fishing Expert Alex Johnson

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to start to think about what to get our wonderful moms for their special day. Sure, you could get the usual mother’s day staples—candles, flowers, massage gift cards, etc. On the other hand, if you’re mom is an avid angler, first, you have a pretty cool mom, and second, you’ll want to get her some awesome fishing gear she’ll love to make this year’s Mother’s Day one to remember.

The days of fishing being a male-dominated activity are long gone, and in the last decade or so, interest in fishing among women has skyrocketed. Many fishing gear companies now make gear and apparel specifically designed with women in mind to keep up with the demand.

The timing of Mother’s Day arrival when spring is finally at its peak couldn't be better! Your mom is sure to appreciate you starting her fishing season off right. Getting her all the gear she’s been wanting ahead of some of the best fishing of the year will surely make for an exciting spring.

If you want to return the favor to your mom for all the great memories of taking you fishing, fixing all your line tangles, taking bluegills off the hook of your superhero or princess rod, and buying your first pieces of fishing gear, go ahead and grab a few or all of the items below.

1. Simms Women’s Admiral Jacket

No one likes getting caught in the rain unprepared. The Simms Admiral jacket offers a durable waterproof material that will keep water out even in the most torrential downpours. The Admiral jacket can also double as a windbreaker for those brisk and windy days on the water. Get this jacket for your fishing mom, and she’ll never leave for a fishing trip without it. She’ll have you to thank for helping her keep dry on those nasty and wet days on the water!

2. Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel

The Pflueger President XT spinning reel is one of the finest spinning reels on the market. Available in several sizes, this reel can be used for just about any light-tackle fishing scenario. I personally own several President XT spinning reels, and I would recommend them to literally anyone! With its lightweight design and smooth action, the President XT spinning reel will surely be your mom’s new favorite reel. Paired with a medium-light or medium-power rod, you can get your mom a do-it-all combo that she’ll bring on every fishing trip.

3. Dobyns Sierra Spinning Rod

The Dobyns Sierra spinning rod is an excellent pairing with the Pflueger President XT for a comfortable and versatile spinning combo. I’d recommend a medium-light or medium power for most fishing styles and species. Dobyns is well known among anglers as a go-to choice for sensitive, high-quality rods. The Dobyns Sierra is a spinning rod your mom will surely cherish, and I'm sure soon after buying one for her, you’ll realize you want to buy one for yourself too!

4. Orvis Bug Out Backpack

As any fishing mom knows, you have to be extra prepared when taking kids fishing. Not only do you have to remember to bring all the things you need, but you also have to carry all the necessary items for your kids to keep them happy and comfortable. The Orvis Bug Out backpack is the perfect lightweight backpack to carry all the fishing gear your mom will need, plus the extra snacks, first aid items, and beverages that moms are always known for having handy.

5. Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot Selector

An assortment of split shot sinkers is a must-have for any angler for just about any fishing style. This is especially true for fishing moms who seem to have everything you forgot at home and will happily lend you tackle or other gear you need. A split shot selector is a simple gift, but as it’s essential to every tackle box, it will surely be useful. Think of it as repayment for all the countless split shot sinkers your mom has given you over the years!

6. Simms Women’s Merino Sock

Perfectly sunny and warm weather is not always a reality for avid anglers, so it’s crucial to be prepared for those all too common days where you wish it was a little less cold and wet. The Simms Women's Merino sock is perfect for those adverse weather days. Merino wool is the best stuff out there because of its moisture-wicking and insulating properties. The most important part of having fun while fishing in adverse weather is being comfortable, and with these socks, your mom will be warm enough to keep fishing even in the worst weather.

7. Strike King 5” Z-Too Jerkbait

Another great gift for truly any avid angler is some soft plastic jerkbaits such as the Strike King 5” Z-Too Jerkbait. Soft plastic jerkbaits are excellent for targeting a variety of species and environments, so they’re sure to get plenty of use. Ask yourself again; how many soft plastic lures have I borrowed from my mom only to lose them or put them in my own tackle box? Grab a few packs of these soft plastics in “Arkansas Shiner,” “Peal,” and “Baby Bass” to cover all the bases so your fishing mom can be prepared for any water condition.

8. Rapala Fisherman’s Pliers

Every angler needs a decent pair of pliers—even more so for moms who seem to spend more time digging hooks out of fish’s mouths and fixing pesky “abandon all hope” line tangles for their fishing partners than fishing themselves. The Rapala Fisherman's pliers are a perfect and affordable gift for your favorite fishing mom that’s sure to be useful. Remember that pair of pliers you “borrowed” from your mom? Yeah, time to pay her back for those.

9. Orvis Women’s Sun Defense Quarter-Zip

How many times has your mom told you to be careful in the sun and wear your sunscreen? Too many to count for sure! The Orvis Women's Sun Defense Quarter-Zip is the perfect gift for your sun-conscious mom to stay protected for sunny days on the water. What’s great about breathable shirts, such as Orvis’s Sun Defense, is that they offer 50+ SPF protection from the sun’s harmful rays while still staying plenty cool and breathable on those hot days. That’s more SPF than most sunblock creams on the market without the hassle of remembering to reapply every couple of hours.

10. Region Fishing Bamboo Neck Gaiter Face Mask

For even more sun protection, no angler should leave for a fishing trip without a neck gaiter/face mask. The Region Fishing Bamboo Neck gaiter, made from breathable, moisture-wicking, and sun-resistant bamboo fabric is the perfect addition to your mom’s sun-protective clothing arsenal. This neck gaiter offers 50+ SPF for ultimate protection. No one likes to get sunburnt on their face, so a neck gaiter is an absolute necessity for long sunny days where you’re not only battling the sun’s rays, but also the reflection of the sun from the water.

Our mothers dedicate their lives to providing for us and making us happy, and Mother’s Day is just a small token of our appreciation. This is especially true for fishing moms who took the time and care to create fond memories for us. By taking us fishing and teaching us all the fundamentals, many of us formed a passion for fishing and the outdoors that carries on to this day and will feed into the next generation of anglers.

Moms are there from the beginning, teaching us how to cast, bait hooks, fix line tangles, and help get fish off hooks. This gift guide is made for those outdoorsy moms who got their hands dirty and still do!

I’m positive any one of these gift ideas will put a smile on your mom’s face and get her excited for your next fishing trip, especially since they are coming from you. It doesn’t take a brand new bass boat or the latest, most expensive rod and reel to make her happy. Moms appreciate simplicity, and these gifts offer simple solutions to the everyday gear needs of fishing mothers and other anglers alike!

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