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Expert Review: Cobra King Radspeed Driver

Published on 04/24/2023 · 8 min readThis is my honest review of the driver which I purchased in December of 2021 with my own money.
By Golf Expert Shelby Martin

All photos courtesy of Shelby Warner

About this Review: This is my honest review of the driver which I purchased in December of 2021 with my own money.

My Take

From the get-go, my initial take on the Cobra King Radspeed Driver is that it’s a fantastic driver for those looking for a lower spin launch off the tee. Geared to players with more consistent swings the rear, and forward-based weighting system is Excellent for lower launches that are Incredibly workable. Long and far, if you’re a low-mid handicap player looking for a lower spin driver, you need to check out the Cobra Radspeed.

About the Club I Own

  • Model: 2021 Cobra King Radspeed Driver (Blue/White/Red)
  • Loft setting: 9 Degrees
  • Shaft type: Tour AD Design VR-5 X
  • Shaft flex: Extra Stiff, 60 grams

About Me

  • Handicap: Since turning professional in 2018, I haven’t kept track of my handicap, but right out of college, it was trending at +/- .5. My average score is around par or better, give or take a couple depending on the day!
  • Experience: Over 10 years; I have been in the golf industry for over a decade. I began playing in high school at the age of 14 and continue to play professionally part-time.
  • Right/Left-Handed: Right-handed
  • Typical ball flight: High.
  • Golf ball used: Titleist ProV; it helps lower that ball flight slightly to maximize my workability on the course. This especially helps off the tee box.
  • Club swing speed: Around 109-110 mph on the regular speed with the Cobra Radspeed Driver averaged, and around 112-113 mph when I stepped on it.

Test Conditions

  • When I bought the club: December 2021
  • Days tested: I tested the Radspeed a total of 3 days before deciding it was the right club to add to my bag.
  • Where I’ve used it: I tested and fitted the Cobra Radspeed for my game in an indoor setting on a Trackman in order to see all the numbers we were looking for. It is very important to be picky with your setup and shaft for every club in your bag to maximize your performance at the professional level. I mainly practice at TPC Louisiana, and that is where the majority of my play has been in the past few months since I added the Radspeed to my bag.
  • Weather and wind conditions: After receiving my Radspeed, I tested it outside, and the results reflected the numbers the Trackman listed during my fitting. And have played with it in almost every playing condition besides colder weather. You don’t get too low of temperatures down in Louisiana! No matter the condition, I saw that the spin and launch of the ball were not affected as severely as my previous driver. I was able to control my flight in rain, sun, and wind and produce consistent launches off the tee.

How It Performs


What I was looking for

The driver I had previously was the Callaway Big Bertha Epic. This was a great driver until I started improving my swing and swinging faster. The shaft and head combination was completely wrong for me, hurting my distance, creating WAY too much spin off the tee, and hurting my directional control. Because of this, I needed a driver that produced lower spin to increase my distance with the correct base loft, as well as a shaft that worked best with my swing speed and checked all of my performance goals.

Why I chose the Cobra King Radspeed

I chose to get this driver because first off, it felt so much better than any other driver I tested. The Tour AD shaft and the Radspeed head felt like I was crushing every shot. On mishits off-center, it still felt solid, but I received the feedback on where I missed it on the face so that I could make adjustments. It produced the launch angle I wanted with a much more ideal spin rate and added distance and accuracy. My misses with my previous driver were WAY more pronounced, and my miss window is incredibly smaller with the Radspeed. The only other driver that was a contender was the Taylormade SIM2. I produced a little more spin than the Radspeed, which is not what we wanted, and the sweet spot on the SIM2 was slightly smaller than the Radspeed’s. It was a no-brainer to go with the Cobra over the Taylormade.

The shaft in my Radspeed is the Tour AD VR-5 X shaft, and the club as a whole is set at 45 inches in length to fit my height and measurements perfectly. The Tour AD VR-5 X shaft is a mid/high launch, lower spin shaft, which fits perfectly in terms of how I want to produce my tee shots.

