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The 10 Best Female Snowboarders to Follow on Instagram

Published on 06/11/2023 · 7 min readLooking for some snowboarding inspo to spice up your Instagram feed? Check out Snowboard Expert Jordan Sell's top 10 recs for female snowboarders to follow on the gram!
Jordan Sell, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Jordan Sell

Scrolling through Instagram and noticing a lack of female riders in your feed? These rad ladies are sending hard and creating great content. Half of these accounts are freeriders that send big lines, big mountains, and powder-hound with the best of them. The other half are inspiring freestyle ladies that send tricks out of this world. Honorable mentions? Accounts that aren't just one particular rider and provide excellent insight into women's snowboarding. From Olympic gold medalists to Natural Selection Tour winners, we look into the top accounts to follow.

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1. Jamie Anderson - @jamieanderson

Arguably one of the most decorated and successful female snowboarders, Jamie Anderson is a two-time Olympic Gold medalist and 21-times X-Games medalist! She's the face of female competitive snowboarding and is sponsored to the nines. Her pro models in Union Bindings and GNU snowboards are well known and highly regarded. Anderson's posts are a mix of snowboarding, her connection with the earth, and her journey with yoga. Her content is a beautiful mix of down-to-earth insights into her personal life in Sierra at Tahoe and jaw-dropping snowboarding content full of swag.

2. Aimee Fuller - @aimee_fuller

Are you looking for hilarious content and insane tricks? Aimee Fuller is a two-time winter Olympics participant, author of Fear Less Live More, and podcast host of Monday Mile. Her tricks are wild. She is a freestyle queen all around. Fuller's content shines through her videos and humor. Her personality shines through posts such as riding the mountain in a bathrobe to practicing flips on a trampoline. She is an athlete through and through. Fuller is full of talents on a board, whether a snowboard, e-foil, skateboard, wakeboard, or surfboard.

3. Chloe Kim - @chloekim

When thinking of a household name in female snowboarding, look no further than Chloe Kim. Two-time Olympic Gold medalist, at only 14 years old, she was the youngest ever to win X-Game Gold and hasn't slowed down since. Kim is an inspiring rider to watch as she performs tricks with incredible style on the halfpipe. Her Instagram is beautifully curated with insight into her personal life, dog, and her passion for snowboarding. Her Instagram presence is very active and personalized, from sponsored posts, beautiful action shots, and cute selfies. She is definitely a must-follow.

4. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott - @zoisynnott

Olympian? X-Games champ? World Championships winner? Natural Selection champ? What can’t be achieved by Zoi Sadowski-Synnott? It's unclear; she is incredible! She is a slopestyle and big air champion that has added freeride under her belt at only 21 years old. She is from New Zealand and has wowed the world with her competition accolades and positive energy. Don't let the long list of medals and titles she holds fool you; Zoi is down to earth and honest in her posts. Her main feed is mainly snowboarding content with great shots and epic tricks, but her stories often show her in a more relaxed environment with her dogs and hanging out with other snowboard royalty enjoying what we all love—snow!

5. Elena Hight - @elenahight

The definition of an athlete, Elena Hight has excelled at everything she straps her board on and rides. Hight started as a competitive snowboard athlete in her hometown in Lake Tahoe as a teen, landing the first ever 900 in competition by a female at only 13 years old. Over time, Hight has gone from the competition circuit to big mountain riding. She was picked up by Jeremy Jones, Jones Snowboards, and began pursuing splitboarding, mountaineering, and freeride. Her snowboarding career is full of success. Elena’s massive Alaskan lines are breathtaking and bring inspiration to us all, and her backcountry riding is pushing boundaries and is an absolute must-follow. The lines she rides are next level! She shines even among her established male counterparts.

6. Jess Kimura - @jess.kimura

What can be said about Jess Kimura that can even begin to summarize what she has done for snowboarding? Jess Kimura is not only an outstanding snowboarder with street parts galore, but she is on a mission to support countless women. Kimura is the creator of The Uninvited, highlighting women riders and creating a space for women to be in front of the camera. Her recently released film, Learning To Drown, is an absolute must-see, full of raw emotion, snowboard realities, and passion for a sport that everyone deserves access to. Her Instagram is full of the dankest memes as she loves to make people laugh and creates a space to take things less seriously. Jess' humor, skills, passion, emotion, and support are contagious, and her account is the funniest snowboard page to follow.

