5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Fly Fisher Dads

Published on 06/07/2022 · 6 min readWow your dad this Father's Day with a stand-out gift from Fly Fishing Expert Joseph Smith's five suggestions.
Joseph Smith, Fly Fishing Expert
By Fly Fishing Expert Joseph Smith

Photo by Jeff Henderson 

What are we going to get Dad for Father’s Day? This is a question that many families kick around and hope someone answers well before the second Sunday in June rolls around. As doldrums of the last two years silently slink away this spring, what about some new beginnings?

Now is the time for Dad to break the cycle and get a little more than a funny card and gift certificate or a tie (seriously, who wears ties anymore?). Here are some ideas for that special dad that may let him start a new chapter in his life and maybe even a new one in yours.

1. Fly-Fishing Combination Package

Maybe your dad has been fishing all of his life and wants to get into fly fishing, or maybe he has mentioned it might be fun but he doesn’t know where to begin. Well, if that is the case, you are in luck. Fly-fishing companies have put out some great beginner packages that won’t break the bank.

The Orvis Encounter Combo Package is the perfect starter package. Your options are simple. If Dad is a freshwater angler, the 5 weight is perfect. If he fishes in the salt, then choose the 8 weight.

The rod is designed for beginner anglers, is easy to learn to cast on, and is paired with a reel that already has the appropriate line and leader on it. All Dad will need to do is add a fly and water. This combo package is guaranteed to break through the esoteric mysticism associated with this pastime and put him on fish. A river may not run through your family’s living room, but Dad will feel like it with this combination package.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Smith

For the dad who already fly fishes but may want to expand his fishing options…

2. Waders

Does your dad complain about leaky waders? Is there a strange, musty smell coming from the garage where your dad hangs his waders? Waders have come a long way and are no longer the uncomfortable clothing accessory that is a major undertaking to get on and off.

The Simms Freestone Waders feature a waterproof zipper in the front that will make taking the waders on and off a snap. The zipper will even come in handy for those streamside pit stops that seem to increase with age. The handy storage pockets will hold his gear, and the breathable material will keep dad comfortable and happy, even when not catching fish.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Smith

For the dad who already has nice waders…

3. Fishing Gear Organizer

Fishing vests, although they still exist and get the job done, are passé. The Orvis Guide Hip Pack is an updated organizer that will carry Dad’s gear and not be heavy on the shoulders. The incorporated tippet post will keep tippet readily at hand, and the ample storage pockets will hold all the fly boxes Dad will need.

His fishing net can easily stow in a side compartment of the pack. A water-bottle holder will make sure that Dad stays hydrated while on the water. This pack will give Dad an updated look and let him keep his gear handy for a day of fishing.

To also consider…

  • The Orvis Carry It All is a great option for the dad who travels to his favorite fishing locations. This bag will protect all his fishing gear from the gear-breaking hazards that come with travel.
  • The Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag is a solid option for the dad who fishes from a boat and needs to keep his gear in one organized place.

4. Fly-Tying Kit

Perhaps you have marveled at the flies used in fly fishing and wondered how they were made. Maybe Dad is looking for a new hobby for the winter months. Now might be a good time to start tying flies.

The Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Kit comes with everything Dad needs to start making his own creations. Not only does this kit come with the vise and all the tools Dad will need to start, but it also comes with the instructions and supplies needed to tie eight proven classic fly patterns. Once Dad has proven proficient at these, he can move on to eight proven guide patterns. The supplies are adequate for 10 of each of these patterns for a total of 160 flies. This kit will serve as the basis for his expansion of fly tying and provide enjoyment for years to come.

For the dad who already ties flies…

5. Other Options to Consider

Photo courtesy of Joseph Smith


Has dad had the catch of a lifetime? With today’s taxidermy technology and skills, skin mounts are no longer required. A fiberglass replica can be fabricated, and a skilled taxidermist can even match it to the fish Dad caught. All most taxidermists need are the measurements and a picture to go from.

Ask around at the local fishing store for recommendations. Not all taxidermists are created equal. If a local taxidermist cannot be found, there are plenty who offer their services online and have good products. The mount will serve as a reminder of a fishing trip or the fish of a lifetime. Just make sure you check with Mom first before Dad tries to hang it in the living room.

Trout Unlimited Membership

Perhaps your dad has all the gear he could possibly use or want. What could be a better gift than buying him a membership in an organization dedicated to improving fishing habitats? The conservation of natural resources is perhaps one of the greatest legacies we can leave behind.

Fishing Trip

Photo courtesy of Joseph Smith

Of all these ideas, a fishing trip is my favorite. This will always make a father smile. It’s the most precious thing you could give him—your time! Commit and take your dad fishing. Make the opportunity for this. If there is anything the last couple of years should have taught us is that nothing is guaranteed and what we take for granted may not be there tomorrow. Who knows? It may be more than just fish you catch. The imparted wisdom gleaned from a day on the water may make it a gift for you instead. The memories will last a lifetime.

If you’re still looking for help or need some gear for that fishing trip, be sure to chat with one of our Fly Fishing Experts who can help you make that gift perfect. If you think your Dad already has his eye on something, get him a Curated gift card so he can shop with free Expert help. Tight lines!

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