Breaking Down the Breville Espresso Machine Lineup

Published on 05/02/2023 · 7 min readIf you are considering purchasing an espresso machine, but aren't sure which one is right for you, check out these seven options from Breville!
By Coffee Expert Jeff Sutton

The Breville story begins in Sydney, Australia in 1932 when Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville decided to partner up to sell radios together. This decision to merge Norville’s know-how and O’Brien’s familiarity with the industry created a mash-up of quality that led to the creation of Breville. Breville has always been on the leading edge of quality kitchen appliances due to its unsurpassed research and development. They have over 100 active patents and have been awarded over 40 international design awards to show for their hard work.

Since they began producing coffee makers and then moved into espresso machines, they’ve been at the forefront of technology and ease of use. Breville prides itself on being able to make third-wave coffee go from your local coffee shop to the comforts of your kitchen.

All of their espresso machines are created with Breville’s four key formula. The idea is that every machine will push 200-degree water through the 18 to 22-gram espresso puck at an ideal 9-bar pressure, and have a steam wand set at 266 degrees for ideal milk texturing. These principles ensure that every unit produced by Breville will create a fantastic shot of espresso.

In recent years, Breville also has partnered with Nespresso to create some of the most popular pod machines on the market. Though these aren’t going to make a true shot of espresso, they still produce a fine cup of morning pleasure.

Let's take a deeper dive into what’s going on these days in the world of Breville espresso makers.

The Breville Bambino

The Breville Bambino is a great basic espresso machine that is sized to fit into any kitchen

The Bambino is the starting point of the Breville espresso machine line-up. It is a semi-automatic machine that comes with a proprietary thermojet heating system that allows optimum extraction temperature to be reached in three seconds. This ensures a quality shot of espresso time after time, even for the beginner. The Bambino also comes with a steam wand that is thermojet powered at 266 degrees ensuring you have the ability to get the correct milk texture for latte art.

The Breville Bambino Plus comes with an automatic steam wand that can create multiple textures and temperatures of milk at the touch of a button, making it that much easier to create a café-style drink in your kitchen. Both machines are equipped to apply a high-pressure 9-bar extraction via a 15-bar Italian pump.

The Duo-Temp Pro

The Duo-Temp Pro incorporates pre-infusion to create exceptional shots of espresso

The Duo-Temp Pro is perfect for someone looking for a high-performance semi-automatic espresso machine. It uses low-pressure pre-infusion to ensure that all flavors are correctly drawn out. It has a high-powered 1600w element that powers the steam wand and an auto-purge system to ensure the temperature is correct for extraction after frothing milk. The Duo-Temp Pro also comes with indicators to let you know when the drip tray needs to be cleaned and general maintenance needs to be performed to keep it running like new.

The Breville Infuser

The addition of a pressure gauge on the Breville Infuser helps keep consistency shot after shot

The next step up in the Breville line-up is the Infuser. The addition of a pressure gauge and additional maintenance indicators help you keep pulling expert-level shots. The infuser has volumetric control capabilities that allow you to control the volume of the shots you pull. The steam wand powered by a 1650w unit is powerful enough for high-pressure steam and fast heat. The Breville infuser uses pre-infusion that works by a small amount of low-pressure water getting passed over the espresso puck at the start of the extraction process. The shot is then pushed through the ground coffee at 9-bar pressure. This allows for a more uniform and consistent extraction of the coffee puck.

The Breville Barista Express

The Breville Barista Express takes your coffee from bean to cup all in the same unit

Breville’s bean-to-cup automatic espresso machines are called the Barista Series. The basic model in the line-up is Breville’s Barista Express which touts the ability to take beans to espresso in under a minute. These machines come equipped with a bean hopper that drops your chosen roast directly into a built-in burr grinder that’s made of steel conical burrs. The coffee grinder produces a dose-sized grind directly to your portafilter, no matter what the coffee beans' roast level is. All of the machines in the Barista Series come with digital temperature control (PID) to deliver the water at the precise temperature for extraction.

Next up, with a few more bells and whistles, is the Barista Pro. The Barista Pro has a three-second heat-up time and an instantaneous ability to change from extraction to steamer. This means you can get your milk prepared as soon as your shot is finished. It also has the addition of an LCD display that helps to visualize the grinding and extraction process.

The Touch is at the very top of the Barista line from Breville. The Barista Touch is programmed to brew a number of café-style drinks, like cappuccinos or flat whites, at the press of a button. It has a very small profile for a machine that does so much. The touch screen display allows you to customize your preferences and save your favorites for quick recall, and the milk can be textured automatically depending on the style and strength of the drink you desire.

The Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Breville’s Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is made of commercial quality components that fits into any household setting

Breville’s Dual Boiler Espresso Machine brings café-quality components to a footprint that can fit into almost any kitchen. It runs separate boilers for the espresso and for the steaming wand. The Dual Boiler also has an over-pressure valve that limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction; this helps prevent some bitter flavors that can occur in the shot. Another nice addition is the manual override feature that allows you to control the timing of your espresso shot. This, along with the magnetic tamper and the clock on the front of the unit that shows how long the extraction is taking, allows you to dial in your shot every time.

The Oracle Touch

The Oracle Touch is Breville’s top of the line super-automatic espresso machine with a touch screen display

The Oracle from Breville is one of the best home espresso machines available to purchase today. The Oracle is a dual-boiler machine with a heated group head, PID water temperature control, and an 84oz water reservoir. It comes equipped to automatically grind, dose, and tamp a 22-gram shot straight into your portafilter. This takes some of the variables out of the equation when creating your espresso puck. It has a dedicated boiler for the self-cleaning steam wand that creates adjustable milk texturing at the touch of a button. The quality of micro-foam allows you to make café-quality drinks and the latte art to match. The hardened steel conical burr grinder has 45 adjustable settings to make subtle changes to grind size. Another nice feature is the Americano button that will pour out the predetermined amount of hot water from a dedicated spout to mix with a double shot of espresso.

The Oracle Touch adds a visual touch screen and pre-programmed drink options. It also allows you to save the strength and size of your favorites to personalize the machine.

The Breville Vertuo

The Breville Vertuo is a Nespresso pod unit that can brew up to four cups sizes at the touch of a button

Breville has formed a partnership with Nespresso and began producing some of the best pod espresso units on the market. The Nespresso pods are not as large as a traditional double shot but produce a quality shot that has a smaller dose size. The variations of the pod machines by Breville mostly deal with unit size. Some machines such as the Inissia and the Essenza mini will fit into any kitchen corner. The next size up is a more moderate-sized coffee maker such as Vertuo and the CitiZ. These have a few more options and are able to make a coffee or an espresso. The Creatista is Breville’s high-end Nespresso machine model that comes with a fully automated steam wand that allows for perfectly textured milk for making latte art at home.

Now that we’ve seen what Breville has to offer there is no better time than now to try one of these espresso-making delights at home. Whether you just want to push a button and have your morning beverage made or precisely dial in the perfect shot of espresso, Breville has a great option for you.

Jeff Sutton, Coffee Expert
Jeff Sutton
Coffee Expert
I currently roast and run production at one of the highest-rated coffee companies in Colorado. I’m also a barista and can teach you all about espresso machines from beginner through commercial units!.I am here to help find the best machine for your home or business!
110 Reviews
2233 Customers helped
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Written by:
Jeff Sutton, Coffee Expert
Jeff Sutton
Coffee Expert
I currently roast and run production at one of the highest-rated coffee companies in Colorado. I’m also a barista and can teach you all about espresso machines from beginner through commercial units!.I am here to help find the best machine for your home or business!
110 Reviews
2233 Customers helped

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