What I love about this club

  • Distance: Everything. Haha! The distance I produce with this driver is unmatched by any other option out on the market. I added about 5-10 yards of distance and more rollout, so I’m very excited about that.
  • Forgiveness: In terms of forgiveness for distance, on mishits, I notice about 10 yards lost on mishits, which is a lot less than my previous driver. You cannot ask for much better. In terms of directional forgiveness on mishits, the Radspeed is unmatched, even for a lower spinning driver. My miss window is much smaller, and I can strategically choose my target line on every hole, knowing exactly where my miss will end up if it occurs.
  • Sound & Feel: The sound and feel are incredible, solid, and slightly heavy, which is exactly what I wanted. My previous driver felt too light off of impact.
  • Workability: With the lower spinning head and shaft I have in my setup, I am able to work the driver in terms of hitting draws and fades intentionally with no problem.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: It’s hard not to feel confident when looking down at the driver, too. Traditionally shaped with modern touches, you cannot beat the blue/white/red finish. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing driver to look at.
  • Grip Feel: I have a standard-size grip with two extra wraps to fit my hands perfectly, and it feels extremely comfortable.

Issues I’ve encountered

Launch Angle: Finally, the launch angle produced by the Cobra Radspeed is absolutely ideal for my goals. The only issue I find with the launch angle is if you tee the ball too low, the launch comes out really low and doesn’t carry as far. This is great on windy days but not when you want to maximize your carry distance. Finding the correct tee height is something I experimented with, and once you find the correct height, game on.

Best Shot With The Radspeed

The one tee shot that comes to mind is a tee shot on Hole 12 at TPC Louisiana. Surrounded by pot bunkers and set up for a draw tee shot, there is only a small landing pad, and it plays very long from the back tee box. The wind was blowing from right to left, just begging to have a draw ride with it. I set up for a baby draw and a higher tee shot (teed the ball up a little higher than normal) and ripped it about 320 yards with roll. That was one of the first rounds I played with the Radspeed in my bag, and I knew I did NOT want to replace it any time soon after that!

Value for the Money vs. Other Options

Cobra has always been priced lower than top names like Titleist, Callaway, or Taylormade. Do not let the lower price fool you into thinking it’s a lower quality product; it is not. The shaft I put into my Radspeed was a little more expensive than a stock shaft, but in terms of overall price versus quality compared to other options available, the Cobra King Radspeed driver is very much worth the price for admission. A better deal for a high-quality, technological beast of a driver. As I mentioned above, I tried many other options when I worked with my fitting buddy as we tried to find my perfect-world setup. I tried the Ping G425, the Callaway Epic Max LS, the Taylormade SIM2, the Titleist TSi2, etc. All produced great results (it’s hard to find a bad club with technology these days), but to find the perfect results I was looking for didn’t come along until I tried the Cobra Radspeed with the Tour AD shaft. Every performance metric was met or exceeded, and the look and feel were all that I could ask for in a driver. If it doesn’t feel great, I don’t want to swing it! LOL!

Final Verdict

Overall, if you’re a player with a pretty consistent swing in the low-low/mid handicap range, and you’re looking for a lower spin driver that will not sacrifice the forgiveness for distance or direction, the Cobra Kind Radspeed should be at the top of your list to try. As I experienced myself, you will not be disappointed with the results you receive from that driver. Reach out to your Curated Golf Expert on what shaft and head combination would fit you best!

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Cobra King Radspeed Driver

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Shelby Martin, Golf Expert
Shelby Martin
Golf Expert
I’ve played professionally on tour, given countless lessons, and conducted club fittings as an equipment expert…I can't wait to share what I know and get you set up to enjoy this crazy game of golf!.As your expert, I’ll be with you every step of the way! Let’s do this!
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Shelby Martin, Golf Expert
Shelby Martin
Golf Expert
I’ve played professionally on tour, given countless lessons, and conducted club fittings as an equipment expert…I can't wait to share what I know and get you set up to enjoy this crazy game of golf!.As your expert, I’ll be with you every step of the way! Let’s do this!
490 Reviews
10574 Customers helped

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