7. Hana Beaman - @hibeams

Who just won the 2022 Alaska stop of Natural Selection? That's right. Hana Beaman did. Hana has been crushing the snowboard world since the early 2000s in California. Her breakout was in the competition circuit in 2002 when she began placing in the top 10 of various slopestyle competitions, including the Winter X Games and Burton Open. She has dived deeper into the backcountry and freeride snowboarding over the years and rides with peers such as Travis Rice and Jake Blauvelt. Beaman is well known for her humor, posting pictures with fellow riders wearing silly mustaches. Her calling card is the 686 karaoke mic she travels with, inspiring laughter and fun in even the most challenging terrain. Beaman's feed induces laughter and awe.

8. Robin Van Gyn - @robinvangyn

Want more backcountry riding in your feed? Of course, you do. Robin Van Gyn was the 2021 Natural Selection world champion and had been excelling at big mountain riding for most of her career. Her laid-back lifestyle with her fiancee, Austen Sweetin, is wholesome and downright fun to watch. Van Gyn certainly has a sense of humor and has created space for female riders looking to get into freeriding. Her trips around the world are-awe inspiring. Her lens is humble and honest. Don't let her down-to-earth nature fool you; she can rip on a board. Her film project, Fabric, highlights women pushing boundaries in sports.

9. Spencer O'Brien - @spencerobrien

This Vancouver, BC-based rider is unreal. Spencer O'Brien not only shares her passion for snowboarding but has recently embraced her cultural heritage as a member of the Haida Kwakwakw’wakw First Nation in Canada. O'Brien's heritage and snowboarding have come together to cultivate a beautiful, honest, and reflective view of snowboarding. She shares her cultural history and connection to the land she rides through her video parts. O'Brien also shares her travels and humor. Her Instagram features her experiences, from surfing waves to surfing big mountain lines.

10. Marie France-Roy - @mariefranceroy

What would we do without winter? Marie France-Roy is a vocal environmental activist that shares her passion for the earth on her Instagram. Her content is based on ecological activism, work with Protect Our Winters Canada (POW), and inspiring backcountry lines that are human-powered through splitboarding. France-Roy was one of the first female snowboarders featured in big mountain freeride film parts. Her powder lines are to die for, and her connection with the earth is inspiring. Plus, she has an adorable home life with her partner Timmy and their dog, Ripley.

Honorable Mentions


Rude Girls Shop out of Banff post progression how-tos, tips and tricks, female camaraderie, and awesome merch. These ladies are stoking us up and creating community. Plus, they break down tricks like none other!


These women host snowboard and skateboard clinics anywhere and everywhere they can. Full of community support, auctions, and outreach, they are incredibly influential in the women’s snowboard and skateboard community. They are also very inclusive towards trans and non-binary riders, so give them that extra support they deserve! Plus, they have a new chapter in the PNW!


Boarding For Breast Cancer is a non-profit of women that hopes to raise awareness about breast cancer founded in 1996. Started by some of the first-ever female pro-riders after losing a dear friend, B4BC has gotten support from industry giants such as GoPro and GNU snowboards. B4BC is aimed at prevention, outreach, intervention, and support. They host raffles, events, and support for the snowboard community overall.


Men may run this Instagram, but they are inclusive and feature amazing podcast episodes and opinions of pro-women riders. They are based out of Salt Lake City and provide an inside look into the snowboarding community and upholding progression.

Let's Get Started!

There are too many excellent Instagram accounts to count, but getting started with these absolute MVPs will give you a look into the powerful, silly, and awe-inspiring world of women's snowboarding. If you want to get geared up like the greats, reach out to a Snowboard Expert here on Curated!


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Jordan Sell, Snowboarding Expert
Jordan Sell
Snowboarding Expert
34 Reviews
631 Customers helped

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