10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Biker Moms

Cycling Exert Kate Wilson shares her ten ideas for the best Mother's Day presents for the mom who loves to bike—whether she's a road warrior or takes to the trails.

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It’s that time of year again, with flowers and gift card sales going through the roof. Of course, the mom in your life appreciates the candy and framed photos of you from last year, but if she shreds harder than you do on the trail, it’s time to up your Mother’s Day gift game. Not to worry, Curated has you covered with some great ideas that will make her favorite activity more convenient, comfortable, and maybe even improve her performance on the bike. Now THAT’S a gift she will remember!

1. Padded Shorts

Product image of the Rapha Women's Classic Shorts.

The Rapha Women's Classic Shorts

No matter what type of riding she does, the cyclist in your life will benefit from high-quality chamois (pronounced sha-mee), which are bike shorts with a padded crotch section. They effectively prevent chafing, reduce pressure points, and are a must-have on longer rides. Chances are she already owns a few pairs of these cycling essentials but having several means fewer laundry days and different lengths/styles to choose from depending on the day.

Expert Pick

The Rapha Women's Classic Shorts are a great choice, offering a secure mesh fabric in the high waistband that eliminates pressure around the midsection. Dual-density pads that are size-specific boast multiple foam layers for comfort, and an antibacterial top sheet helps avoid saddle sores and infections. Rapha also uses recycled nylon, which means excellent quality and a lighter impact on our environment. As a mom and a cyclist, I love everything about these shorts and would love to receive a pair as a gift!

2. Riding Shorts

Product image of the POC Women's Essential Enduro Shorts.

The POC Women's Essential Enduro Shorts

Some people only wear chamois or bibs on their rides, in fact, most road riders do so to stay aerodynamic. For moms that hit the mountain bike trails, there are shorts that keep legs protected from rougher terrain and provide more pockets and features than chamois alone.

Expert Pick

These POC Women’s Essential Enduro Shorts fit the bill, with light, durable nylon stretch material that wicks moisture and dries quickly. The regular fit is designed for seamless compatibility with POC knee protection for those fearless moms hitting the big features, and two zippered side pockets keep lip balm or small snacks safe on the trail. Another great design feature is the longer cut at the knee for extra coverage, and shorter behind for freedom of movement while pedaling. Another item she can’t have too many of!

3. Weatherproof Jacket

Product image of the Rapha Women's Core Rain Jacket II.

The Rapha Women's Core Rain Jacket II(Rapha Women's Core Rain Jacket II)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from several years on a bike, it’s that a lightweight jacket is absolutely necessary. What looks like a clear, sunny day in town can quickly turn ugly a few miles down the road, especially in the hills at higher elevations. Fortunately, today’s technology meets the demands of light and packable gear, and apparel is no exception.

Expert Pick

A casual rain jacket may work just fine, but one specialized for cycling can really make a difference in both comfort and convenience. The Rapha Women’s Core Rain Jacket II offers both of these benefits and more. It folds down very small to fit in a back pocket or pack and weighs just 4.4 ounces. It also features fully taped seams, an AquaGuard zip for waterproofing, and six ventilation holes under the armpits to help moderate body temperature on those challenging ascents. Reflective material integrated into the sleeves and rear means increased visibility, and a few color options make this a top contender this Mother’s Day!

4. Bike Computer

Product image of the Garmin Edge 530 Bike Computer.

The Garmin Edge 530 Bike Computer

Okay, your cyclist mom is all styled out and ready to hit the trails. Make sure she stays safe out there with a GPS cycling computer that tracks her location and heart rate and evaluates her performance, either for fun or training.

Expert Pick

From route-finding to personalized coaching, the Garmin Edge 530 Bike Computer is an awesome gift that will enhance every ride. It tracks performance so the rider can compare recent efforts to previous rides and even tracks recovery time and training load focus. It’s also highly versatile and compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems and Shimano Steps eBike systems that monitor assist level, gear position, and battery life! Win your mom’s heart this year with a gift she didn’t even know she wanted!

5. Gloves

Product images of the HandUp Summer Lite Gloves and the POC Resistance Enduro Cycling Gloves.

The HandUp Summer Lite Gloves (left) and the POC Resistance Enduro Cycling Gloves (right)

You might be thinking that cyclists already have gloves, and in general, you’re right. If the mom in your life is just starting out, however, this may be something she hasn’t considered yet. I rode for at least one full season before realizing the difference a nice pair of gloves makes. First, it protects your hands from branches and debris while you’re riding, but also from those crashes where the palms take the most impact. Such an incident was the reason I purchased my first pair, and I’ve never ridden without them since. Another reason to consider gloves is to reduce sun exposure day in and day out and to eliminate sweaty hands that prevent that much-needed tight grip on handlebars. In short, gloves are every bit as important as the rest of the gear she’ll need out there to stay safe.

Expert Pick

The HandUp Summer Lite Glove is a fun way to add a little personality to her rides while offering the protective benefits mentioned above. These are super lightweight and breathable, with laser-cut ventilation on the palms to keep her hands cool, while the durable Clarino leather improves grip. If mom is fearless and hitting the double blacks, grab her the POC Resistance Enduro Cycling Gloves so she’s all set when her current pair wears out. Robust fabric and optimized ride fit and feel make these a winner for long days on the trail.

6. Helmet

Product images of the Smith Session MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet and the Smith Trace MIPS Road Bike Helmet.

The Smith Session MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet (left) and the Smith Trace MIPS Road Bike Helmet (right)

Many riders grab a standard, inexpensive helmet for their first season on the bike. If mom has been riding steadily for some time, treat her to an upgrade! From stylish designs to increased protection, you’re sure to find one that she’ll love.

Expert Pick

The Smith Session MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet comes in several modern colors to match mom’s mood, but also offers comfort, a great fit, and superior coverage. Fifteen vents deliver consistent airflow and testers found this helmet to keep their heads cooler than most, even on the warmest and sunniest of days. Most importantly, the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection) technology allows for a sliding motion of 10-15mm in all directions, reducing the transfer of rotational motion onto the brain.

Of course, there are helmets for the road biker in your life as well, and the Smith Trace MIPS Road Bike Helmet also offers top-of-the-line safety features and is well ventilated and aerodynamic too.

7. New Saddle

Product image of the Planet Bike Comfort Gel Saddle.

The Planet Bike Comfort Gel Saddle

You’ve already got one option to make mom’s ride more comfortable, but you can pair those padded shorts above with an upgraded saddle for a ride that’s even plusher. She’ll be adding miles to her rides in no time with this winning combination.

Expert Pick

The Planet Bike Comfort Gel Saddle has sit bone gel pads and foam padding that relieves pressure on soft tissue. The lycra cover features abrasion-resistant material, too. This is great value on a gift that will make a big difference on her rides.

8. Bike Lock

Product image of the Kryptonite Evolution Standard Lock.

The Kryptonite Evolution Standard Lock

If your mom doesn’t already have a bike lock, bump this next option to the top of your priority list. Even if she is rarely out of sight of her bike, it’s important to have one for the odd times she needs to pop into the store on a road ride or even to the restroom if she’s on a mountain bike trail. We’d love to think our fellow adventure-enthusiasts would never think to grab an unattended bike, but read any online thread in a cycle-focused group and you’ll find that a high-quality lock is absolutely essential.

Expert Pick

The Kryptonite Evolution Standard U-lock features a hardened steel shackle that resists bolt cutters and the higher security disc-style cylinder makes picking or drilling the lock nearly impossible. This is a very solid lock with a limited lifetime warranty that will keep your mom’s bike safe, no matter what detour she decides to take.

9. Tool Kit

Product image of the OneUp EDC Lite Tool.

The OneUp EDC Lite Tool

Every rider needs to be prepared for the inevitable adjustment or repair on the trail. With limited space on the bike, tools are usually tucked under the seat or thrown in a pack, which adds more bulk and weight to the rider. Fortunately, gearheads are always trying to improve these things and have come up with more efficient ways to carry this essential item.

Expert Pick

The OneUp Lite Tool fits inside of the stem/steerer tube, eliminating the need for an extra tool pack or extra weight on mom’s back. It’s incredibly lightweight at just 2.65 ounces, installs in under five minutes, and includes a nine-function multi-tool. It also comes in six colors so you can choose one that matches her bike or a bright option to stay visible once in use on the trail. Please note that there are a few incompatible forks, so be sure to ask your Curated Expert to check the specifications when you’re considering this option.

10. A New Bike

Product image of the Decathlon Triban RC500 Shimano Sora Disc Brake Drop Bar Road Bike.

The Decathlon Triban RC500 Shimano Sora Disc Brake Drop Bar Road Bike

Looking to really surprise mom this year? Upgrade her ride or even grab a bike for yourself and create some awesome new memories by riding with her! Curated stocks our own inventory and we also partner with shops across the country to make sure we find the right bike, at the best price.

Expert Pick

Looking for a road bike? The Decathlon Triban RC500, Shimano Sora Disc Brake Drop Bar Road Bike is one of our top-selling, affordable options, and well spec’d with a 6061 aluminum frame, carbon fork, Shimano Sora drivetrain, and disc brakes. At just under $1,000, it’s definitely one that should be on your radar.

If she’s been eyeing up those neighborhood mountain bike trails, the Liv Tempt 0 is a confidence-inspiring versatile ride that features a front suspension fork, disc brakes, and women’s-specific geometry. Perfect for the beginner rider, the Liv is an entry-level mountain bike that will be an awesome introduction to her new favorite activity!

Of course, some moms like to pick out their own gift, and that’s when a Curated gift card comes in handy. Send her our way for free expert help finding the exact right gear, apparel, and more that can be used for many categories, not just cycling!

If you’re still looking for a little help choosing something special for her, reach out to any of us Cycling Experts here at Curated for free advice and recommendations.

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